The heir Sunday Update 13 October 2019


The heir Sunday Update 13 October 2019

Rohan coming to support Mannu. Mohini and Sakshi get shocked. Raavi asks Amba to have food. Amba refuses. Mannu and Rohan take Simran to doctor. Doctor says it will be difficult to treat her now, she will get fine, but this will take much time. Mannu tells everything to doctor. Rohan gets angry. Mannu gets Raavi’s call. Raavi asks her to talk to Amba, she is worried for Simran.

Amba asks Mannu how is Simran. Mannu says you should have got her treated, you locked her, you are responsible for all this, you did much wrong with her. Amba says I m her mum. Mannu says if you got her treated, you would have not worried for her today.

Mohini tells Nihaal that she has spoken to compounder, then we will use things easily. Sakshi likes the idea. Rohan says I have some work. Mannu takes Simran. She says Amba gave birth to a boy Mannu. Simran says I will go to mummy. Mannu and Simran do aarti. Mannu cries and thinks I will make you recall old things and get you fine. Simran sees fire and gets scared. She screams. Mohini stops her. Raj comes and asks what happened to her. Simran says there is fire. Mohini says Mannu left her, she is not listening to me. Raj says calm down Simran, there is no fire. Sakshi says you give her so much respect, but none understands you, I will take care of her. He goes. Mohini says she is scared of fire. Sakshi scares Simran. Simran panics. Rohan scolds Mannu and takes Simran. Raj comes and scolds Mannu.

Sakshi asks what wrong did I do. Mohini and Sakshi laugh and make fun of Mannu’s cooking. Mannu asks Sakshi to manage kitchen. Raj says Mannu likes to be called this house’s bahu, if you don’t do your duties, Sakshi will manage it and you will be just called namesake bahu. Mannu accepts the challenge.

Amrit comes to help Mannu. Raj asks Amrit not to take help. Mannu says she is teaching me cooking. Raj says its competition between you and Sakshi, none can help you. Amrit thinks are they hiding something. She blesses Mannu and Sakshi. She says I wish the right person wins and goes. Mannu asks Raj why did he lie to Amrit. Raj says you know her state is fragile, I don’t want to hurt her. Mannu says now I will this competition.

Rohan playing with Simran. He asks her to play with Amrit, he will just come. Sakshi sees Mannu following recipe on net and cooking. She taunts Mannu. Mannu says village girls can do anything when it comes to her husband. Sakshi argues. She says I learnt cooking from Amrit, so I can’t lose. Mannu says there is difference in wife and would be wife, Amrit’s wish changed now. Sakshi says I will tell you real difference, tell me how closely you know Raj, Raj and I are very close and you can’t be so close, he has a mole on his back, which I have seen many times.

Raj comes and praises Sakshi. He helps her and cuts vegs. She says you are very sweet and cute, you care for me so much. She hugs him. Mannu looks on. Raj and Mannu cut their finger by mistake. Sakshi does not get
Mannu see his wound. She sends him.

Sakshi thinks Preet is making something good, I have to do something. She messages Mohini asking her to do something, as she does not want to lose competition. Harjeet asks Rohan to bid in auction from Bajwas side. Rohan refuses. Harjeet gets angry and scolds him. Rohan asks Raj when do they have to go. Raj smiles.

Amrit hears her phone ringing and goes. Mohini says I will give you this car, but you have to find coins and say Raj told this to you. Simran goes to find coins and throws all of Mannu’s dishes. Mannu asks what are you doing, are you hungry. Simran says Raj aid there is a coin inside this. Sakshi smiles and thinks Mohini taught this to her.

Simran gets hurt and cries. Sakshi and Mohini smile. Simran goes and shuts door. Mannu asks her to listen. Amrit asks what happened. Mannu says she got annoyed with me, I will call Rohan. Rohan is in bidding. Jagan also bids. Rohan gets Mannu’s call and leaves from auction. Jagan wins the auction. Raj asks what happened. Mannu says its because of you. He asks did you go mad. Rohan comes and asks Simran to open the door, then they will play her fav game.

Simran opens the door and cries. Rohan sees her wound. Mannu gets the aid. Simran says Raj asked me to find coin. Raj says why are you lying. Rohan asks Raj to leave. Mannu asks what did Raj say. Raj goes. Simran says Raj said if I find coin in bowl, I will get car, Mohini said this. Mannu asks were Mohini and Raj together. Rohan says you settle your fights out, let Simran rest.

Mannu asks why are you annoyed, explain her, staying with Mohini is not good, she is my sister. Rohan says you are Raman’s killer, I won’t help you. Raj comes and says right. Rohan says it does not mean I m part of your fights. Sakshi serves food. Raj praises it. They ask Mannu to get food. Mannu says Simran made all food fall down, she got hurt. Amrit says I went to answer phone and left Simran alone.

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