The heir Wednesday Update 16 October 2019


The heir Wednesday Update 16 October 2019

She thinks to help Simran herself, Raj will not help. Simran wakes up and says Mannu, where is he, did he grow up like Raj. Mannu recalls Raj and cries. She says their friendship got over, Raj and Mannu are not friends now.

Raj asking Simran to sleep. Amba calls Mannu. Mannu disconnects the call. Amba calls Amrit and says I know I did wrong to call you, my heart is restless, just you can tell me about Simran, how is she. Amrit says I will not hide from you, Simran fainted suddenly today. Amba gets shocked and drops phone. Amrit says we called doctor also, are you listening.

Mohini asks Sakshi to take care of Raj and do a wife’s duty. Sakshi goes and cares for Raj. She says I wanted to help you, but you are not taking my help, I shall leave, don’t play any game with me, I have courage to hear and accept truth, I will leave from here, I promise, tell me the truth, I guess I got my answer. Raj stops her. She laughs and says you know me, my heart melts by your half smile.

She feeds the food to him. Mannu comes and sees them. Sakshi asks Mannu to come. She taunts Mannu. She says Raj will not help you for Simran, he was saving Simran and got support for himself, you and Simran are responsible for this. Amrit comes there and gets angry on Sakshi. She asks her to be in her room, instead between a married couple. Sakshi goes. Amrit scolds Raj for insulting Mannu. She asks Mannu why are you doing this for Raj, why are you bearing his hatred. She cries and asks Raj why is he taking support to show Preet, what does she want to prove, she has provoked you to hurt your ego, so that you get fine soon, I just want Preet as my bahu, no one else, can you do this for me, answer me. Raj nods. Amrit goes.

Mannu sits to feed Raj. Raj stops her and says you played a good game, my mum does not see me, she just sees you. She says I did not come to take your help for Simran, take care, I will take care of Simran. She goes. Mohini comes to Amrit and says Raj did not had food, why are you doing this, why do you want to tie Preet with Raj. Amrit scolds her and asks her not to fill poison in Raj’s heart. Mohini thinks just I know I have killed Raman, not me, none knows about this secret. She sees Simran and thinks does she know my truth, why is she staring at me.

Mannu gives medicines to Raj. He looks at her. Tu thodi der…..plays…. Sakshi comes there and gets shocked seeing them close. She says I need to talk something imp, can you ask your wife to leave us alone. Mannu goes. Sakshi thinks you are just mine and will be just mine, I won’t let Mannu come around you.

Sakshi asking Raj can she become part of his life or not, either hurt Amrit’s heart or…. She says sorry, I don’t want to get away from you, you know how much I love you. He says you know there are many problems already. He thinks I can’t break promise to mum and hurt Sakshi’s heart, how to make everything fine. Amba comes to Bajwa house. She sees Harjeet and hides. He goes. She goes and meets Simran. She gets glad and wakes her up. She asks her to come with her. Simran says my hero, we will take my friend along. Simran says Rohan, I won’t come without you. Amba gets shocked.

Amba says yes, we will take him, come with me. Mannu misses to see them. Mannu sees someone and comes to storeroom. She gets shocked seeing Amba. Mohini and Sakshi look for Simran. Nihaal
says Preet is also not in her room. Harjeet asks what’s happening here. Mohini says Preet has run away with her sister. Amrit says no, she can’t do this.

Amba says I don’t care for anyone, I will take Simran. Mannu asks what are you saying, it will be big issue, why are you risking everyone’s lives, I don’t have to argue, leave from here. Mohini says find them, shut all doors and windows. Amba says I will take Simran from here. Raj look on. Mannu asks why shall I send Simran for you, people care for her here, you caged her for many years and now you want to take her. Amba says you are talking like Bajwas, they are fooling you and doing this, its Raj’s game, how can this happen. Mannu says this is your illusion, you locked Simran and here she is meeting people, she is getting treated here.

Amba says you are not my Preet now, you are not Mannu, you are Bajwas bahu, you are Raj’s Preet, you promised me and forgotten, you got blind in Raj’s love, you can see his love, not mum’s pain, Raj cheated you, he has thrown your mangalsutra in fire. Mannu says you have killed Preet to keep Mannu alive, if anyone made Preet alive in Mannu, its Raj, if you are seeing me now, its because of Raj, yes he cheated, he awakened Preet, I can’t forget this. Amba says fine, I will take Simran from here, I have no time to argue, you can’t stop a mum, move from my way. Mannu says no, I won’t let you do this mistake. Amba pushes Mannu. Raj comes there.

Simran runs behind Raj and says I won’t go, Amba will lock me again. Everyone comes there and sees Amba. Mohini scolds Mannu. She says Simran will stay in Bajwa house. She insults Amba. Mannu says punish me, let my mummy go. Amba says I will take Simran. Mohini scolds her. Harjeet shouts enough drama now, you came to take Simran, fine, take her, but we will return your other daughter too. Mannu cries. Harjeet says now Amrit’s promise won’t stop me, Mannu crossed the limit.

Amrit says you can’t go against your promise. He says I can do anything for Bajwas respect, if I have to save my family, I have to break promise, Mannu got Amba to kidnap Simran,, what if they kill us at night. Amrit says she can’t do this, Raj you say something, why are you silent, do you think Preet can do this, you promised me. Sakshi says it happened good Raj, Preet is going. Harjeet asks Amba to take both her daughters and leave. Mannu asks Amba to come. Amba, Simran and Mannu leave. Raj stops Preet.

Raj asking Mannu why did she not tell everyone that he asked her to call Amba home to meet Simran. He asks her why did she create a scene, I told you to call Amba in front of everyone. Harjeet scolds Raj and goes. Mohini stops Sakshi and says we have to find out why Raj did this. Amrit takes Simran. Raj says you have seen everything, Simran is safe here, I request you to leave. Amba stops him and cries. She goes.

Mannu takes Raj to room. He tries to get water. Mannu helps him. She thanks him for supporting her and Amba. Raj says yes, we have to make Simran fine. She happily cries and hugs him. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays…..

Mohini and Sakshi come and ask what’s happening Raj. Sakshi says you just love Preet, but remember she is a fraud. Raj shouts Sakshi, its late

now, you should go to your room. Mohini and Sakshi leave.
Its morning, Mannu gives sweets to Amrit. Amrit says I don’t trust Raj. Mannu says Raj is very good at heart, he was stuck in between wrong people, we should help him come out. Sakshi asks Amrit to give her soup recipe. She says I taught walking to Raj before, I wanted to become his support even this time. Amrit says Mannu is there to care for him. She scolds Sakshi. Sakshi cries and goes. Amrit stops Mannu and says let her go, give the soup to Raj. Mannu says I will not feed it to Raj. Amrit feeds soup to Raj. Raj cries and hugs her. Amrit goes. Mannu comes to room. Raj asks her to get ready in evening, he has to give her some surprise. She gets glad.

Mannu gets ready and comes downstairs. Raj smiles seeing her and says let me see you well, you are my wife. Amrit smiles seeing them. Raj says Mannu is talented, she knows car driving, she will take me out. Everyone looks on. Raj asks Amrit to bless him. Mannu and Raj leave. Raj says I will do something special for you. They reach the hotel. Mannu gets delighted. Raj hugs her. Mannu says I can’t express my happiness, I was waiting for this day since long. He tells her about the real surprise. She asks is there anything left. Waiter gets a bowl. Raj asks manager to read the letter for madam. Manager tells about the contract, Raj will help Mannu get Simran’s memory back, and Mannu will promise Raj to free him from all relations, She will give him divorce. Mannu gets shocked. Raj smiles.

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