The heir Tuesday Update 10 September 2019


The heir Tuesday Update 10 September 2019

The heir Zee World Teasers September 2019

Rohan colliding with Harjeet. Raj holds Harjeet’s pagdi and gives him. Mannu looks on. Harjeet scolds Rohan for drinking much. Mohini looks on. Harjeet sends Rohan. Harjeet and Mohini leave. Mannu says there is something linking Raj to Bajwas. Amba comes home and sees Gunjan. Jagan comes and looks on. Amba scolds Gunjan. She asks what did you send to Pahuja, how dare you, answer me. Mannu comes home and sees Amba getting sickle to attack Gunjan. Mannu stops Amba.

Amba asks Gunjan to say truth, why did you she do. She slaps Gunjan and asks her to answer. She asks why did you send cheap book to Pahuja. Gunjan says I have sent shawl and saree in packet, I did not know about book, I have sent by Rajveer. Amba leaves sickle. Mannu gets shocked and thinks something is wrong. Mannu
goes. Gunjan smiles.

Mannu thinks what’s happening, why did Raj save Harjeet’s Pagdi, there is something connecting Rajveer with Raj. Mannu sees Raj on the way and follows. He meets Pammi and says you wanted to marry Aman, you will get him, Gunjan and Aman’s relation broke. Mannu says my doubt was right, Raj is with Bajwas. Mannu sees Rohan asking a man for wine. The man refuses to give wine as its Harjeet’s orders. Rohan says I want wine. Mannu says now see what I do. Mannu goes and buys wine. A man sees Mannu buying wine. Mannu asks the man to help him. Mannu makes the man give wine to Rohan. The men trouble Rohan and don’t give the bottle.
They laugh on Rohan and tease him. Rohan goes to drink wine. Mannu feels sorry to do this, but Raj will pass by now, its imp to know his truth. The man says Mannu has send this wine, have it. Raj sees the men teasing Rohan and asking him to take wine. The man makes Rohan dance. The men ask Rohan to remove his clothes and dance. People laugh on Rohan. Raj gets angry and asks them to leave Rohan. He makes Rohan wear his jacket. He says mum will be upset seeing you like this. He asks everyone to leave. Rohan licks wine from the ground. Raj gets shocked.

Raj asks him to stop it. Rohan pushes Raj. Rohan stumbles towards the wooden nails. Raj saves Rohan. Mannu looks on. Mannu recalls Raj’s words. Mannu says Raj Bajwa. Raj gets shocked. Mannu cries and says my friend, for whom I waited for 10 years, I always thought to hug my friend and ask where did he go leaving me, today Raj cheated me and stayed in my house, why, so that Raj can break Gunjan’s relation, so that Bajwas can keep enmity with Pavaniya, why did you do this, I did not know you will return as my enemy. Raj says listen to me. Mannu kicks him and gets knife. Raj shouts Mannu and aims gun. Mannu says shoot, fail Pavaniyas. Raj drops the gun and cries. Raj says I can’t do this. He asks Mannu to listen. Mannu says don’t call me friend, your friend died when you thought to break my sister’s relation, atleast your family attack on face, you have back stabbed me, I can’t believe you are same Raj, I m ashamed of myself to trust you.

Raj says enough, why are you scolding me, I did not cheat you, I came here as I knew Mohini wants her daughter to get married to Aman, you want Gunjan to marry Aman, I can’t let Mohini succeed, Amrit and I had to leave the house and village, you are not old Mannu, you are not my friend, you changed, else you would have not done such cheap thing, you made Rohan dance like a dog, enmity is in your heart, you are saying about my lie, you keep hand on your heart and tell me, if I told you I m Raj, would you fight with Amba and Jagan. Mannu says I would have not allowed you, if you hated Mohini, you would have not done planning with Pammi, stop it, my friendship can’t bear burden of your lie, you proved you are a Bajwa.

Raj asking Mannu to go. He scolds Mannu. Mannu goes. Raj holds Rohan and cries. Harjeet says you made me glad, I had to see Amba’s face, Gunjan’s marriage broke. Mohini says I want to snatch Pavaniya’s happiness. He says after long time, I can see old Mohini in you. She says this win will be complete when Pammi marries Aman. Men get drunk Rohan come. Harjeet asks who fed him wine. Rohan falls down. Harjeet gets angry and asks men to find out who did this.

Mannu recalls Raj’s words and sees locket. Mannu thinks I did not think Raj will change so much. Mannu meets Aman. Mannu thanks Aman for coming to meet. Aman says my dad does not know I came here to meet, I also liked Gunjan, you are Gunjan’s brother and will think she is right, you are saying its misunderstanding,
what about the words she told me, take care of her. He goes.

Amba asks Jagan to find Rajveer, he should know the result of staying in our house and doing duty for Bajwas. Jagan says great, I always wanted to beat him. Jagan leaves with his men. Raj recalls Mannu’s words. Mannu looks for Aman. Mannu sees Aman with Pammi. Pammi says I use cosmetics and this contraceptives, you like modern girls right, I have many boyfriend, I m hi fi. I told all this to Gunjan, I gave her this packet to her, Gunjan is simple village girl. Mannu hears them and says Gunjan took help from Pammi to break relation. Pammi says I m very modern, I love you a lot, marry me please. Aman says I think everyone got mad here, keep this things. He goes. Pammi worries seeing Mannu. Jagan looks for Raj.

Mannu catches Pammi and scares her with knife, asking her to tell truth. Pammi says I will say. She tells what Raj told her. FB shows…..Raj asks her to tell Aman that she is modern, as Gunjan told Aman that she is modern, so he loves her, go and tell him. She says I taught all that to Gunjan. He asks her to go to Aman and tell him. FB ends. Mannu says Raj was not cheating, he was provoking Pammi so that she tell truth.

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