The heir Thursday Update 3 October 2019


The heir Thursday Update 3 October 2019

Rohan catching Simran. She gets scared. Amba comes to meet the old lady. She asks for Simran, did she come here. The lady says I did not see her since that day. Amba thinks where did Simran go. Simran asks Rohan to leave her. Inspector sees the fire and asks them to save Mannu. Mannu sees Raj. He turns away. Mannu recalls friendship with Raj. She does not move. Raj looks at her. People try to blow off fire. Raj jumps inside the fire ring and saves Mannu.

They have an eyelock. Mannu thinks I was not wrong, I have realized you love me. Inspector and everyone clap for Raj. Mannu fails to get up. Raj holds her. Moh moh ke dhaage…..plays…. He lifts Raj. Inspector says they both have love in their eyes, I have no doubt on them. Mannu recalls their moments. Inspector sends
them in the car.

Raj comes home, lifting Mannu in arms. Harjeet and everyone get shocked. Amrit smiles and says Raj and Preet together. Sakshi comes. Mohini asks what’s all this Sakshi, Raj went with you. Sakshi cries and hugs her. Raj takes Mannu to room. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Raj frees it and goes. Mannu recalls Raj saving her and smiles. Amrit asks when did my son get senses Preet.

Amba thinks how to find out where did Simran go, Preet would have got some way. She calls Mannu. Mannu says maybe she got to know I m very happy. She talks happily. Amba thinks it won’t be good to tell her about Simran. She says nothing, I just felt to hear your voice, so called. Mannu says you did good. Amba says take care and ends call. She cries and prays for Simran.

Raj looks in Rohan’s room and thinks where did he go. Mohini says Harjeet has made him leave house, Preet is behind this. Raj asks how can this happen, she was with me. She says we have seen you lifting her in arms, she is clever, she did her work soon. She says Mannu showed she pities Rohan. Harjeet has thrown Rohan out, Preet did all this, poor Rohan. Raj gets angry. Amrita feeds food to Mannu. Mannu cries and misses Amba. Pammi comes and asks for Raj’s kundli.

Amrit says I will get it, you go. She says Raj saved Mannu from fire and got her home. Mannu and Amrit go downstairs and see pandit matching Raj and Sakshi’s kundlis. Mannu says he is same pandit who got our marriage done. Pandit praises their jodi. Mannu asks what are you saying, you got us married, you are seeing kundlis, what’s this. Pandit says when marriage did not happen, how to accept it, that day marriage could not fulfill, there was some drama. Mannu asks how can you forget, you got us married, you are the only witness. Pandit says no, don’t make me lie, I m pandit and know everything, marriage did not get completed. Harjeet asks Raj to kick out Mannu, its no use to keep her here. Mannu gets shocked.

Sakshi asking Mannu to throw her mangalsutra now, her drama is over. Sakshi goes to take mangalsutra. Amrit stops her. Raj gives sweets to Amrit. Amrit goes. Raj says this is the truth, Sakshi and I will marry in two days, with all rituals and blessings, then I will kick you out of here. Mannu cries. Harjeet smiles and fees proud of Raj.

Sukhi comes home and says Jagan gets strange, he is checking godown since morning. Amba hears this and thinks to go there to save Simran. She goes and sees Jagan. The man says we got her, she is inside. Jagan says then get her. Amba worries and says Simran…. Jagan asks since when is this going on, come I will make you meet your mum. Amba sees a little girl. He asks is she playing along with someone else. He gets godown shut. Amba wonders
where is Simran.

Rohan takes Simran. She pushes him and runs. He gets hurt. She gets water for him and cleans his wound. She says I also got hurt once, mummy has put soil on it, I got fine, you will also get fine, promise me you won’t play that game to tie me up. He looks at her. Mannu packs her bags. She recalls her marriage with Raj. Mohini says its good if Preet goes, everything will get fine here. Amrit sees Mannu.

Simran breaks wine bottle. Rohan asks what did you do. She cries. He goes. She walks after him. He asks why are you coming after me. Some men sit drinking. Simran goes there and asks for bottle. They stare at her. Rohan sees her gone and looks for her. Rohan sees Simran and says where did she get stuck, mad. The men ask Simran to dance. Simran says fine, I will dance. She dances like a kid and sings rhyme.

Rohan asks is she mad, what is she doing, she is dancing instead running away. She says I got tired and sits. She asks them to give bottle. The man holds her. She takes bottle and runs. The men run after her. She bites the man’s hand and hides. The men leave. Rohan asks Simran is she mad, why did she go there. Simran says I got bottle for you, even then you are scolding me. He gets shocked when she gives wine bottle to him.

Amrit asks Sakshi why is she doing this with Preet, you love Raj, but he is married now. Sakshi asks her not to say anything now, you forgot the promises made to me, Preet did cheap tricks but could not melt Raj, he hates her, Raj called pandit here, Raj was never Mannu’s husband. She says I know this pain well, don’t do this. Mannu asks her not to beg to anyone, always have your self esteem, let this happen. Amrit cries. Mannu takes her blessings. Raj sees her going. Raj stops her. He says stay back till my marriage and then go.

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