The Inseparable Friday Update 27 March 2020


The Inseparable Friday Update 27 March 2020

Sweety is upset about the lipstick mark in dabbu’s shirt. She wonders whose is it. She should find out. Virika comes and asks for dabbu. She says he’s not at home. She tells them about the lipstick mark and the hair. He must be cheating on him. Virika tells him that he loves her so much. He won’t cheat him. But viren says there is nothing wrong in respecting your husband. Like us. We are a happy couple. Jeevika asks her to think for herself if she is loyal with dabbu. Dabbu is such a nice guy. You are so lucky to have him. Love him back so much that he doesn’t have time to look at anyone else.

Manvi brings dabbu to garden and ask him to rehearse from here with sumi. She asks him not to worry. Sweety doesn’t come here during day time. Sweety comes there to hang clothes. She sees dabbu and sumi. dabbu tells sumi that he loves him so much. Noone can separate them. And he cups her face. Sweety is angry and is about to go there. And she sees jeevika and manvi talking. Jeevika tells this plan is not right. Jeevika turns back and sees sweety and is tensed. But they are relieved to see that sweety has headset in her ears. Sweety shows them dabbu with sumi and tells them to look at it. She says she’ll kill him today. Sweety leaves. Manvi and jeevika are still discussing about their plan. Sumi hears that. She is angry that they are using her. Jeevika asks sorry for not telling her anything. But manvi makes her understand that it’s for sweety’s and dabbu’s married life. Sumi agrees to be with them.

sumi tells dabbu that they’ll end today’s practice. And she goes. Dabbu also goes to meet sweety.

Sweety has a bad dream. She sees dabbu and sumi romancing. When she comes there, dabbu asks her to go away. She wanted him to go away. Now he has moved on. He asks her to leave. Now he loves sumi. Sweety is relieved that it’s a dream. But she feels if she doesn’t do anything soon, Then this will soon turn to reality.

Virat tries to romance with manvi. But manvi says he starts everywhere. He says dabbu has two girls. He just have one. If she has problem he’ll find someone. SHe asks him not to take her lightly. She’s not sweet as sweety. Virat takes her in his arms and leave.

Dabbu calls sumi and asks her to come for rehearsal. But she says she doesn’t remember the dialogs. He recite the dialog. Badi beeji is shocked to see this. Sweety hears this and is angry. She leaves. Beeji also hears it. Dabbu tells sumi to come to market. And he leaves. Beeji and badi beeji doubts that he has an affair. Beeji says she’ll not let it happen. She decides to go to market. And is walking towards outward. She collides with manvi and jeevika. She tells she has some important work and leaves.

Dabbu is waiting for sumi. Beeji comes there and starts beating him up. She asks him what is he doing. What If sweety comes to know about it. He says he was waiting for sumi. But beeji is not ready to believe it. She asks him who’s it and beats him. He runs and beeji runs behind him.

Beeji tells virman and virika about dabbu’s affair. And tells them the story. Manvi tells her about the play. And that dabbu was waiting for sumi to do the rehearsal. When she asks what play she goes on to explain her plan. Her intention is to bring sweety and dabbu together. Beeji is angry hearing the plan. She says there is No use like this. Noone ‘ll understand like this. But manvi says for a girl like sweety only this plan will work. Jeevika tries to stop her. But manvi tells her the truth they found about sweety from her mom. Beeji is shocked to know the truth. Beeji says now noone will do anything. Whatever has to be Done, i’ll do it by myself. All are shocked and upset.

Beeji gives the key to sweety and says they’ll leave in some time. Now this house me responsibility is yours. Dabbu ‘ll be staying here. I ve a request. Please don’t make dabbu suffer AnY difficulties. I have not said anything to dabbu. Couldn’t tell him. Dabbu comes and sees the keys in sweety’s hands. He asks what happened. Beeji replies that they all are going to chaardam. So sweety has to take responsibilities. Chachi is also not here. Dabbu asks why such a sudden plan. Jeevika says beeji and badi beeji wanted to go for long. But had no company. So now we all thought of going together. He sees tears in jeevika’s eyes. He asks what happened. Manvi and jeevika says they are feeling bad that they are leaving their home. They say they got to do packing. Dabbu says he’ll bring jalebi for everyone and they’ll all enjoy.

Sweety calls up her mom. Sweety’s mom is feeling really happy. But sweety is sad and is concerned about dabbu. Her mom says she should be happy and she can marry someone who’s rich and is from Good family. But sweety gets angry and says she’s not leaving him. This is her family. And ‘m leaving you.

Sweety wants to tell everything to dabbu. She says everything to dabbu. About all what she did to transfer the home to her name. Dabbu is really angry with her and tells he never expected this from her. He says he hates her.

Dabbu rushes to beeji. All are getting ready to leave. He asks them to stop. But beeji says they should be going. Sweety also comes there. She asks them to stop. She says she was so greedy and did all this. Dabbu is a really good person. He’ll get a really good girl. ‘M going far away from dabbu. But beeji stops her. She says you are our daughter in law. If you want us to go inside, then you should come with us. They both hug. Sweety’s mom comes there. Sweety asks her why she came here. Sweety says she doesn’t want to be a part of her plan anymore. If you had taught me all this goodness in childhood then i wouldn’t be doing all this now. Leave from here. But beeji asks her not to talk like that to her mom. It’s not good to have issues in mom daughter relationship. Beeji tells sweety’s mom. Everyone wishes good for their children but that doesn’t mean they should take wrong pati. Sweety’s mom leaves angrily from there.

Sweety goes to dabbu and asks for forgiveness. But dabbu says if she had done all this against him then He would have forgiven her. But she did this against his family. He can’t forgive her ever. But manvi goes to him and asks him to forgive her and make a happy ending. But he says he’s hurt badly. Manvi asks him not to say so many emotional dialogs and all. He asks him to patch up. Jeevika asks him whether he can’t live without her. He doesn’t love her. He says he loves her and asks her not to repeat a mistake like this. They both hug. All are happy. Jeevika and manvi celebrate victory.

Sweety is bringing tea for badi beeji with ghoongat(veil) on her head. Then she serves beeji. Both are shocked to see her like this. Sweety is cooking by following a recipe book. Jeevika comes and asks her she started it. Should have called me. Sweety asks her to come to dining table in half an hour.

All are having the food and it’s made real bad. But still they compliment sweety’s food. Dabbu says he’s eating less cause otherwise others won’t ve enough food. Sweety says she made food for the first time and it’s so good. She says she’ll taste it. Though all asks her not to. She tastes it. Paratha is hard that she can’t bite with her teeth. Too much salt in curry. Why did you people compliment my food. Jeevika says food made with heart is always good. Manvi says she had made food like this before. So don’t worry. But now i became hero from zero. ‘M a master chef now. She asks virat’s support. Virat says manvi cooks noodles well and all laugh. Vanshika calls up viren and asks when are they coming. Viren and jeevika tells that they’ll reach by today night. Vanshika and swamini are happy that virika forgot about their anniversary. They decide to throw a surprise party

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