The Inseparable Tuesday Update 24 March 2020


The Inseparable Tuesday Update 24 March 2020

The electrician repaired the cooler and says that now cooler is ready. Beejee also there and looking Unhappy’sweety comes there to see her Dabbu tells that your cooler is ready and you will take comfort sleep now’Sweety replies that why you Expend the money to repair in cooler as I have comfort sleep without it..Dabbu gets shocked and tries to asks regarding her tomorrow talk when she said she won’t be able to sleep in the heat..

Sweety smile and says that was yesterdays talk now she is fine without the cooler and tells she has change her mind and now she has knew the value of money.Sweety leaves .dabbu admire sweety in front of Beejee

Other side Jeevika and Manvi in the car on rishikesh way ..Manvi getting excited for Rishikesh tour.

At chaudhery house Dhanpat roy jewelers enter the house..Beejee and madan chachu surprise to see him..Beejee asks him why he comes there…Jewelers says today’s sweety was comes to his shop to Mortgage her Ornaments..he want to asks her why she doing it but he stop himself so he comes there to asks why she did it if they have any problems then he will be do help out them..DhanPat Roy gives them sweety’s Ornaments..Beejee says thanks to him and tells that they have not any need to mortgage the Ornaments and she will asks sweety about this …Dhanpat Roy leaves.

Beejee gets angry and calling sweety..when sweety comes Beejee shouted at Sweety says why she Mortgage her Ornaments..Pinky chachi also angry on sweety..Dabbu also asks Sweety about this..Sweety makes the crocodile tears and says that what can she do when she has a problems..his brother buy a shop of her name by a loan from the bank. and now days his business getting loose and he says her that he will Liquidate the loan after sell his other shop.but if he will do it than he should looses his earning and then how he will Upbringing his family. So she thought to Mortgage her Ornaments for help him..after heard all things Dabbu consoles her and tells madan to do something for sweety’he says Madan chachu to sell out his share in the property and give it to sweety. he jointed his hand in front of Madan chachu for help Sweety..she also pray to Beejee about it..Madan chachu gives a Idea that if they Nominate Sweety of their House owner than bank will be give the loan easily to her and she can save her shop and also will help out her brother..Sweety make the drama and stoped dabbu to do it but dabbu request to beejee for do it..Pinky chachi also praying beejee about it..

Beejee leaves and returns with house papers and says that she will do that house in the name of sweety.. Beeji in tears, looks at Badi Beejee, and agrees to sign the house papers. Everyone is tearful. As Beejee sits to sign the papers, she sees Jeevika and Maanvi at their doorstep and calls out to them. All of them shocked to see Jeevika and manvi..Jeevika and Manvi gets surprise to see all of them was sad and upset..

Manvi asks about it but beejee make the drama and hide all things from them..Jeevika says they will missed them so comes here to meet them..Beejee getting worried if the truth reveal in front of jeevika and manvi than what will she do..
At Dabbu’s room Beejee comes and gives the properties paper to sweety and says be careful and don’t tell about any things in front of jeevika and manvi and Madan will be set all things soon after meet lawyer..Sweety gets Happy after receive the papers..

Viren calling jeevika and asks about her..he asks about all the members ..jeevika replies that all of them are happy..Viren smile and says he miss her..jeevika gets blush and replies she miss him too..Jeevika wanna end the call but viren not in the mood to end up it..Viren and Jeevika share cute conversation..
Madan chachu gets a call and gets serious..he tells pinky that her sister become serious and ill so she should go to meet her..Pinky chachi gets shocked and crying ..Beejee tells her to go to meet her sister..pinky and madan chachu leaves’Jeevika tells beejee that she wanna asks something from her and she want’s truth answers from her…Beejee gets shocked and manvi and badi beejee also surprise..

Jeevika and manvi asks beeji whether it’s because of the phone bill only she scolded sweety. Beeji says that’s the matter. There is nothing else. Manvi asks how much did the phone bill come upto. Badi beeji covers up saying it’s pretty high. And beeji asks them not to worry. Every month, they don’t have so much bills. So they ‘ll manage. Manvi goes to beeji and says that she used to miss her scolding more than her at chandigarh. They both hug. Jeevika joins them. Beeji asks them to go rest. But jeevika says she’ll make food. But beeji asks them to go rest and says she’ll make it.

Manvi and jeevika are in their old bedroom. They feel like they are in some flashback. They recollect all their good times that they had spent here. Sweety is watching them from behind the door and smirks. Jeevika sees her and calls her inside. Manvi asks why was she hiding and listening to them. Sweety is out of words. Jeevika says she must have come for some purpose. When jeevika insists she says she came to see whether they brought gifts for her. The gift you gave for me during holi was really nice. I loved it. You people know in hrishikesh we don’t get such thing. ‘M not as lucky as you people. You people must be enjoying there. Jeevika replies that she was in a hurry. So she couldn’t get anything. But she’ll courier the gift as soon as she goes back to chandigarh. Manvi says but on one condition that you’ll not be comparing hrishikesh with chandigarh. The place where one stays is the best for them. And this is a pilgrimage. Sweety says she didn’t mean anything. And ask her not to feel bad. Manvi says she didn’t feel bad. Then manvi asks why did the phone bill came so high. Sweety replies nothing like that. She just talk to her Mom and friends. Manvi asks how much is it. She just randomly says 10k or so and leaves saying she has some works. Manvi and jeevika feels there is something wrong with the phone bill issue. Everyone are hiding something from them. They’ll find it for sure.

At chandigarh, dinner is being served. And virat says manvi you know i don’t like cabbage. All smile seeing him missing manvi so much. And virat feels shy. Swamini bua and dadaji says it’s clear from his face itself that he’s missing her. Vanshika says it’s his mom. Not his wife. You never told us. Viren says ya they understand. All make fun of him.

Sweety is talking over phone with her mom. She says she got the paper signed. And it’s with her safe. She’ll show it when she comes. Manvi overhears this conversation. But then her phone rings. Sweety hears it and disconnects the call soon saying she’ll talk later. Manvi gets inside immediately and says beeji is calling her.

Manvi later manages to somehow get in sweety’s room and finds the paper. She’s shocked to know that the house is transferred to sweety’s name.

Manvi tells jeevika about this. They wonder what’s the reason for that. Manvi says she doesn’t feel sweety’s intentions are good. They should go in depth of the case before problem becomes big. Jeevika asks how. Manvi says she has a plan.

At chandigarh, virat is watching tv and viren comes there. They both discuss how fun is their life without wives. They can watch their favourite programs. Can come home when they feel like. All as they want. But finally virat says they know they are lying. They are missing their wives so much. It’s no fun without them and they know it better than others. Virat says then
they’ll leave tomorrow itself to hrishikesh. Where their mind is. Viren says ok.

Jeevika and manvi dressed up as saints reaches sweety’s Mom’s home. Jeevika is tensed. So manvi asks her not to worry. She need not talk. She’ll tell them she’s mounibaba. One who doesn’t talk. Sweety’s mom greets them. They ask for water and she says she’ll give them water and Eatables. They inside and she serves them. Manvi says the food is tasty. She says jeevika hasn’t talked for twenty years. And they are lucky to have her here. Sweety’s mom asks for blessing. Manvi says they came to look for a plot for a aashram. They are ready to pay one or two crores. They just need it near kalighat. Sweety’s mom says her daughter has a plot and they are looking for buyers. And keeps the proposal of chowdhari nivas. Both sisters are shocked to learn the truth.

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