The heir Tuesday Update 17 September 2019


The heir Tuesday Update 17 September 2019


Harjeet says Mannu and Rajveer did this, you think they came here hearing your name, they came by my name, you have no status, our family has respect, Mannu is more smart, will Nihaal become Bajwas’ heir, he has no blood
of Bajwas. Nihaal says my men went to kill them. The men get beaten up and come. Harjeet asks them to see their faces. The man says we injured Mannu, but Rajveer angrily beaten us. Harjeet asks do you want to make Nihaal the Shah, if Raj was here, none would have defamed us. He recalls Amrit and says find out where is Amrit, maybe my son is with him. Harjeet insults Mohini and her children. He goes. Mohini says this can’t happen because of Mannu and Rajveer, I can’t lose this, if Harjeet finds Raj, we will come on road. Nihaal asks him not to worry, nothing such will happen. He thinks to become Shah.

Rajveer asks Mannu to come to hospital. Mannu says no, I can’t tell anyone I got injured, I m a girl. Raj cries. He says you are injured and need a doctor, you are saying about hiding your identity, come with me. Mannu says no, if this matter goes out, everything will end. Raj says fine, I will take you somewhere else, come with me. He takes Mannu to the shade.

He makes Mannu lie down and thinks how to do the aid. Jagan comes home and tells Amba that Mannu has broke Bajwas’ marriage. He says Mannu and Rajveer fooled Bajwas and broke the marriage, I knew Mannu was the sardar, he went to Bajwas house, my men saw them leaving from Bajwas. She asks him to find Mannu. He says I agree he is clever, he made me happy, I will find him. Amba thinks Mannu is taking her identity light, if anyone knew about Mannu that she is a girl then. Raj buys medicals. He sees Jagan. Jagan asks about Mannu. Raj says he went for some work, he will come in some time.

Jagan says great, you both won my heart, you broke the marriage. He hugs Raj. Raj says it was Mannu’s idea, I just helped him. Nihaal looks on and thinks why is Jagan happy, my men said Mannu is injured. Jagan asks what happened, this medical. Raj says a goat’s child is injured, I was thinking to do aid. Jagan asks why did you go this side then. Raj says I thought I forgot my phone. Jagan says tell Mannu to come home. Raj agrees. Jagan goes. Nihaal follows Raj to get some clue.

Amba meets Pahujas. Pahuja says I know it was wrong to get related to Bajwas, we have already gone through a lot because of your enmity. Amba says we value your relation, we found Gunjan’s relation in big family, she came to us and said she likes your son, so we have come here. Aman says I also like Gunjan a lot, I decided I will marry Gunjan. Pahuja asks are you sure. Aman says yes. Mrs. Pahuja says its right mahurat, it means its good, we will agree. Pahuja says fine, keep marriage soon. Aman greets Amba. Amba recalls Mannu’s words and gets glad.

The servant comes running to talk to Harjeet. Mohini asks what’s this. He says I got Amrit’s address. She says Harjeet should not know this, take this money and go from pind for some days. He goes. Mohini thinks to go to Amrit. Nihaal thinks where is Raj. Raj goes to shade and asks Mannu what happened to her. He asks Mannu/Preet to come to senses. He does her aid. He hugs her and cries. Jeena jeena…..plays………

Raj asking Mannu who is his friend, Mannu or Preet. Mannu says I have no answer of your question, since I got senses, I just got to know this that I m a guy. She recalls Amba’s lie. She says one day, Amba accepted I m a girl. She tells everything. Raj says it means you did not know. Mannu says yes, Amba had to lie else Bebe would have killed me, she lied to everyone to save my life, she lied to me also, everyone thinks I m a guy. She says I m Mannu forever. Raj says no, you are a girl Preet, how long will you lie, past is gone, today things are fine, come we will tell truth. She asks what are you doing.

Raj asks what are you doing, you have full rights to live freely like a girl. She says no, I have to live like a guy forever, else everything will be ruined, Amba’s lie
will come out. He asks how did you become a coward, Mannu is brave and you are sensitive like a boy. She says when you did friendship with me, I was a guy, I m still the same, nothing changed, why are you raising the question today. Raj says everything changed, you are that girl whom I …. I can’t be a liar’s friend. Mannu says even you are lying, you are Raj Bajwa and staying as Rajveer. Raj says you know the reason. Mannu goes and ties pagdi. Raj helps her.

Amba asks Jagan about Mannu. Jagan says yes, but Rajveer said Mannu will come. Amba asks him to come to Harjeet’s house. They leave. Sukhi calls Raj and asks about Mannu. Raj says Mannu is with me. Sukhi informs them about Amba and Jagan going to Harjeet’s house. Raj leaves.

Jagan shouts Harjeet. Harjeet aims gun at him. Amba walks in. Nihaal argues. Jagan scolds them and says if anything happens to Mannu, I won’t leave you all. Harjeet scolds them and says this is my house. Amba asks about Mannu. Mannu comes there with Raj. Amba and Jagan smile seeing Mannu answering Harjeet well. Mohini says I will drag you and see you for breaking my daughter’s relation. Mannu taunts Mohini and leaves. Harjeet scolds Mohini and Nihaal. He says now I have to find my son.

Mannu comes home. Amba asks Raavi to get aarti plate, my son has entered enemy’s house and failed them today. Raj looks on. Mannu gets glad. Amba does his tilak and aarti. Mannu says I m proud of my womb, I gave birth to a tiger son. She thanks Raj for his favor to support Mannu. Mannu asks Amba to serve food. Amba says yes, I made your fav food. Mannu says great.

Amba says stop, I want something from you, promise me you will never go to Bajwas house. She asks him not to have any connection with any Bajwas. Mannu sees Raj. Mannu swears on Amba. Amba smiles.

Raj welcomes Pahujas. Aman introduces Raj and Mannu to his friends. Aman and his friend hug Mannu. Raj looks on. Mannu sits with them. Raj gets angry. Raj attends Amrit’s call. Amrit says Mohini has come here, she is saying she will meet you and go. He asks how did she come there, don’t worry, everything will be fine, Raj will come there in some time. Amrit thinks how will Raj come here. Mohini goes to check the door. A guy acts as Raj. Mohini gets glad and thinks Harjeet will never make him Bajwas Shah. She smiles. Amrit gets shocked seeing the guy. FB shows Raj calling his friend and sending him home. The guy says she is Mohini aunty right. Mohini says you have grown up. She asks Amrit why is she worried. Amrit says I feel ill.

Mohini asks him to take care of Amrit. She asks don’t you miss anyone there. The guy says I miss, but not much. Mohini says its good I met Raj, I will leave now. She says I forgot my purse again. She sees the skating shoes and thinks who’s that skating shoes.

Raj sees Aman’s friends with Mannu. He goes. Raj says I will give skating shoes to Bittu and goes. Mohini leaves. Aman sends note for Gunjan, asking her to meet. She smiles. Gunjan goes to him. Raj takes Mannu with him. Gunjan and Aman look for each other. Raj asks Mannu what are you doing. Raj says I don’t like to say indirectly, I m not liking all this. Mannu asks what. He says you are laughing with those guys. She says they are Aman’s friends, I m Aman’s brother in law. Raj says sister in law, you are a girl Preet.

Mannu saying just you know I m a girl, they don’t know this. Raj asks will you go and drink with them as a guy, will you do all this. Mannu says I won’t have drink, its about Gunjan’s happiness, don’t do anything. Mannu and Raj leave and see Aman and Gunjan outside. Gunjan thinks why was Mannu meeting Raj alone in storeroom.

Pammi calls Mohini and cries, saying Aman is marrying Gunjan. Mohini asks her to forget Aman. Harjeet calls her. Mohini scolds thinking its Pammi. He asks where are you. She lies to him and says I will come back soon. She says I feel something is wrong. She recalls Raj and Amrit. She says Amrit is hiding something from me.

Mrs. Pahuja takes Mannu’s pic. Mannu asks why my pic. Mrs. Pahuja says my sister is finding a guy for her daughter,
she is also lean like Mannu, they will be good. Amba looks on. Raj and Mannu see each other. Amba asks them to come for dinner. Aman takes Mannu and his friends photo. Raj looks on. Aman’s friends take Mannu with them.

They all drink and ask Mannu to have it. Mannu refuses. They insist. Raj comes and stops them. He asks them to have Chakna. They ask Raj to drink. Raj drinks wine and sees Mannu. He gives the wine to Mannu. She thinks how can Raj do this, knowing I don’t drink. Raj asks Mannu to have a sip. They insist and says its about manhood now. Mannu drinks and coughs. Raj says I did all arrangements, come we should dance. Aman’s friends go.

Mannu gets leaving. Raj stops her. She asks are you happy now. He says I did not expect this will happen. She says I thought everything got fine between us, you have forgiven me. Raj says yes but a truth came out, you are Preet, not Mannu. Mannu says I m Mannu, a guy. He says you don’t care to laugh with those guys. She says yes. He asks what did you say, you don’t care if they touch you anywhere. She says you are drunk. He says you could not drink, you are a guy, you should have not cared. He holds Mannu. Mannu gets tensed.

Raj asks her to say, is it not affecting her. She asks what are you doing. Raj does not let her go. She says you are my friend, what are you doing.

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