The heir Monday Update 9 September 2019


The heir Monday Update 9 September 2019

The heir series Teasers September 2019

Mohini and Pammi coming to have chaat. She taunts Gunjan. She says Simran ruined their respect, she was pregnant before marriage. Mannu stops Mohini from having chaat. Mannu eats chaat. He taunts Mohini. Raj says you are right. Mannu insults Mohini. Aman says whatever happened with Simran, it does not mean you point finger at Gunjan’s character. Mohini says I was just saying Pammi is innocent, I m glad coming here. She goes. Pammi says see they trapped Aman. Mohini says I have to change my plan.

The manager apologizes to Jagan. Jagan says Harjeet booked the grounds so that Gunjan’s engagement gets hurdle. Harjeet says its just coincidence. Jagan gets angry. Manager asks Jagan to calm down. Harjeet says I did booking by paying money, my work is done. He taunts Jagan. Mannu
and Raj come home with Gunjan. Mannu says Aman is not so bad. Gunjan asks Mannu not to do such setting next time, I m going college now. She goes. Mannu says your plan did not work. Raj says every game has three chances, we just played first one, just see what I do.

Gunjan sees Pammi going to hang herself. She stops Pammi. Pammi says I don’t want to live. She hangs and tree branch breaks. Pammi falls down and argues with Gunjan for ruining her life. Mohini looks on. She helps Pammi. Pammi says I love Aman, you trapped him. Gunjan says I did not know this, I don’t want to marry Aman. Pammi says then do something to break the alliance. Gunjan says no, my mummy will beat me. Pammi says you can put blame on Mannu, Amba does not say her anything.

Gunjan goes to Mannu and says I want to meet Aman. Mannu says its great. Babli says Amba is calling you two. Rajveer shows the sherwani for Mannu. Amba asks Mannu to try sherwani and come. Mannu goes. Mannu wears loose sherwani. Raj sees Mannu’s sherwani. He thinks Mannu took Sukhi’s sherwani, it will be loose and Amba will not leave me. He acts to be on call and takes sherwani for Mannu. He says you got wrong sherwani. Mannu worries and thinks how did he come here. Raj says I got sherwani for you. Mannu says I m in bathroom. Raj says you will look smart, I kept sherwani here, give me Sukhi’s sherwani, I will come and get it. Mannu says you go, I will get it. Raj goes.

Amba says engagement clothes are good, marriage clothes should be better. Mannu comes wearing sherwani. The lady says Shah ji looks weak, you should feed him badams, prepare him for marriage. Raj says I will do all arrangements in Mannu’s marriage. Mannu sees Gunjan going. Amba asks Mannu to go and change.

Gunjan goes and meets Pammi. She says I have to break marriage with Aman, tell me plan. Pammi asks what plan. Mohini says foolish, plan to break marriage. Pammi asks her to give gift to Aman, see how he runs from marriage. Gunjan agrees.

Raj and Mannu get Gunjan to make her meet Aman. Aman comes. Raj asks Mannu to come, let them sit alone. Gunjan says if you sit with us, how will we talk. Raj says I m also saying the same. Raj and Mannu leave. Mannu thinks what’s this matter, Gunjan wants to talk alone. Raj asks why are you tensed, they are in public place. Mannu says I think something is wrong, we have to keep an eye. Raj says you doubt on them, we did this planning to unite them. Mannu says I know my sister well. Raj sees a father scolding his handicapped son. Raj runs and saves the boy from a jeep. He gets shocked seeing Harjeet and Rohan.

Harjeet says who told handicapped people to come on road. Raj recalls Harjeet. Rohan asks are you new here. Raj says new is time, it gave courage to a stumbling kid, you don’t know whom you are talking to. Mannu looks on.

Harjeet’s car getting stuck in dirt pit. Raj smiles and says it regrets a lot when son does not help father in time, but it aches a lot when father does not help son. Raj helps them by lifting the jeep. Mannu looks on. Aman says I m glad knowing you want to spend time with me, if we meet often, we can know each other. Gunjan says you look good, you have hero hairstyle, I was restless to spend time with you. He coughs. She empties her bag to give him cough tablet. She shows contraceptive pills and says its friend of every girl. Aman says I will meet you later and goes. She thinks Pammi’s idea worked.

Mannu and Raj see her. Raj asks why are you shy. Gunjan says meeting was good, I got gift for Pahujas, I forgot to give this, Raj you give this. Raj says why not, sure, Mannu
take her home, I will give this gift and come. Harjeet gets shocked seeing Mohini wearing chilli costume. He asks what’s this. She says from today, this green chilli will be out of this house. She reminds his promise.

She says its time to make you fulfill promise. He says it means Gunjan and Aman’s alliance broke. She says yes, its breaking. He smiles. Amba talks to Pahuja and asks what, relation cancel, is there any misunderstanding. Gunjan and Mannu come home. Amba asks what do you mean that Gunjan’s truth came out, what did she do. Call ends. Mannu asks what happened. Amba says Pahuja broke the alliance, how can this happen. Gunjan smiles.

Amba asks Mannu did you do anything, say truth. Mannu says no. Amba says if I know you did something wrong, I will forget you are my blood. She asks Gunjan did you do anything. Gunjan says no, why will I do this. Mannu says I think we should talk to Pahuja once. Amba calls out Jagan.

Harjeet and Mohini give gift to Pahuja from their side. Pahuja says I request you, don’t talk about Aman’s relation, his heart is broken, he wanted to marry Gunjan and imagined future together, he can’t think of anyone else. Harjeet says we did not know this, we came to invite you for inauguration of pump house, we wanted to name it on you. Jagan says shut up and gets in.

He asks Harjeet to tell Pahuja that you want Aman’s proposal to happen with Pammi. Amba and Mannu come. Harjeet and Jagan argue. Pahuja asks them to calm down. Amba says we can sort the misunderstanding, its not good to break relation. Mannu agrees. Mohini thinks to do something. She asks Pahuja to say what did he hear about Gunjan, your respect is our respect. Jagan asks her not to get into this. Harjeet and Jagan argue.

Pahuja says stop it, I know you have family enmity, don’t create a scene here, Amba ji you want to know what did Gunjan do, truth is bitter, can you hear it in front of everyone. Mannu says I trust Gunjan, she can’t do anything that can defame us. Pahuja says fine, see what she has sent to us. He shows the book sent by Gunjan. They all get shocked seeing a cheap subject book. Raj comes. Harjeet says 101 ways to enjoy young days in old age. Mohini says its bad. Pahuja asks Amba is there any answer.

Harjeet says their house’s daughters’ history is bad, seeing Gunjan’s doings, Simran was Pativrata, she just got pregnant before marriage, don’t know what will Gunjan do. Amba shouts and says not a word more, I will cut your tongue. Mannu says relation is between us, we will talk, you all leave from here. Harjeet taunts Amba. Jagan says I will kill you. Raj worries.

Harjeet says you did big mistake by holding my collar. Pahuja says stop it, look, we have nothing to say, we got much insult, not anymore. Mannu says give us a chance to find out who this happened, I will prove someone did this to break relation. Pahuja says this relation broke, we will leave from here tomorrow. Harjeet says this will be injustice with me, I know some fishes are bad, it does not mean the pond is dirty, you have seen Pavaniyas, give us chance to treat you well, stay till inauguration, our friendship should not get bad. Pahuja says sorry, we will not stay here. Amba and Jagan leave. Mannu says don’t worry, I will find some way.

Rohan holds Mannu and says we have great bond, Simran and Raman had pairing, you and Raj were friends, it means Gunjan can agree to be with me, she is very fast, tell her if she has any desires, then Bajwas’ door is open. Mannu gets angry and says you see yourself, man who can’t stand and walk without bottle, he does not look good to talk about manhood. Mannu pushes Rohan. Rohan raises hand. Raj stops Rohan and says don’t do this. Rohan says leave me. Mannu says I will not leave him. Raj asks Mannu to get back. Mannu calls Rohan drunkard. Rohan drinks. Raj takes Mannu. Harjeet stares at Rohan.

Raj says leave Rohan, he is such, calm down, I will manage. He goes. Mannu thinks how did Raj know its Rohan, and fights happening between our families.

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