The heir Thursday Update 17 October 2019


The heir Thursday Update 17 October 2019

Mannu asking Raj what’s this joke. Raj says its a contract, its written clearly that I will help Simran regain memory and you will go away from my family, our relation will end. She asks did you do this to give me the contract, you could have given me the contract at home, I would have got equally hurt, what did you get by giving me hope. Raj laughs and says my heart wounds will heal when you get hurt, you played many games with me, I told you last game will be mine.

Mannu says Amrit was right to doubt on you, she asked me not to doubt on you, I was foolish. He says you did magic on her, Harjeet and I promised her that we will not break this relation, but you are free, you will break this marriage. She asks him to atleast think of Amrit, she will die knowing his dirty plan.
Raj says Amrit feels everything is fine between us, now if there is any problem, you will be responsible, till you tell mummy, how will she know, what do you think, I will forget that you took Raman’s life, no I will take revenge from you. She sits down and cries. He asks her to have food and no need to pay money. She signs on the contract and gives him the papers. He says now you can’t deny this. She says now I don’t want to deny Raj.

She says the man who can cheat of love and act of marriage, you can’t be trusted, you always broke my hope, I did not see you are dying to marry Sakshi, I was blind in love, now I can see everything clearly, the guy who can play games with mum, he can’t be mind ever. She scolds him. She says Simran’s memory will come back, the day she gets completely fine, our relation will end, I will not see you by love from now, everything will change. She cries.

She says I would have threatened to tell truth to Amrit, but this difference between Bajwas and Pavaniyas is still there, Amrit won’t know anything from me, if Amrit knows truth, it won’t be my responsibility. She takes him home.

Sakshi says Preet is winning, and we are just sitting here. Mohini says bird can fly high but has to come on ground, I will play some game. Jagan throws the papers and asks Amba to sign. She asks what’s this. He says its written that you will stay in Bajwas house, you have no relation with Pavaniyas. She gets shocked.

He says when you can go to them, you can stay with them, your two daughters are their bahus, no need to clarify now, did you go there or not, Simran and Preet’s names remind me of your cheat. Amba says I hate those Bajwas more, you can’t hate them more. He says I obeyed you by your fake goodness, I hate you more than them, remember one thing, if you go to them, I will forget you are related to this house. He goes. Sukhi says I did your work, I found out about Rohan. Amba recalls Simran’s words and thinks I won’t let Simran get trapped by Rohan, I won’t let this happen.

Sakshi asking Raj if he is playing any game with her, if he loves Preet, she should leave. Raj stops her. He asks her to understand, he is doing right. He does not tell her the matter. He says you have to trust me. Sakshi says I m doing the same, my patience has a limit, why are you not sending them out, I will make Simran out. He says no, we have problem with Preet, not her sister. She says fine, we will just sit. He says I can’t break my promise to Amrit. He asks her to understand. She sees Mannu coming and acts. She hugs Raj, Mannu comes and sees them. Sakshi goes. Mannu cries.

Raj removes Mannu’s belongings from cupboard. Mannu cries and packs her bag. He asks her to leave. She goes and cries thinking of Raj. Judaai……plays….. Raj thinks of her.

Its morning, Mannu comes to Simran’s room and looks for her. She asks servant about Simran. He says Raj has taken her out, he said about some Adda. Mannu runs to yaara da adda and sees Raj and Simran. Raj says you have come here before, try to recall, we used to have fun, you stayed here as well. Mannu tells Raj and her plan. Raj says now we have no friendship, its just hatred. Mannu says first misunderstanding killed their friendship and then changed their love in hatred. Simran asks why, they used to support each other. Raj says we don’t believe each other now, you came to know I got Simran and came here to check, when I promised you that I will make her fine, trust me. She says I got cheated by you, I don’t trust you. Simran recalls the past and says Mannu has saved Raj. She says Raman…. where is he, we were getting married. She shouts don’t kill Raman. Raj and Mannu get shocked. Simran faints. Raj holds her and asks what happened. He asks Mannu to see, Simran will recall everything, how you killed Raman, you will go from Bajwa house forever.

Raj and Mannu taking Simran to doctor. Mannu says whenever Simran recalls something, she faints, will she recall everything or not. Doctor says you can’t pressurize her, I know a doctor, you take her for hypnotherapy, she can recall things hidden in her memory, but treatment is costly. Raj says don’t worry about money, we just want her memory to come back. Mannu recalls Raj’s words. Raj gives advance and says doctor, you can tell me about money. Mannu says its my responsibility, so I will pay for treatment. Raj gets Amrit’s call and says we got Simran to hospital, Simran’s reports have come, doctor said she has to do hypnotherapy.

Nihaal tells this to Mohini. She asks what happens by it. He says person is hypnotized and reminded what she has forgotten. Mohini thinks
to keep an eye on Simran, she knows Mannu has shot Raman, but if she knows real truth then. She gets tensed and goes. Nihaal says mum is hiding something.

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