The heir Thursday Update 9 October 2019


The heir Thursday Update 9 October 2019

Amba coming to Bajwa house. Rohan takes Simran to Pavaniya house and asks her to go to her mum. She asks him to promise he will meet her every day. He says no, just go, I m not a good man. She says you always call yourself bad, you are bad, mummy will shut me in room again. Rohan recalls Simran. He drives off. He gets shocked seeing her in his car. He asks did you not go. She says no, you are very good, you are my hero, I will not go leaving you.

Rohan comes home and thinks how to take Simran inside. He asks guards why are they here. Guard says no one is at home, snake has bitten Amrit. Rohan asks what. He thinks to go to hospital and meet Amrit, but I have to take Simran to safe place. He asks Simran to hide and come. Amba hears guards talking and says it means Preet is not
at home.

Doctor says Amrit is fine now, take care of her. Raj says I kidnapped Amba, but I have humanity and told kidnapper that Amba should not get hurt, you left snake for Amrit, she could have died. Mannu says what, Amrit thinks right about you, your thinking is cheap, the woman who supported me, will I try to kill her, the snake has bitten Harjeet, not Amrit, she reached here while saving Harjeet.

They hear Harjeet shouting on Rohan. Raj says why did you not tell dad that you did not touch wine. Amrit hears this and smiles. They take Amrit. Rohan asks Raj to go and do his work. Sakshi asks Amrit how is she now. She says I went to get tickets. Amrit says I m feeling better, Raj promised me that he will never leave Preet. Mannu and Raj take Amrit. Harjeet apologizes to Sakshi and says Raj and I had to promise Amrit, else she could have died, this is still your house, you can stay as long as you want. He goes. Mohini signs Sakshi.

Sakshi goes to Raj and says I think I should leave from here soon. She gifts him and asks him to take care. Raj checks the box. He sees the ring and a letter. Sakshi writes she is leaving the souvenirs as she has no courage to keep it, there is our pic too, it was our best moments. She reminds old things. She writes she did not imagine life without him, I m going to end my life, sorry. Raj gets shocked. Sakshi goes to hang herself. Raj asks her to open the door.

Amba calls Amrit. She says I m helpless, I have to meet Preet. Amrit asks is everything fine, I will try. She thinks to tell Preet. Sakshi sees Raj breaking the door and hangs. Raj runs and saves her. He asks how can she do this. He says I respect you a lot. She says I can just stay as your friend, nothing more, now you promised Amrit, its better I die. He asks her not to talk about death, if you do anything, I will slap you. She says you care for me a lot. He nods. She hugs him and smiles and thinks Preet you start the count down now.

Mannu taking Amrit. She asks her to have rest. They leave from home. Mohini sees them and thinks where are they going. She sees Rohan taking food for someone. She thinks whom to follow. She asks Nihaal to follow Rphan and find out. Mohini goes after Amrit. Nihaal goes to see what is Rohan doing. He sees Rohan having food. He asks why are you having food here. Rohan asks shall I ask you where I shall have food in my house. Nihaal goes. Rohan asks Simran to come out. Simran says wow, we won. Rohan asks her to be quiet. She smiles. He looks at her.

Amba waits for Mannu. Amrit gets Mannu there. Amba hugs Mannu and cries. Mannu asks what happened, tell me. Amba says nothing is fine. Mannu asks did Jagan say something, I will tell everything. Amba says don’t know where did Simran
go. Mannu asks are you missing her. Amba cries and says Simran is alive. Amrit and Mannu gets shocked. Mannu asks what are you saying. Amba says I gave money to some woman to hide her, I used to meet her, Simran did not die in temple, just Raman died. They get shocked. Amba says I lied to everyone, I have lost her, I felt whom shall I say, Jagan will kill Simran, you also went, I m tired of finding her.

Mannu leaves Amba’s hand. She says you are asking me to help in finding Simran, you have kept her away from me for so many years, how can you lie. Amba says listen to me. Mannu says no, don’t touch me, I can’t believe, how can you lie, maybe you have habit to cheat the world, you always have some secret, I always supported you.

Amba says after Raman died, Bajwas will kill Simran, I swear on you, I will tell everything, help me in finding her. Amrit cries. Mannu asks where did you see Simran the last time. Amba says Bajwas’ jeep. Mohini hears everything. She thinks I got treasure today, this can make me Bajwas’ queen, who knows about Simran at home. Her phone rings. She hides. Mannu asks who is there.

Mannu and Amrit come home. Mannu gives medicines to Amrit. She sees someone in living room and asks who is there. Mannu gets shocked seeing Simran. Nihaal points gun at Simran. Mohini asks did you like the gift. Mannu keeps knife at Mohini’s neck and asks them to leave Simran. Mohini says fine kill me, and Nihaal will kill Simran. She says this is your and Raj’s divorce papers… you sign on the papers and take your sister. Mannu cries.

Mohini gets shocked seeing Rohan. Rohan pushes Nihaal down. Simran
hides behind him. Rohan takes the gun and points at Mohini. He says m doing right. Mohini says she is our enemy, Simran, you should support us like Raj did, you get her truth in front of everyone, then you will get raised in Harjeet’s eyes. She asks Nihaal to take gun from Rohan. Rohan says I will kill everyone who comes close to Simran. Simran says my hero has come. Mannu looks on.

Mohini says maybe this is a big chance for you. Rohan says I thought enough of dad, if I give Simran to you, I will fall in my own eyes. Raj comes there and asks what’s happening here. He gets shocked seeing Simran. He sees Mannu. Rohan says don’t dare to come ahead. He shoots in air. Harjeet comes and asks Rohan what’s this madness. He gets shocked seeing Simran.

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