The heir Wednesday Update 18 September 2019


The heir Wednesday Update 18 September 2019

Raj gets close. He gets away and says I m not your friend. He shuts the door. She asks what are you doing Raj. Raj removes her pagdi. He says you are not Mannu, you are not a guy, I m not your friend, you are the girl whom I call as Soniyo, whom I love madly, you are my Soniyo, I love you, you are my Preet. He gets close to kiss. She pushes him and calls him mad.

He says you caged my Preet inside you, Preet wants to come out, else you would have not shaken up by my touch, I will prove I m not mad, you are mad in my love, this is my promise, you will also love me madly one day.

Raj talks to Babli. She says after Gunjan goes, I won’t have any sister at home. Raj sees Mannu and says every girl has to get married and go some day. Pandit matches kundlis and praises the match. Aman’s friends tease him. Jagan signs Mannu. Mannu says I will call Gunjan. Mannu sees Raj.

Mannu comes to Gunjan and asks her to get ready. Gunjan asks does Raj know your truth. Mannu says how can it happen. Gunjan says a guy and girl don’t go to meet in storeroom alone, maybe you went for marriage arrangements, I think Raj feels for you, if he knows you are a girl, he will propose you, I doubt your friendship is much. Mannu says you say anything. Raj comes and asks them to come.

Gunjan says we were talking about you. Raj asks Mannu to stop thinking about him, and think more about Gunjan’s marriage. Gunjan says yes. Mannu takes Gunjan. Raj thinks I will force Mannu to become Preet.

Raj asking Mannu to help Raavi in deciding sarees and jewelry, Amba is not here. Raavi asks Mannu to help, all looks good to me. Raj says Mannu’s choice is good. He tries the sarees on Mannu. He says I gave this design on special order. He tries necklace on Mannu and asks Raavi to see its perfect combination. Raj compliments Mannu and shows the mirror. Babli says Mannu should be girl. Raj says you said right. They laugh. Mannu asks Raj to come with her, there is decorations work.

Mannu pushes Raj and asks what were you doing downstairs, I know everything, you felt I will be hurt seeing sarees and jewelry. Raj smiles. Mannu asks why are you smiling, do you understand what I m saying. Raj says atleast you spoke like a girl, my Preet said something, how to explain you. He covers
himself with a dupatta and says see I have worn chunri, I m not getting angry, I know who I m, you are angry as you know who you are, you like all these things as a girl. Mannu says I m a son, I m Pavaniya’s Shah, this is biggest truth. Mannu goes. Raj says I will prove what’s truth.

Amba comes home and asks for Mannu. Raavi says he went upstairs to check decoration items on terrace. Amba thinks to go and see. Mannu comes downstairs. Mannu makes excuses and goes. Amba sees Raj coming downstairs. Raj asks her about preparations. Amba asks why did you go on terrace. Raj says Mannu took me upstairs, asking me to decorate floral lines. Amba thinks why did Mannu lie to me.

Amrit thinks of Mohini. She calls Raj. Raj asks what happened, is everything fine. She says you made me reach village and made Mohini reach here, I m worried, if Mohini knows you are Raj then… Raj says I will manage, none knows about me. She asks if she comes again then.. He says she won’t come. Mohini tells Nihaal that she is not sure.

 Nihaal says you said Raj is helpless, Harjeet won’t make him Shah, how can he harm us. Mohini says Harjeet wants to make his son Shah. She thinks of Amrit. She says skating shoes were there, Raj took the shoes and said its his neighbors’ shoes. Nihaal asks are you sure that guy was Raj. She says there is no guarantee, maybe Amrit lied, but why will she lie, what’s her profit. He says we did not see Raj, how he looks, they did not see me, how I look, we will do one thing, if I go to them, I can find out if your doubt is true. They smile.

Raj sees Mannu coming and intentionally collides with her. He drops the house model and asks what did you do, help me, I don’t know joining this. Mannu says I have much work, I can’t waste time. Raj says Aman said he bought this for his Saali, what to do, its surprise for Babli, he will blame me.

Raj and Mannu sit making the doll house. Raj says I could not understand why girls like the doll house, when I became wedding planner, I understand girls now, how they used to hide small thing and keep, girls know what’s it to make a small world. He tells the roles of a girl. He says we boys are foolish and lazy, we can’t manage any work, Preet you used to get restless to play with dolls, remember the time, I did not understand that time, you would have thought you have anyone with you, who wipes your tears, right Preet. Mannu completes the doll house and cries. Raj tries to wipe her tears. Mannu stops him and asks him to stop trying these things, I m not Preet, I m Mannu, why are you after me, Gunjan asked me what were you doing in storeroom, tell me. He says I was finding my Preet. He removes her pagdi and looses her hair. He says I was finding truth, I will keep finding truth, you fight your war, I will fight mine, I will win.

Nihaal gets disguise and comes to meet Amrit. He says I m doing govt. Survey. He thinks to find out truth. Raj acts to be hurt. Mannu sees the blood marks and runs to Raj. Raj screams. Mannu gets the aid box. She asks what happened, tell me. He says Mohini’s goons fought with me. Mannu asks are you mad, what was the need to go alone and fight, there is no one to worry for you here. She cries. Raj sees her and says I was joking, its all fake. She scolds him. Raj says this is called love. Mannu says this is called friendship. Amba comes and asks Mannu what are you doing in Raj’s room. Mannu worries.

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