The Inseparable Tuesday Update 31 March 2020


The Inseparable Tuesday Update 31 March 2020

Swamini bua asks how can she think that, they’ll help her in this lie. But manvi says lying to help someone is not bad. Swamini bua says it’s useless talking to her and is about to leave. Though viren tries to convince her she says she can’t be part of it.

Everyone is at dadaji’s study. Manvi requests him to grant them permission. Manvi reasons with him. She says if they want they could have eloped. But they don’t want to hurt them. But dadaji says you people can do what you want. But i can’t be part of it. Manvi tells him it’s because he’s scared of swamini bua. But dadaji says he’s not afraid of anyone. But he doesn’t know any south indian language. He asks them what language does she speak. Noone knows it and virat calls up vicky. Vicky doesn’t know and he calls up shri. Shri tells them she’s from kerala. But they are palakkad iyers. So they talk an accented version of tamil. Jeevika says they can’t do it. It’s gonna be really difficult. But vicky and shri requests to them. She replies If they don’t help her she’ll die. Dadaji asks her not to worry. They’ll do everything for them. But manvi asks him what ‘ll they do. Dadaji assigns duty to everyone to study about their culture. Everyone starts practising how to wear dresses. Jeevika studies how to make coffee. And all are set to go.

viren hugs jeevika and says he sees them in vicky and shri. But jeevika says their love had no such difficulties like this. Viren says you are right. Our love story has no comparison. But jeevika replies there is. And says virman’s.

Virat is learning tamil. And he asks for a kiss from manvi in tamil. She asks him to learn to say i love you.

Jeevika says she’s worried. But viren tells her if they can win
against sambhav like people. Then this is nothing.

Virman are learning tamil. They are discussing how to say i love you. They hug each other.

Jeevika feels bad that they are doing it hiding from swamini bua. But viren says they should help vicky and shri. Like they helped virman.

Manvi and jeevika tells virat and viren they love them in tamil. Virman and virika have a romantic time.

In the Morning, manvi tells vanshika that they should sent swamini bua out before their fancy dress start. Swamini bua comes there and manvi tells her that dadaji asked her to go to temple. She asks which temple. And vanshika tells her she said she’ll go to some temple when shlok was ill. So go there. Swamini bua leaves and manvi and vanshika are happy that their plan worked.

Vicky and shri are In car and shri asks why vadhera’s wants to meet them. Vicky says may to know about your customs. Don’t worry. If vadhera’s had said they’ll help us Then they’ll surely do. Virat said they were practising whole night and now they are all ready to help us. Shri says she can’t believe that stranger people are so willing to help them. They reach vadhera house. And sunder goes to call everyone. One by one dadaji, vanshika and chachù comes in south indian attire. Vicky is really impressed with them. Following them virman and virika comes in their south indian.

Vicky goes and hugs virat and says he doesn’t feel they are in chandigarh. Feels like they are in chennai. But shri starts crying. Manvi asks why. Shri says her parents are not from 18th century. They are not so traditional. If it’s some festival it’s a different thing. But not at home. Dadaji says they were just trying to be perfect. but shri says this is too much. Manvi consoles her saying there’s time to meet them. They’ll train themselves by then. But just then shri’s parent’s come. All are shocked to see them.

Shri ‘s parents come and asks who are these people. What are you doing with this boy. I got so tensed seeing you with this guy. So we came following you. But manvi interferes and starts talking in tamil accented hindi. She introduces vadhera family as vicky’s family to shri’s family. But her dad raise objectives. But shri says she loves vicky so much. But they are not happy with name vicky. So manvi says he is venkat raman. Shri’s parents ask why are they dressed like this. It’s very hot outside. But dadaji says he likes it. They are very traditional. So they always dress like this. Manvi suggests they all go inside. Shri’s mom notices the family portrait asks why is vicky missing. Vicky covers up saying he clicked the picture. He’s a photographer and says he’ll show all his works. They take them inside. Shri’s parents are happy to see their arrangements for lunch. They comment it’s very hard to find such a traditional family in chandigarh. They all sit down for lunch. But vadheras have difficulty in sitting like the way south indians sit. And shri’s dad is doubtful. But they adjust. Vada and dosa. All south indian food. And chachù asks for paneer burji. But vanshika covers it up saying after he had it from his friend’s place he wants it always. Have our food na.

Vadheras are not liking the food. But shri’s parents thoroughly enjoys every morsel and comments that food is awesome. Then all sit down to talk. Shri’s parents ask whether the house and furniture are theirs only? And dadaji assures it’s all theirs. Shri asks her parents to fix everything soon. But her parents say vicky doesn’t know tamil. Manvi and jeevika says they’ll sent him for 30 day tuitions. Only because he studied outside he’s not good at it. Finally her dad says they are ready for marriage. And all are happy. Dadaji asks vicky to take blessings in punjabi. So shri’s relative starts to doubt again. But virat covers up saying it’s because their neighbor is punjabi.

Just then swamini bua comes. Tarùn sees her and tries to go in to inform others. But swamini bua calls him to take stuffs from the car.

Lights go off. And shri’s parents finally says yes for marriage. And virman and virika hugs each other. Vicky is about to hug someone and lights come back. And it’s swamini bua. Shri’s relative asks who’s she. But dadaji calls her inside and she calls him bauji. But dadaji somehow takes her inside. Manvi covers up saying swamini bua called him bolaji.

Swamini bua is angry that dadaji supported all this after seeing what happened with her. You know the after effects of this. They’ll feel bad when they come to know the truth. But dadaji says i wasn’t planning to hurt you. I couldn’t do anything for you. But with our help these kids ‘ll be happy. Please don’t spoil our hardwork. And he leaves.

When dadaji comes back shri’s mom asks for swamini bua. And says she didn’t even come to meet us. Vicky prays to god to help him. Just then swamini bua comes there and all are tensed.

Swamini bua comes and talks in tamil accented hindi. And all are surprised. She says she’ll give surprise. And says they’ll watch rajni movie. First day first show. Shri’s parents are really happy. She introduces herself as vicky’s bua. Shri goes and hugs bua. Shri’s dad says she’ll be happy with him and gives her hand in vicky’s hand. And all are really happy.

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