The Inseparable Thursday Update 12 March 2020


The Inseparable Thursday Update 12 March 2020

The entire vadhera family is in front of court. Viren comes in police van. Virika looks at each other. Jeevika asks viren whether he’s alright. He says he was thinking all night how to prove that riya’s photograph is not that. He doesn’t know that why’s sambhav lying.

Policeman asks viren to come inside fast and they can talk later. All go inside. Jeevika is left back thinking. Virman comes. Jeevika tells them that today they are eye witnesses. Please tell all what you had seen. But remember that always what you see is not the truth.

Viren is brought inside. Jeevika and virman also comes and sit inside. Court proceedings start. First, the lawyer comes and says he’s a new one. As the other lawyer has some inconvenience. He asks to present virat first. Who witnessed the whole event. He asks virat to come. And asks him what he saw. read full updates daily only at Virat says all what he saw. How riya fell down the hill. Next the lawyer calls jeevika. He asks her what did she see when she went there with virman. She replies she was following viren with virman.

They saw a girl shouting at the hill. Viren was trying to save him. But it seems her leg slipped and she fell down. My husband is innocent. Next lawyer calls manvi. Jeevika looks at her. When manvi enters the witness box, she looks at jeevika. But jeevika looks away. Lawyer asks whether the murder took place in front of her Eyes? She replies yes. Lawyer asks her to tell everything she saw. She repeats the entire story. Lawyer asks that whether some fight was happening between viren and riya. And then viren pushed riya. Jeevika asks her to say no. But she says yes. He shows riya’s photo and asks whether this is the girl who fell down. Manvi replies that it was dark. And she couldn’t see her properly.

Lawyer says since it was dark, manvi couldn’t see her face. But the case is quite clear. But inder chachù gets up and says it’s not as clear as Mr. Khùrana says. First riya’s identity should be proved. Jeevika gets up and says chachù is saying the truth. Just by sambhav claiming that it’s his wife, that can’t be proven. So he should present some proof. Judge tells jeevika that she can’t talk like this in court. He warned her yesterday also. They’ll have to make her go out forcefully otherwise. Chachù says sorry for her behaviour and keeps her point again. Opposition lawyer gets up and says that sambhav has some proofs to present in front of court. Judge asks him to come in the witness box. Lawyer shows her pan card and identity cards. And says all has the same photo. But viren says for a person who’s lying it’s not very difficult to produce fake documents.

Sambhav Malik is lying. The girl whom he made me meet is either not his wife or he’s lying. Sambhav says why would he do that. He didn’t know that he’ll have to do so much to prove riya’s identity. He says he has one more proof. There is cctv at his place. And viren met riya at his place the night riya died. He says he’ll present the proof in half an hour. Judge says he’ll give half an hour to present the proof. And proceedings ‘ll continue after that.

Jeevika tells manvi. Thanks Mannu. For not saying that you saw riya clearly in the dark. Virman looks at her upset. Outside the court room, vanshika swamini bua dadaji and inder chachù are talking. Vanshika asks in which direction is the case moving. Swamini bua says sambhav is trying to fool the court with the video. Chachù says until now they haven’t been able to prove what’s viren’s intention in doing riya’s murder. Dadaji says unless intention is proved they can’t punish viren.

Inder chachù says time is moving. Half an hour is over. Sambhav has not come yet. I don’t think he’ll come. But then sambhav comes with a cd. He says the video doesn’t have audio. Cctvs doesn’t have audio. All are looking anxiously. And the video is played. Viren and riya are talking sitting on the couch. Riya brings some drinks. When she goes inside, viren mixes medicine.

But nowhere riya’s face can be seen. She comes back and have the drink. Riya faints. Viren takes her in his arms and took her to her room. Riya comes back after some time, and start accusing viren. Sambhav gets really angry and shouts at viren. I trusted you so much. But you did this with her. Now i know that’s why you murdered her. When she tried to show your true face. I thought she slipped from the hill.

He comes out of the witness box and enter into a physical fight with viren. He says he’ll take revenge of riya’s murder. All try to pull him back. Viren replies he didn’t do anything wrong. He mixed medicine in her drink because sambhav asked him to. He tells the court that sambhav is trying to fool the court. Judge asks everyone to calm down. But sambhav replies he wants to take revenge. He’ll make sure viren gets death sentence. Lawyer says riya’s face is not seen. But viren’s intention is proved.

Sambhav gets back to witness box and says viren is lying. You had seen what happened already. But viren says he didn’t misbehave with riya. But sambhav says he trusted viren so much. But that was his mistake. Jeevika gets up and says this is all a plan. Viren didn’t do anything. Judge asks her to sit down. And to make her lawyer say whatever she wants to talk. Vanshika can’t believe viren did all this. Swamini bua tells dadaji that vanshika can’t handle all this. So they both are going home. Dadaji agrees. Viren looks at vanshika. They both leave. Inder chachù gets up and says he doesn’t know what sambhav is upto. He was asked to present proof for riya’s identity. But what’s he trying to prove with this video. Still we are not sure who the real riya is. But the opposition lawyer tries to justify sambhav. Inder chachù says viren said sambhav has asked to mix medicines in the drink.

Opposition lawyer says he’s lying. But sambhav has no proof that he’s saying the truth. We are still not sure who’s the right girl. The girl who fell down the hill or the one whose photo is being shown. I need two more days to gather more proof regarding this case. Judge grants him two days and says till then viren ‘ll be in police custody and court is adjourned. Sambhav goes to viren and tells him that he’ll not spare him. And leaves. Viren tells the family that whatever shown in the video is not true. Jeevika is happy. Beeji consoles jeevika. They all leave.

Badi beeji calls beeji. Beeji tells her everything. Badi beeji tells pinky chachi that beeji ‘ll take more time to come back. Pinky chachi prays to god that viren’s innocence be proved and he’s left without AnY punishment. Sweety gets happy on hearing this. She thinks to herself. Beeji ‘ll take atleast a week. By the time beeji comes back she has to make her plans successful.

At chandigarh, all are at the hall. Swamini bua talks about video clip. Jeevika is shocked that swamini bua is also not believing viren. She says you people know him before me. Still you don’t trust him. Viren can never do anything like that. She asks everyone whether they believe all what’s shown in video. All look down. She goes to vanshika and asks whether she also disbelieve viren. They both hug. She goes to chachù and asks the same. Chachù replies he trusts viren. But he’s also viren’s lawyer. After todays video footage we can’t say anything. Jeevika gets angry. She says you all are not believing him. She is shattered. Beeji tries to console her. read full updates daily only at She asks virat whether he also disbelieves his brother.

But virat says we all trust viren. But videos cannot be wrong. We all saw what happened. Manvi tries to talk. But jeevika stops her. Jeevika asks whether he saw anywhere in the video that viren is misbehaving with riya. Virat is quiet. In that video even riya’s face is not clear. Nowhere we can see that viren is utilising the fact that riya is in sleep. Manvi asks her to calm down and go inside. But jeevika gets angry on her and asks whether everything will be alright If she goes inside. She asks manvi to keep her useless advice for herself. Jeevika is totally disappointed with everyone. She’s about to leave. Vanshika asks where she’s going. She replies she’s going to viren. Virat says he’ll come with her. But she stops him and says there is no need. She wipes her tears and leave.

Jeevika reaches police station. Title music is played in the background. She takes permission from the police and goes to viren. Viren asks her how’s everyone at home. What are they thinking about the video. Jeevika lies that noone believes the video. But viren says her eyes can’t lie. Jeevika says even she can’t believe they all think like this about him. He tries to justify himself. But jeevika stops him and says she trusts him completely. I ‘m telling from beginning itself you are being trapped. Viren replies even he feels the same now. But he doesn’t understand what’s sambhav’s intention is? Jeevika asks viren not to worry. Chachù had asked for two days. Within this time, i’ll find out the true. Viren asks what’s she upto. She replies she’ll go to sambhav’s home and ‘ll find some proof. But viren says it’s risky. But jeevika asks him not to stop her. She says she has no time to spare and leaves hurriedly. Viren try to stop her, but she leaves. He looks at her.

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