The heir Monday Update 28 October 2019


The heir Monday Update 28 October 2019

Raj says I will fulfill my promise to Preet. Sakshi asks what promise. Raj thinks I can’t tell Sakshi about Preet and my contract. He goes. Chandar sits meditating. Raj gets the gift box and recalls Chandar. He thinks maybe Simran recalls something seeing this gift. He swaps the doll with another gift. Chandar takes the gift for Simran.

Simran likes the doll. Raj looks on and gets shocked, thinking how did the gift change again. He comes to them and checks. He says how can this happen. Chandar asks did you not like the doll. Raj scolds him. Chandar asks Mannu to manage her husband, don’t know what he wanted to gift Simran. Raj pushes him. Raj asks Mannu to move. Mannu asks Raj to leave. Raj says you are taking his side. Mannu says I can’t trust one who left me to die, better stay away from my matters. Chandar smiles and takes Mannu’s help. He asks her to drop him till room. Mannu takes him. Raj gets shocked.

Chandar going with Mannu. Mohini thinks Raj has tried to get Simran’s memory back and Chandar doesn’t care, I have to do something. Mannu threatens to push Chandar down the stairs. Amba says Simran will marry Chandar. Raavi asks how can you do this. Amba says Babli has her long life ahead, I can’t ruin her life. Jagan taunts her. He asks her to remember and not do anything against him.

 Sukhi thinks just Mannu can save us, how to inform her. Chandar reminds Mannu how she has applied balm on his back last time. He asks her to apply balm on his back and removes his kurta. He starts flirting.

He says filling sindoor in maang doesn’t make anyone married, did Raj touch you, he will run with Sakshi, what will you do then, will you stay alone, why are you wasting your life.
Mannu asks will you marry me. He gets shocked. She says leave it, you can’t manage this fire. She goes. Her anklet falls there. Chandar looks on.

Raj catches Mannu and asks what’s happening, you don’t care to support Chandar, you know he is a cheap man. She scolds Raj and sees Chandar listening. She goes thinking Chandar get trapped. Chandar smiles and thinks fire is igniting. He goes. Raj thinks what is Preet doing, Chandar is a snake, how to explain her.

Jagan and Amba come to Bajwas house. Amba says I called you all here so that we can change marriage date. Sarpanch says marriage can’t happen. Amba says I want this marriage to happen within 4 days. Mannu and Raj get shocked. Chandar smiles. Mannu asks why are you doing this, when Chandar agreed to wait for 15 days, you can’t do this. Chandar says I have no problem. Sarpanch says fine, this marriage will happen after four days. Panchayat leaves.


Jagan asks Amba to come, they have to do many preparations. Mannu asks Amba why is she doing this. Amba says Simran is mad, I can’t fight more for her. She goes. Jagan smiles and leaves. Mannu cries. Raj says nothing spoiled. Mannu says Amba has spoiled everything by her hands. Raj says no mum can push children in well, she is helpless. She asks why did she not tell me. Raj says I will tell you on one condition, you will tell me why did you do this, what problem you have with Rohan. Mannu tells her plan and says Rohan was also part of my plan. Raj gets shocked and asks what about Chandar, you know he is cheap man. Mannu says you want to know my plan, I want his attention to come on me than Simran, I will do anything to save Simran, tell me why is Amba helpless. Raj gives her Sukhi’s letter. He says Sukhi gave this to me, read it. Mannu reads letter about Jagan’s threatening about Babli. She gets shocked.

Raj says this is truth, if Simran’s memory comes back in three days, she will refuse for this marriage. Mannu says I know what to do, he will do anything to get me, once he agrees, I will ask him not to marry Chandar. Raj says don’t be mad, you won’t do this. She asks why, do you have any other plan, did Simran’s memory come back, I can’t sit believing fate, you do what you want, I will do what I want, I will save Simran and leave from your life forever.

Mohini comes and says Raj is trying to get Simran’s memory. Chandar praises Mannu. She says if I get caught, I will get you along. He asks her to go and see medicines, Simran’s memory won’t come back, don’t worry. She smiles. He thinks I will marry Simran, I will get Preet too.

Amba and Raavi doing preparations. Raavi worries for Simran. Mannu calls Sukhi. Jagan answers and asks Sukhi to talk. Sukhi gets tensed. Mannu thinks Jagan is around and makes a story. Jagan asks what did she say, call back. Sukhi calls Mannu and asks did you call. Mannu says maybe call connected by mistake. Jagan goes. Mannu says I will save Simran from Chandar. Raavi says Mannu is buying apples in such time. Amba says she understood and told us that we can’t risk one sister to save another, she will do something.. Sukhi says she is very clever. Amba asks Sukhi to get Jagan’s phone, she wants to see Babli’s video, maybe she can find out a clue.

Chandar comes to Mannu and says I found a doctor who can make Simran fine, but you have to come with me alone. Mannu says
fine, I will come, but if anyone sees us, they will make stories, will you marry me.

Chandar flirts and says you have too wear this dress and come with me, I should be able to trust you that you love me. She sees the short dress and says fine, I will wear this and come. Raj comes and scolds Chandar.

Chandar asks Mannu to stop Raj. Mannu asks Raj to leave Chandar. Raj asks will you go with him. Mannu says yes, don’t get between us, Raj you just leave. Raj goes. Chandar smiles. He asks her to hurry up. He goes. Mannu writes a letter from Chandar’s side to sarpanch that he doesn’t want to marry Simran, who is mentally unstable. She says I will make you sign this paper, I will put myself at stake to save Simran.

Raj gets angry. Sakshi asks him to have water. He says Preet can’t go to Chandar. He falls asleep. She says this medicine won’t let you wake up, I won’t let you go to Preet, you are just mine. Mannu wears the short dress and feels uncomfortable. She thinks if Chandar does wrong with me, this medicine will help to faint him.

Mannu comes to Chandar. He stares at her and praises her beauty. He says Raj is blind, I would have valued you a lot if you married me. She says we shall leave, doctor would be waiting. They leave. Rohan wakes up Raj and asks what happened. Raj says Preet, where is she. Rohan asks what happened to her.

Simran asks where is the doctor Chandar. He says he will come. He asks her to have wine. Raj scolds Sakshi and says Preet is alone with Chandar, he is a devil, why did you make me faint. He calls Mannu and sees her phone ringing. He asks Sakshi how did Preet’s phone come here.

Chandar flirts. Mannu throws the wine and acts of drinking. She asks him to call doctor. He says no doctor will come, you wanted to spend time with me. He gets close. She gives him papers. She says you love me right, you trust me, marry me, sign these papers. He throws the paper and says we don’t want any excuse like marriage, we have a chance right now.

Mannu getting the chloroform. Chandar sees her and smiles. She gets tensed. He asks what’s this, show me. He throws it. She says I don’t want to do this. She tries to open the door. He says its locked. The door opens. She runs away. Sakshi says yes, I have stolen Preet’s phone so that you don’t go to her, let Preet go anywhere, we love each other. Raj says let me go, Preet needs me. Rohan asks why, Sakshi is right, why do you care, let her die. Raj shouts I can’t let anything happen to her, I love Preet. Sakshi cries. Rohan asks Raj to go and save Mannu. Chandar says no one can come here. Mannu runs. Raj hurriedly leaves. Mannu tries to find a way to escape. Chandar follows her.

He asks where will you go now. She runs again. She shuts herself in washroom. Chandar

says you get much shy. She checks a window grill. He says come out, else I will close the door. She cries and thinks how to get saved from Chandar, someone could help me. Raj hits the car to the tree and faints.
Chandar holds Mannu. She runs again. Sukhi and Amba come to godown to check Babli. They see Jagan there. Jagan scolds Sukhi for stealing his phone and beats him. Mannu says we didn’t get married, you are hurrying, its not right time, lets get married, then I will do what you say. He says every time is right for love. She runs. He follows her and drinks.

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