The Heir Saturday Update June 22nd 2019

The goon aiming the gun to shoot a villager. Mannu hits a stone with gulel and makes the gun fall. He hides and throws stone at the goon’s head. The goon faints. The other goon gets scared and runs. Villager gets saved. The groom says you can kill me, but bidaai won’t happen. The bride’s father asks what is the problem, tell me. The groom says Bajwas threatened me that bidaai will not happen from Pavaniyas. Jagan says if you don’t do bidaai, then I will shoot you. Mannu leaves from the room through the open roof. Jagan aims gun at the groom and says we explained you many times, not to get related to Bajwas. The bride’s father says we did not know they are Bajwas.

Jagan asks the groom what to do to him. Amba gets worried. Mannu runs to the villager and asks are you fine. Villager says fine. Mannu frees the villager. Villager thanks him. Mannu says its fine. Jagan tells the groom to answer bidaai or death, I will do arrangements for your leaving till your city.

The groom says death. Bride’s father begs to Jagan to let his son in law go, if he is alive, atleast there will be bidaai hope, else my daughter will become widow. Jagan says its not about your daughter, its about Pavaniya’s respect. The villager is groom’s father.

He comes there and asks Jagan to leave his son, he was scared because of me, Bajwas aimed gun at me, they would have killed me, its good this boy saved my life. They all get shocked seeing Mannu. Amba thinks how did Mannu come here, I locked him in room. The man says we will do bidaai, just do arrangements to make us reach our city. The bride’s father says Shah ji saved my daughter’s life and lifts Mannu. They all cheer for Shah ji. Bebe smiles. Raavi asks Jagan to see, everyone is praising Mannu.

The bride’s bidaai happens. Jagan says if anyone stop them, we will kill the goons. Amba says I think we should send them in different cars, if Bajwas attack, their lives will be in trouble. The man agrees.

Its night, Jagan is angry and argues with Amba. She asks him to have food, its not about fight, two people were starting a new life, we can’t gift them fear, I was trying to stop bloodshed like Charan wanted. Jagan says if we live as he wanted, we have to dance in Bajwa’s house, like he danced in Bajwas’ field. She shouts Jagan. Mannu and Sukhi look on. Jagan says this dish has more jaggery, take this paper and sign on it.

She asks whats this. He says its complaint against Bajwas. She asks why. He says our truck full of grains disappeared. She asks whats proof that they did this. He says I asked you to sign, I did not ask for your advice. She refuses to sign. Jagan asks her not to use mind, you are Shah’s mum, not Shah. Amba asks Mannu to go and keep his plate. Mannu goes. Amba says when my Mannu becomes Shah…. Jagan asks such a weak Shah, did you not see what happened with Charan, this is my way to get peace, if you don’t sign, I will settle matter according to myself, then there won’t be any peace. He keeps the pen. She signs on the paper.

Later, Mannu asks Amba why does Jagan say this, was Charan a bad Shah. Amba says you are also Shah, you have to be like your dad, he was a very good person, he did a lot for everyone. He asks did Jagan did not like Charan. She says boys should not think much, come sleep. Bheeru says Pavaniyas just saw failure since 7 years, Jagan is not like Charan, there can be no one like Charan. Mannu says I want to become like Papa. Bheeru says Jagan’s time is running bad, Raavi has three miscarriages, now its last hope for them. Amba says they got a woman’s curse, what they did with Swaroop, its result of that.

Its morning, the groom’s family tells Harjeet about Swaroop and his son’s relation. Harjeet asks Amrit whats your pronlem, where is Swaroop. Amrit says this guy is very elder than Swaroop. He asks her to do what he says, get Swaroop in five mins. She goes to Swaroop. She asks Swaroop to get juice for the guests. Swaroop says its strange, you always ask me to go infront of everyone, you are asking me to take juice. Amrit says Harjeet told you, go. Swaroop says I understood, did any buyer came. Amrit cries. Swaroop goes.

The man stares at her and smiles. Harjeet asks her to sit, ask something to your inlaws. Swaroop asks about the deal. Harjeet asks what are you saying. Swaroop says there should be some reason that he did not see the mark on my face. She shows the mark on her face and tells about Jagan and her relation. Harjeet gets angry and slaps her. She falls down.

The man says its enough, we will leave. Swaroop talks dirty. The family leaves. Harjeet hurts Swaroop and says you got mad. She cries and says you made me maid since 7 years, I will stay like that, atleast don’t try to sell me. He says you ruined family name and Bau ji too. She says even then you could not catch that Jagan, he is powerful. Harjeet gets angry and says I can kill Jagan any day, he is restless now, there is no seeds and water in his field, he will not die, I won’t kill him, because you birn in your hell fire. He goes.

Raavi makes Sukhi bath. Mannu studies. Sukhi asks Mannu to come and bath with him. Raavi says don’t increase my work. She also asks Mannu to come and bath. Amba worries and thinks Mannu can’t bath in open, else everyone will know truth.