The heir Tuesday Update 3 September 2019


The heir Tuesday Update 3 September 2019

Mannu stopping Raman and shutting door. Mohini goes. The drunkard asks for wine. Harjeet asks pandit to come to do final rites. Jagan and Amba are on the way. Jagan says I can’t trust Bajwas. Amba says I m trusting Amrit. Raman gives wine to the drunkard. Harjeet and everyone is on the way. Sukhi says everyone is coming here. Mannu asks what will we do now. Drunkard falls asleep. Harjeet opens the door and everyone come. Raj says I will not let Raman go. Sukhi says Raj is going to hug Raman, it will be problem. Raman, Mannu and Sukhi hide under bed and look on. Swaroop asks Raj to calm down.

Amrit cries. They take the body down. The drunkard snores. Harjeet and everyone stop. The drunkard falls down and wakes up. They all get shocked. Harjeet gets angry and catches him. Mohini
sees the chit in flower pot and reads. Harjeet reads the letter and gets shocked.

He says Mannu….if they have run away, they did not go far, find them, I will not leave them. Amrit smiles and says my son is alive. Raman, Mannu and Sukhi leave. Amrit sees them. She asks Raman what’s happening. Raman says you know Simran’s life could be ruined, I did right, I got you out of this room, its our last chance to run away, let me go please. Mannu says this fight will go on if Raman and Simran do not marry. Sukhi says now Amba is talking like Jagan. Harjeet says find then, shoot Raman and Mannu. Swaroop asks why Raman.

Amrit comes there and asks Harjeet to answer, why does he want to kill Raman. Mohini thinks and says don’t think of a this. Amrit shouts shut up, Harjeet was such father who lost eldest son, I saw a broken father in you, think do you want to sacrifice Raman again, you got your son back, you are lucky, you will be called unlucky if you ruin your fate. Mannu looks on and says I don’t think Raman will listen to anyone, we should leave.

Amrit requests Harjeet to get children married, this has their real happiness. She begs to Harjeet. Mannu says we will leave from window, come. Raman sees Amrit’s pic. He gets a red chunri from cupboard. Mannu says its Amrit’s, right? Raman asks them to come. They go out from window. Raj stops them. Raj meets Raman and hugs him. Raj asks Raman to take him along. Raman says no, its dangerous, go back. Mannu says yes, we have to leave, its imp. Raj says no, I will run fast. Raman cries and hugs him. Sukhi signs Mannu. Mannu asks Raj to come. They all run.

The men look for him. Raj falls down. Mannu asks Raj to get up. Sukhi takes Mannu with him. Raj looks on. They men catch Raj. Raman asks how far do we have to go. Mannu shows Simran to Raman. Raman and Simran see each other and smile. Raman runs to Simran and hugs her. Amba knocks the door and calls out Simran. Gunjan keeps pillows and opens the door. Amba asks where did Mannu and Sukhi go. Gunjan says they went to play, Simran is sleeping. Amba checks and sees pillows. She gets shocked.

Raman telling Simran that Harjeet threatened to kill her and he was scared for her life. Simran hugs him. He makes her wear Amrit’s dupatta and says you look nice. She makes him wear Charan’s watch. He says Charan had dream that Bajwas and Pavaniyas unite. They hug. Sukhi cries getting emotional and hugs Mannu. Mannu asks what happened. Sukhi says I m feeling very good. Mannu wipes his tears. Simran thanks Mannu. Mannu calls Raman as jija ji and says pandit ji will be coming now, you and Simran can get married, none will come here, nothing will go wrong. Sukhi says why did pandit ji not come. Mannu asks them to go temple, we will get pandit.

Amba and Jagan are on the way. Harjeet and everyone stop them. Both the families aim gun at each other. Amba says Amrit we came on
your saying thinking Raman died, you lied and did not get scare to come here. Amrit says with hope that you will understand me. Jagan and Harjeet argue.

Amba asks where is Simran. Amrit says she is with Raman, I don’t know where is he, Mannu has made Raman do this death drama. Jagan says don’t believe Amrit, tell us where is Simran. Both the families men prepare to shoot. Amrit begs them to stop.

Amba asks Amrit to say, else they will kill each other’s men. Amrit asks are you supporting this fight. Amba says you Bajwas have made me like this. Amrit says enmity has been going on, children are on other side, do you want our children to suffer, I know Raman and Simran will not be able to live without each other, but atleast they can be in front of us alive. Amba promises to drop Raman alive at their door, if they get Raman with Simran, but nothing should happen to Simran, tell Harjeet, do you agree.

Jagan says don’t come in their words. Amba says Raman and Simran won’t get married. Harjeet says fine, we will not do anything to Simran. Mohini thinks this fire can’t end so soon, I still have to decide. Mannu asks for pandit. Lady says he went to ghaat, he will come. Mannu sends Sukhi to Raman and Simran and rushes to get pandit. Mannu sees Raj and thinks its good Raj can attend the marriage. He sees Jagan and hides. Jagan stops Raj and asks for Mannu. Raj says don’t know, I m also finding Mannu. Jagan says tell me, else I will kill you, Harjeet won’t know. He scares Raj. Mannu thinks what to do, if I don’t reach Simran, everything will get wrong. Raj says I really don’t know where is Mannu. Jagan goes to Raj and asks did Mannu leave you and run away, you could not run with this support sticks, what will you do now, Mannu can’t come to save you. Harjeet comes there and shouts on Jagan. Mannu thinks its good Harjeet came, he can’t hurt Raj, I should go to Simran and Raman. Jagan asks Raj to go. He leaves.

Harjeet asks Rohan to go and find about pandit, Mannu wants to get Raman and Simran married. Raj hears this and thinks its risky, if anything happens to Raman, I will never forgive him. Harjeet asks Raj what Mannu told him. Mannu says he did not tell e anything. Harjeet scolds him and leaves.

Mannu reaches temple and says pandit ji is coming, he went somewhere, don’t worry, get ready. Simran asks what, we just have these clothes. Mannu prays and goes. She gets a bag and says I know you could not get clothes, so I got the clothes. He gives bridal clothes. Raman and Simran go to change. Mannu prays that there is no hurdle in Simran and Raman’s marriage. Simran looks at Mannu and praises her. Mannu says I don’t see anything in front of your happiness, I wish Raj was here, Raman would have been glad, I know Raj will feel bad that he could not come. Simran asks is Raj just your friend or best friend. Mannu says he is best friend, I like him a lot. Simran smiles and says when you grow up, you will know everything. Mannu asks what do you mean. Simran says I won’t say, when I get married and go, what will you do. Mannu hugs her and says I wish we always stayed together.

Simran says we can stay together, you can marry Raj. Mannu says how can I leave mummy. Simran says you are very nice, wrong does not happen with good people, never lose your goodness. Pandit ji comes. Mannu asks Simran to get ready and come, everything will get fine after this marriage, both families have to unite. He hugs Simran. Amba finds Sukhi and asks what are you doing here. Sukhi says I was roaming here. Jagan says say truth, he knows it. Sukhi gets scared. Rohan tells Harjeet that one pandit went to old temple. They leave. Mohini hears them. Pandit asks Mannu who will do kanyadaan. Mannu says I will do. Amba, Jagan, Harjeet are on the way. Mannu does kanyadaan.

Mannu doing ghatbandhan of Raman and Simran. Pandit says groom and bride take the wedding rounds. Raman and Simran start taking the rounds. Amba, Jagan, Harjeet, and everyone are on the way. Pandit says now bride will walk ahead, three rounds are left. Simran walks ahead. Pandit says this is last round, then you will become one for many births. Jagan and Amba come there. Jagan shoots in air. Raman, Mannu and Simran get shocked. Jagan and his men come running. Harjeet and his men also reach there. They all aim gun at each other. Simran says this marriage will happen today. Harjeet says we won’t let this pheras happen. Raman says it will happen.

Mohini comes there and says I reached on right time. Amba says it was decided that we will not shoot children, and they will not marry
as decided. Harjeet asks Raman and Simran to go to their homes. Raman stands in front of Simran. He says fine, shoot me, we don’t like anyone else dying. Jagan says fine, we will fulfill your wish. Mannu asks Amba to stop them. Amba asks Simran to come home. Simran refuses. Mohini aims the gun at Simran, and thinks whom to shoot, Simran or Mannu, there should be such storm, that their enmity never ends. Harjeet asks Raman to move. Raman says bullet will be shot on me. Harjeet recalls Amrit’s words. He gets his gun down. Simran asks Amba what are you doing this, what will you get separating us, do you want to see my doli or arthi. Raj is on the way.

Harjeet threatens Raman to come and holds him. Raman gets away. Harjeet asks Raman to come. Mannu takes gun from a gun and stops Harjeet. Raj comes there and sees Mannu aiming gun at Harjeet.

Mohini sees this. Mannu says leave Raman here. Amba asks Mannu to stop. Raj says what is Mannu doing. Harjeet asks Raman to come and pulls his hand. Raman sees Mannu. Mohini shoots Raman. Everyone get shocked. Raman falls down. Simran, Harjeet, Mannu and Raj shout Raman. Jagan says Mannu….. Harjeet angrily shoots Simran. Amba, Jagan, and Mannu shout. Mohini smiles. Simran falls down. Jagan says kill them. Mannu stops them. Harjeet drops the gun. Amba gets in shock. Mannu holds Amba and cries. Raj looks on shocked.

Raman and Simran see each other. They recall their love journey. Ranjha mera ranjha……plays………..They are rushed to hospital. Mannu asks about Simran. Doctor says she is fighting with death. Raman dies and is taken by ward boy. Raj hears Pavaniyas killed Raman. He thinks of Raman. Raj and Mannu see Raman. Harjeet sees Raman and cries. He holds Raman.

Mohini comes there and stops Mannu from going to Raj. She says you shot Raman and now you came to show friendship. Mannu says I did not shoot anyone, you are saying wrong, why will I kill Raman, someone else shot Raman. Raj cries and goes. Mannu asks Raj to listen. Mannu runs. Mohini smiles.

Mannu asks Raj to stop. Amba stops Mannu and asks him to come home. Mannu says I did not shoot, I can’t go home, else misunderstanding will never end. Mohini says I have seen you have shot Raman, you had gun in hand. She thinks how she shot Raman. Mannu says I will tell everyone that I did not shoot. Amba says I know, but there is no one to hear you, stop this drama. Mohini says you snatched Raman from us. Amba says you sister is fighting with life and death. Mannu says Raj lost Raman. He shows them locket and says we made this for our friendship. Amba says enough, I m going with my family, you are my heir, you got this enmity , you decide will you come with me or not. Mannu says I can’t leave you, even if you are wrong, I will always be there to support you. Waaris…..plays………

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