The Inseparable Wednesday Update 1 April 2020


The Inseparable Wednesday Update 1 April 2020

Shri’s dad asks for filter coffee. And jeevika goes to nale it. Manvi goes to her says their plan is working so well. But jeevika says their plan is not yet compete. And problems can still occur. But manvi assures everything ‘ll be alright.

In the hall, vicky is trying to hold shri’s hands. And his PHONE rings. Virat asks him to take the phone. It’s vicky’s parents. They tell him they reached early. And they are coming directly to vadhera house. You want to fix your marriage with vadhera’s daughter. They are coming there.

In the kitchen, jeevika asks manvi whether she knows how to make filter coffee. But she says she’ll make ordinary coffee. Jeevika asks her not to do cheating. They are south indians. They know about coffee well.

Vicky tells the problem to everyone. All are worried. Jeevika says she knew something is gonna be wrong. Manvi says they should send shri’s parents out asap. But swamini bua suggests an idea. Their house is big enough to accommodate everyone. Inder ‘ll take shri’s parents to library. Virat and viren ‘ll take shri’s mama to garden. Others will handle vicky’s parents.

Plan is set and inder chachù goes and calls shri’s parents to library. And virat calls shri’s uncle to garden. But they keep asking for coffee. But somehow these people convince them, and take them there.

Shri tells everyone that vicky told his parents that she’s punjabi. So everyone rushes to change back to punjabi outfits.

Chachù takes them to library. Shri’s parent’s asks for books on music and dance. And inder chachù starts searching for them. Shri’s dad asks him for coffee. He goes to fetch it. When he asks manvi for coffee, she tells him that vicky’s parents are about to reach and they should change. He goes inside again. And impress them with rajni kant’s acting.

Shri gets ready. Manvi and jeevika admires her beauty. And manvi puts kaali teeka on her.

Chachù is about to go down, when vicky’s parents arrive. And he goes up again and hides from them. Vicky’s dad calls out to everyone.

Vicky and virat are with shri’s uncle. And he hears vicky’s dad’s sound. But they act like they didn’t hear anything. Vicky makes an excuse and leave from there and go to his parents.

Viren is in his room and is finding it really difficult to remote his dhoti. He tells dadaji it’s difficult to drape and remove.

Vicky’s parents ask where is everyone and finally viren and all come out. They greet everyone. They asks for shri. And jeevika and swamini bua brings her. Vicky’s family is really impressed with shri. They admire her beauty. But vicky’s bua says she looks good. But what about he values. And they start asking her questions. They asks her whether she do prayers. All vadheras shows actions to her to say yes. And bua asks whether she reads holy book or just film magazines. When she’s quiet they asks her whether she’s on some mounvrath. Vanshika covers up saying she’s a little shy. Trend adds on saying vadhera’s are very traditional. They don’t mingle so fast with new people. Vicky’s parents says they wanted a girl like that only. Manvi says she’s a full on punjabi. Dadaji says if they like the girl, then they’ll fix the marriage. All are happy.

Finally chachù brings coffee for shri’s parents. And they are happy. He asks whether they need more books. But they quickly says nope. They asks about noise outside. Chachù makes an excuse of some guy walking with gun and goes to check on him. And he forgets to lock the door.

Downstairs vicky’s parents asks about shri’s cooking talents. Manvi says she’s an expert and goes on praising shri’s cooking. She says she won chandigarh’s master chef competition. And says she’ll bring the certificate. On seeing that Shri asks her what’s she gonna do in south indian accented hindi. And shri’s parents hear that. They asks about it. And all are worried what to say now.

Vicky’s parents asks for virat. And manvi covers up saying he’s taking bath.

In the garden, virat is making up stories about plants and tells shri’s uncle. But he asks to stop his nonsense. he’s botany professor. So he says now he’ll teach him about it and starts lecturing virat.

Shri sees inder chachù crawling down the stairs. And screams. When everyone asks what happened she covers up saying she saw a lizard. And all starts to laugh. Swamini bua asks everyone to go outside and sit In cool air. As Ac is not working. When viren objects she takes him aside and tells him that inder chachù wants to change. When all of them go Outside. Chachù goes inside to change.

Shri’s parents finally get out of the library. They are relieved as their library game came to an end. But vicky sees them coming out. He informs everyone. But noone can go and handle them as they are dressed as punjabi’s. So vicky decides to go himself. He tells his parents that he’ll go and ask sunder to make lassi and leaves from there. Vicky goes upstairs. He tells shri’s parents that everyone at home are playing hide and seek. And winner will get a bumper prize. Vicky feels it’s not safe to put both shri’s mom and dad at same place. So he asks shri’s dad to stay at library. And takes shri’s mom to viren’s room. Saying If they hide at different places, then their winning chances will be more.

Sunder brings coffee. Vanshika says he has problem of forgetting stuffs. And asks him to bring lassi. Inder chachù changes and comes outside. And vicky’s bua starts to scam him. All notices that and chachù is feeling really awkward.

Viren comes to his room and sees shri’s mom. He hides from her and changes back to south indian attire. He’s about to leave when shri’s mom sees him and screams. In the gall everyone hears her screaming noise, but manvi covers up saying virat is singing while bathing. Shri’s mom is sad that viren found her. She says she’s always weak at playing hide and seek. Viren understands vicky had fooled them.

Vicky’s bua tries to flirt with inder. She asks whether he has any girlfriend. He says he has a son. She replies she loves kids and she’ll take care of him. But chachù replies he has a wife too. She is sad and says she thought he was single and ready to mingle. Chachù can’t take it anymore and he vanishes from there. Vicky’s dad asks her to be shridevi to get hold of Mr. India inder. Vicky’s dad asks for virat and manvi goes to check on him.

In the garden, virat sleeps after hearing shri’s uncle’s lecture. He tries to wake up virat. But is unsuccessful. He wants to go to washroom and he leaves from there. Manvi comes there and wakes up virat. They are worried as they can’t find shri’s uncle.

Shri’s uncle is in search of washroom and he sees dadaji and asks for washroom. Dadaji is in his punjabi attire and he talks in punjabi accent. But shri’s uncle is in a hurry to go to washroom and doesn’t notice that. But when he reaches washroom he remembers that. He goes out. But by then dadaji changed back to south indian dress. But shri’s uncle is doubtful. He asks about it. But dadaji covers up saying he knows only tamil and not punjabi.

In the hall everyone are talking. Vanshika and jeevika goes to check why sunder didn’t bring lassi yet. Viren is in his room. He’s talking about books to shri’s mom. She’s impressed and says he’s the most intelligent one in the family. Jeevika sees them. She feels viren can’t handle shri’s mom for long. She decides to do something.