The heir Tuesday Update 29 October 2019


The heir Tuesday Update 29 October 2019

Raj gets up and holds his head. He thinks to reach Preet soon. He drives ahead. Chandar gets close to Mannu. Mannu sees Raj and says Raj. Chandar says you should just say my name. Mannu goes out to see Raj. She hides from Chandar. Raj holds her.

Sakshi packs her bag. Rohan looks on. Sakshi says I will leave, get my morning ticket. Rohan thanks Sakshi for making Raj realize he loves Preet. She says I did a lot for his love, you know everything, Preet didn’t give anything to Raj except pain, she killed his brother, even then Raj accepts he loves Preet, he has gone after Chandar to save Preet. Mohini hears this and says how can Raj love Preet, he thinks she is Raman’s killer, did he find anything, did Simran say something, what’s Chandar doing with Preet.

Mannu sees Raj injured. He says I just care for you, not myself, take this drink and feed Chandar fast. Mannu gives the drink to Chandar. Chandar drinks it and faints. Mannu says why did he faint. Raj says I have spiked his wine, come fast. She says no, I won’t go. Jagan beats Sukhi. Amba and Raavi stop him. He threatens to get Babli married to Chandar. He asks Amba to do Chandar’s tika tomorrow. Amba recalls Rohan. She says Rohan…..

Mannu says I have to make Chandar sign the papers, this can stop Simran’s marriage, go from here. Raj says if he had to sign, he would have not done this. She says you go, I will get him to senses. Raj asks her did she go mad. She asks Raj to leave. She looks for water. She gets desperate to take Chandar’s sign. Raj lifts and takes her.

Raj and Mannu arguing. He tells her that he has realized he loves her. Mannu laughs and says you chose a great timing, I m stuck, you and your love are on one side, Simran’s life is on other side, tell me what shall I choose, you who always cheated me, Simran who got mad by becoming a target of Bajwas, who needs me, tell me. Raj thinks this is not right time to say feelings. He handcuffs her to the jeep. She says let me go. He says you are still Bajwas bahu. She says you want to take me from here, I will never forget this, Simran’s life is in stake. He asks her to trust her. She scolds him. She shouts and gets hurt. She acts to faint. He asks what happened and opens her handcuffs. She pushes him and runs. She steps on a glass and falls down. She tries to go back to Chandar

and says leave me, I have to take signs. He takes her home.
Raj says I couldn’t tell Preet. Rohan asks why, you shouted when you had hatred, why not now when you love her, do you think she killed Raman. Raj says no, I was mistaken. I want to hear my heart today. Rohan says when love is true, it makes its way on own, it won’t break by her hatred. Raj says Simran’s love changed you. Rohan says you also changed, Preet’s love made you forget enmity. They hug.

Mannu goes to her room. She gets shocked seeing Chandar. He says you play many games. She thinks how will I save Simran now. Raj apologizes to Sakshi. He feels sorry to not think of others. She says enough Raj, this doesn’t have any meaning now, I have gone through a lot, you chose your way with Preet, you did right, you will stay happy with you, I can’t see all this, it will be better we get away, we never meet. Raj hugs her. She smiles.

Mannu tries to fool Chandar again. He asks why does Simran come between us. She thinks he doesn’t know about Raj, and my plan. He says I fainted and you left me. She taunts him. He says you want to see manhood, I will show you. She asks him to show this to Mohini, he has come here on her saying, he has come to take revenge. He twists her hand angrily. She asks him to take own decisions, get against Mohini, refuse for tilak and marriage, prove you are a real man. He goes.

Mannu cries and prays to Lord. Raj comes to her and asks her what was Chandar doing here. She asks what about Sakshi going to his room. Raj says Sakshi is my friend, she is leaving forever. She thinks how did this happen. He says I m rectifying my mistakes, I know I did wrong with her. She asks will our contract end by her leaving, once I save Simran, I will leave from here. She asks him to leave. Raj recalls Mannu. Aye dl hai mushkil…..plays…. She shuts the door. Raj thinks I love you and don’t want to go. Mannu thinks I love you, but you always made fun of my love.

Sakshi telling Mannu that Raj just loves Bajwas surname, not her. She thanks Mannu for trying to unite her and Raj. She says Raj used me when I was his good friend, you are Raman’s murderer for him, don’t know what will he do with you, he can play a game with you and say he loves you, take care, take Simran away from this house. She hugs Mannu and thinks if Raj can’t become mine, I won’t let him become yours.

Rohan asks Ambawhy did you call me here. Amba says Simran needs you. He says you were saying me that she is my Bhabhi, what happened now. She says I was wrong, I know just you want good for her, run away with her. He asks where shall I take her, how did you trust me suddenly. She says I m her mum and know who truly loves her, I m coming with Chandar’s tilak,

take her and run away, we have no other way. He says no, eloping is wrong, Raj, Preet and I will protect Simran, before anyone sees us, you leave from here. He goes.
Mohini welcomes the guests. She comes to Chandar and asks him about taking Preet to guest house, don’t get diverted. Mannu looks on. Chandar sees Mannu. She angers him and goes. Mohini asks what’s this, wear the clothes which I have sent for you.

He says I won’t change clothes, I will do what I want. Mannu thinks she has to see what Chandar decides. She stumbles. Raj holds her. He asks her to be careful, she is going wrong. She says Simran is my sister, I will do what I find right, I don’t need anyone. Raj thinks I won’t let you get alone. Rohan comes to Simran. She gets ready and asks will we go out Raj. He says I m not Raj, I m Rohan. Raj asks what happened. Rohan says she is calling me Raj, she forgot me. Raj says maybe she has stress. Rohan says no, person can have headache or faint in stress, but this is strange, go and get medicines from my room. Raj goes and hides seeing Mohini in Rohan’s room. He sees Mohini changing medicines. She goes. Raj says she is changing Simran’s medicines. He gets angry.

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