The Inseparable Wednesday Update 11 March 2020


The Inseparable Wednesday Update 11 March 2020

Jeevika is trying to call sambhav and is searching for him. She sees him leaving in a car. She runs behind his car and tries to stop him. But he sees her only after a while. He comes out and asks her what happened. She asks him to come inside. But he said he can’t see viren getting punished. Jeevika tells that there’s a secret which only you can solve. She asks him to hurry up. And they both leave.

Pinky chachi calls up beeji and tells her that she went to temple and she’ll fast for all 9 days. So that godess ‘ll be happy and ‘ll help them. Beeji tells her that she’ll call after the hearing.

pune asks to present viren. Policemen brings him. All family members look at him. Inder chachù pats his shoulder. And the opposition lawyer looks at him. Judge arrives and hearing starts. Opposition lawyer says there is nothing much to say. Viren agreed that he killed riya. So give him maximum punishment. Jeevika comes with sambhav. She asks vanshika about the newspaper. She replies it’s with inder chachù. Opposition lawyer shows the photograph of riya and tells this is riya.

They don’t know the reason for what happened between them. But should give viren maximum punishment. Her photo is presented. Judge asks whether inder chachù has something to say in viren’s defence. Viren stops in between and says that’s not riya. Opposition lawyer says he’s not a lawyer, but a criminal now. Viren says riya was killed because of him, but this is not riya. Lawyer says he’s acting. As he’s afraid of punishment. Jeevika asks sambhav to Go tell the truth. But sambhav says he can’t say like that.

Jeevika then tells judge to ask sambhav, riya’s husband. Judge replies jeevika can’t give her statements like this and let her lawyer talk. Inder chachù asks sorry on behalf of jeevika. And asks to present sambhav. Inder chachù shows the photo. And sambhav identifies her as riya. He asks viren how can he not identify her. You met her so many times. Her murder can be an accident. But you can’t do this. All are shocked to hear this. Especially jeevika. They have an argument over it. Sambhav says viren lost his memory due to shock. And says this is his wife whom he lost. And keeps his hand on face and acts like crying. Viren is taken back hearing this.

Viren asks what are you saying. That i’m mad. You are lying to me. Lawyer asks viren not to say like this. Sambhav is trying to save you. Sambhav says what ‘s wrong with you. What’s my advantage in proving you wrong. I’m trying to help you. Viren tells he won’t forget someone’s face even if he meets them only once. I met her ten times. Sambhav replies he married only once and that’s riya. And this is her. I lost her only a few days back. And now you are raising questions about her identity. He asks him not to do this to him. Spare him. Viren says you are making fun of court. Sambhav asks viren to stop it. And asks court to free viren. Jeevika is crying and manvi is consoling her. But viren says who are you to save me. He gets out. And enter into a physical fight with sambhav. Policemen try to pull them back. Jeevika asks viren to stop. Dadaji and virat are watching shocked. All asks viren to stop.
Viren says he’ll not leave sambhav. He asks chachù not to spare him. He’s a liar. Judge asks viren to calm down. Jeevika asks viren to calm down. Viren says he should have made her meet riya atleast once. Jeevika replies she still believes him. Judge says behaviour like this will not be tolerated next time. And they’ll enquire the truth behind this photograph. Sambhav goes out angrily. Jeevika follows him. Manvi and beeji goes behind her. She asks why did he lie. Sambhav says viren lied. Jeevika replies he can’t lie knowingly. Then how can he do it. Sambhav replies he doesn’t know. And walks off. Jeevika goes behind him. And asks why is he not saying truth. He shows riya’s photo in his purse. He says he wouldn’t change it after her death. Viren wouldn’t lie purposefully. Maybe he has gone mad. And he walks off. Jeevika tries to stop him. But manvi stops her and says court ‘ll make the decision. She hugs her and consoles her. Jeevika is crying badly.

–> The reporters accost Jeevika outside the court.

–> Jeevika scolds Maanvi for implying that Viren is refusing to identify Riya as he is mentally stressed.

–> Their confrontation is broadcasted on television.

–> Dadaji disapproves Jeevika’s behaviour.

–> Swamini advises Jeevika to control her emotions in front of the media.

–> Vanshika asks Maanvi to change her testimony against Viren, whereas Dadaji opposes it.

–> Beeji tries to unite Maanvi and Jeevika.

–> Jeevika refuses to forgive Maanvi.

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