The heir Saturday Update 26 October 2019


The heir Saturday Update 26 October 2019

Mohini calls Chandar. Preet says bride is ready and shows Simran. Mohini gets shocked.

Chandar reaching somewhere and seeing the bride. He smiles. Pandit says mahurat is passing. Raj and Mannu smile. Sarpanch asks where did Chandar go. Mohini says Preet is playing some new game, they have hidden Chandar. Mannu says we are here, we made bride ready and came, did groom run away. Mannu thinks next mahurat is after 15 days, I told you Chandar, I will not let you ruin my sister’s life. She calls Sukhi. Babli says its me.

Mannu asks where are you, where is Sukhi. Babli says I came instead Sukhi, Chandar is coming towards me. Mannu asks what, he is not a bad man, run away. Babli says its a chance to show girls are not less. Mannu says I can’t save another sister’s life to save one sister, you are a kid. Babli says don’t you trust me, I will do as you say.

Mannu says I m leaving, don’t show face to Chandar. Chandar calls out Simran and asks what happened, how did you come here. Mannu hears him on call.
Mannu thinks how to save Babli from Chandar. Chandar says we are going to get married, where are Raj and Preet. Babli thinks if I answer, he will know I m not Simran. Raavi says Sukhi couldn’t go and we have sent Babli, I m afraid for her. She cries and prays for Babli. Amba looks on.

Chandar gets shocked seeing Babli. He gets angry and says Raj and Preet didn’t do this right. Mohini calls him. Pandit says wedding mahurat ended, now this wedding can’t happen. Mannu smiles. Mohini says its all Preet’s plan, they would have hidden Chandar to stop him. Sarpanch asks do you have proof, they are ere, how to believe they have hidden Chandar, marriage will happen after 15 days, its final decision. Panchayat leaves. Mannu rushes. Raj thinks why is Preet worried, where is she going. He stops Mannu. Mannu asks about Simran. He says Rohan is there with her, you are worried, why. He gets in the jeep. They leave.

Mohini talks to Chandar. He scolds her. Mohini shouts Preet and breaks the mandap angrily. Chandar says Raj and Preet should not come here. Babli tries to run away. Chandar runs after her. Mannu and Raj arrive and beat the goons. Mannu injures the goon. Chandar follows Babli. Mannu looks for Babli.

Chandar scolds Babli and goes to catch her. Mannu comes and takes Babli to her side. She threatens Chandar. She challenges him to face her like a man. She asks him if he tries to do anything with her sisters, she will not leave him. Chandar smiles. Mannu leaves with Babli.

Mannu gets Babli home. Jagan gets shocked. He stops them at the door. Mannu says I know I can’t come inside this house, I came to drop her. Jagan asks how did you come out when I locked you at home. Mannu taunts him. She says Babli came to help me in saving Simran. Jagan says she will live with you now, its my house. Mannu shows the knife to him and threatens Jagan. Jagan asks will you kill me. Mannu says I won’t move back if needed.

Amba asking about Simran. Mannu says Simran and Chandar’s marriage got postponed for 15 days, Babli is young but very brave, take care of her. Raavi asks her to come inside. Mannu taunts Amba and goes. Chandar drinks wine. Mohini comes and scolds him for ruining the game by his over smartness. He blames her for all this. She gets angry and threatens him. He also threatens her to expose her secrets. He says I have settle scores with Raj and Preet.

Everyone dances on Aisi kya chali hawa…… Rohan asks where is Preet. Raj says she went to her house, she will come. Simran drops a glass. Rohan keeps glass piece away. Mannu comes. Rohan says none can make Raj and Mannu’s jodi lose. Raj and Mannu see each other. Sakshi sees them and asks Raj to dance. Mannu walks ahead.

Raj sees her stepping on glass and rushes to hold her feet. They all see this.
Raj picks the glass piece and says you would have got hurt. Mannu goes. Amrit says I have to tell you something. Mannu hugs her and cries. Raj looks on. Amrit says I kept havan at home, everything got fine, happiness will return. Mohini says we have to do something.

Chandar laughs. He asks Mohini to think big, we have to break all of them, we have to break Raj and Preet’s unity, then it will be easy for us. She thinks he is right. He asks what do you think, whom does Raj love more, Sakshi or Preet. She says he loves Sakshi more. Raj tells Rohan that he doesn’t love Preet, she took Raman’s life, he can never love her. Rohan says we never know when love enters heart, I have seen you, how you take care of Preet, you kept your hand under her feet to save her from glass. Raj says I would have done this for you and Simran also. Rohan says fine, Amrit has sent this kurta for me, she wants us to wear similar kurta and sit in havan.

Chandar says if you are sure that Raj will first save Sakshi, its good, Lord will test Raj and Preet’s love in tomorrow’s havan, there will be big wall between them. Mohini smiles and thinks to see how Raj and Preet support each other. Its morning, Amrit and Mannu check havan arrangements. Raj comes in Mannu’s way. She goes. Amrit says I was thinking to do rasam of removing bahu’s chuda. Pandit does rituals and removes Mannu’s chuda. Sakshi looks on.

Amrit says Preet did all havan arrangements. Mannu says no, Sakshi did all this, she has made prasad as well, I was just helping, right Sakshi. She asks Sakshi to come and make more prasad. Pandit asks her to get ghee. Mannu and Sakshi see Mohini and Chandar in kitchen. Mannu asks what are you doing here. Mohini signs Chandar and talks to Mannu. Chandar adds something in ghee vessel and smiles.

Chandar takes food and goes. Mannu gets ghee and gives to pandit. Pandit puts ghee in havan kund. Raj sees Mannu. Mohini asks will it happen as you thought. Chandar smiles and says my mantar doesn’t go wrong. Everyone cough by the smoke. Mohini and Chandar come there and take Simran. He thinks to see who gets saved by his prasad. Mannu calls out Raj. She prays to Lord for help.

Mohini and Chandar taking Simran and singing. Mohini hears Pammi calling her and asks Chandar to give keys, Pammi is inside, she will die. Chandar teases her. Mohini threatens him and asks him to give keys. Simran looks on and recalls Raman’s death. She says kill him also like you killed Raman. They get shocked. Mohini gets keys from Chandar and gets Pammi with her. Chandar says we will see the test results now, whom will Raj get out first. Mannu sends everyone out. Raj takes Sakshi out. Mannu faints there. Chandar says Mannu didn’t see my plans yet. He lifts Mannu and takes her out.

Mohini says Chandar saved you, Raj loves Sakshi, he took her, he hates you a lot. Raj goes to meet Mannu. She scolds Raj for not saving her. Mannu asks him to leave. Chandar looks on and says now even Lord can;t save their relation. Raj says how can Mannu say I don’t care for her.

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