The heir Saturday Update 14 September 2019


The heir Saturday Update 14 September 2019

Mannu seeing Mohini and stopping Jagan. She slaps Raj and says I will see him. Raj asks what are you doing. She beats him and asks him to see there. Raj sees Mohini and says what could I do, you all have beaten me, I m a poor wedding planner, I work to earn living. Mohini thinks he is not with Pavaniyas. Mannu asks him to go, I did not like him, he is our enemy. Jagan asks why did you let him go, you could have killed him. Mannu says leave it, its not his mistake, he can work anywhere. Jagan asks what about your promise, you said you will stop Pammi’s marriage. Mannu says I m thinking of some solution, Pahuja came in Bajwas words. Mohini thinks this time you are dealing with me, you won’t get solution. Jagan goes. Mannu goes to Raj and says sorry. Raj says you have beaten me hard.
Mannu says none should know our plan. Raj says I did not get angry else Jagan was gone. Mannu says I trust you, you will never cheat, leave all this, tell me plan about Pahuja. Raj asks him to come along.

Gunjan says Aman is not answering my call. She worries. She thinks to send him a message. She says he can call me back. She apologizes to him by message. She wishes Aman talks to her. Jagan asks Aman not to leave everything on Mannu, we have to do something. She says find out did Mohini tell Pahuja about her son Nihaal, who is in jail, I m sure she did not say. He smiles.

Amrit is on the way and recalls Harjeet. Raj says I think your Mohini’s idea is perfect, but we should concentrate on Pammi, what she did with Gunjan. Mannu says no, we are difference, its against my ethics to play with a girl’s respect, we should break relation using Mohini. He says you are a cheater, you said you will make me meet my Soniyo. She says we are at enemy’s house, you want to romance. She sees Amrit and worries. Mannu makes Raj fall down and covers him with basket. Raj says get me out. Mannu sits on basket and says be quiet. Raj sees Amrit and my mummy is here, says you manage her. Mannu says yes, we have to send her from here. Mannu greets Amrit.

Amrit asks for her son Raj, I m finding him. Raj hears her. Mannu says there is no Raj here, you came at wrong place. Amrit says he is mad to come here. Mannu sees Harjeet and worries. Mannu asks her to leave, else fights will happen, we have to do all work, if my boss sees stranger woman going in, he will fight with me and fire me from job. Harjeet goes. Mannu says please leave from here. Amrit asks about Raj and describes him. Mannu says there is no one such. Amrit coughs and uses inhaler. Mannu asks are you fine, sorry, you can’t stay here. Amrit goes.

Mannu gets Raj out. Raj asks did she doubt. Mannu says no, you tell her truth, she will understand you. Raj says you go, I will see. Raj thinks mummy came here, everyone will know my identity, none should know about it. Raj calls her. She says I m in Gaguwal. He asks what, why did you think I will go there, you be ready, I will come to take you. She says no, I came here to find you, I m leaving you. A man asks him is marriage arrangements getting done well. Raj ends call. She hears it and says it means Raj did not reach home. She thinks if Raj in Gaguwal.

Mannu says why is Raj not telling Amrit, she was worried. Mannu’s kurta gets torn. Mannu thinks to go home and change clothes. Mannu gets Pammi’s clothes and takes it. Mohini comes there. Mannu forgets the pagdi and thinks Mohini can see it. Mohini takes a gift and asks who is there, come out. Mannu dressed as Preeti, comes there. Mohini asks who are you, what are you doing here, did you come to steal. Raj comes and says she is with me. Mohini says that Sardar ji was with you. Raj says work was much, so I called her. Mohini asks what’s her name. Raj smiles and says name, tell your name, why are you getting shy. He thinks now she has to say name. Mohini asks what’s happening, iss she mute.

Raj says no, she is shy, she talks less, her name is… He sees calender and says her name is Preeti… Preeti…. Mannu sees calender. He says she is so good, her name as Preet. Mohini says your partners are strange, one talks a lot, and other does not say anything, be careful, love and all won’t work here, just focus on work, go. Mannu sees the pagdi and goes with Raj.

Raj says Mannu dud not tell me about sending you. She says aunty thinks we have an affair, you were showing teeth. He smiles and asks really, I did not know. He gets close. He says there is an affair, else say no. She pushes him and calls him cheap. He says you will take my life one day. She gets a call. He looks at her and asks how did you get this, Mannu said you have no phone. He sees Amba’s pic and incoming call. He asks why is Amba’s name saved as mummy in your phone.

She says what will Mannu call her, its Mannu’s mummy, its Mannu’s phone. He says oh, so this is Mannu’s phone, I thought its yours. She says no, Mannu was going in hurry and gave phone to me. He asks her to say if she has affair with Mannu. She says no, don’t be spy. He says Mannu got saved, I thought what’s this new problem, I don’t trust you and Mannu. She asks him to go and work. He says fine, come soon, you will be glad seeing my work. He goes.

Mannu talks to Amba and says sorry I could not answer your call, everything is fine, I m preparing to fulfill promise I made to you, Aman and Pammi’s relation will break in next 24 hours.

Raj welcoming Pahujas. Mrs. Pahuja says you here, you were doing arrangements at Pavaniya house. Raj says its my work, welcome. Mannu comes to him. He asks about Mannu. She says he went out. He asks does he not have responsibility. She says its just small work to cut wire. He says who told Mannu, he would have told you, go inside and manage work, I will see here. She goes. Pammi greets Pahujas and calls Mohini. Mannu switches on current wire. Mohini gets electrocuted. Raj says Mohini is extra funny than Pammi. Mannu switches off the current. Pammi asks what happened. Mohini says don’t know. Raj asks her to come and sit.

Mohini and Pammi get current again. Pahujas get shocked. Raj says they are different, everything will be fine by Shanti Paath. Mannu stops current. Mohini
stops them. Mrs. Pahuja says we will talk about Shanti puja, your son did not come till now. Mohini says yes, Nihaal went to study abroad, he wanted to come in Pammi’s marriage. Pahuja leave.

Harjeet comes and asks where did everyone go. Mohini says he will get angry if I say what happened. She tells him Pahujas went to do Shanti paath, we can do things later, so I agreed. He says fine, there should be nothing less, our respect is related to it. He asks them to go and change.

Amrit is on the way and meets Amba. She recalls the old time. She says you changed, I requested you not to hurt children, if you had patience, our children would have been alive. Amba says Harjeet was responsible. Amrit coughs. Amba gets worried. Amrit asks her to end enmity before more disaster. Amba goes. Mannu sees Amrit and calls Raj. She asks him to make Amrit sit in bus and send her. She goes and helps Amrit.

Amba comes back. Mannu hides her face. Amba asks driver to take Amrit where she wants, I will keep enmity with those with whom I have enmity. Mannu makes her sit in jeep. Amrit blesses her. Amba stops Mannu and asks who are you. Mannu says I m new here and lies to her. Amba says come, I m also going same way. Mannu says I have some work, I have to go other way. Her dupatta gets stuck. Mannu tries freeing it and dupatta falls down. Amba picks dupatta and goes to her. Mannu worries.

Raj comes there talking on phone. Mannu shouts you came and hugs him to hide her face from Amba. Raj holds her. Amba looks on and says Rajveer, what can we expect from city guys, ill mannered and shameless. She throws dupatta and goes.

Mannu moves Raj away. She says Mannu said Amrit went in Delhi bus, and he is waiting for you in Bajwas house. She goes. He says she will take my life one day. Amrit hears some men talking about Raj. She recalls Raj’s words. Raj meets Mannu. Mannu takes getup. She says Preeti called and said about havan puja, I got a pandit who will dance on our fingers. Amrit comes there.

Harjeet and everyone get shocked seeing her. He asks her why is she standing, come in, how did you come after many years. Mohini thinks how did she come back. She acts sweet. She praises Harjeet. She tells about Pammi’s marriage. He asks Amrit to come. Amrit says no, I won’t step inside. Raj and Mannu hide and look on.

He asks why did you come here. She says I came to take Raj. He says Raj is not here. Mohini says its your house, come, you can go after marriage. Amrit says no, this house is yours now. She taunts Harjeet.

She says Suhaag and house are not shared, now everything is yours, your house and your Harjeet. Mohini asks her about Raj, how is he, is he still handicapped, did he get tall. Amrit gets angry and asks where is Raj. Harjeet says he is not here, you can stay here and find him, I will help you. She asks about wedding planner. Mannu meets them. Harjeet asks where is your boss. Mohini sees Raj hiding and calls him out. Raj hides again. Mohini asks is he your Raj, he is on his feet, he can’t be your Raj. Amrit says he is not my Raj. Mohini sees Raj and says yes, he can’t be your son. Harjeet says I will find him. Amrit says just Raj’s mum raised him since 10 years, I will find him, if I get to know you are not letting me meet Raj, be ready to bear mum’s curse. Harjeet says no. Mohini thinks this woman has come back to ruin my motives. He says Amrit, this house is still yours. Amrit goes. Raj asks who was this mad woman, why was she making issue. Harjeet gets angry on him. Raj and Mannu leave. Mohini thinks he is worrying for Amrit, I have to throw Amrit out of village, else I will come on roads, I won’t let this happen, it took 10 years to trap this man.

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