The heir Monday Update 21 October 2019


The heir Monday Update 21 October 2019

Amba asks Rohan to help again, as he is Simran’s brother inlaw.

Rohan says no need to remind again and again, that she is my Bhabhi. Amba says don’t ever forget this. Simran says you can’t scold hero like this, he is my friend, I won’t come with you. Rohan asks Simran to sit, don’t get angry. Simran says mummy has scolded me. He says we were just talking. Raj and Mannu come home and see the guests. Mohini hugs Mannu and says congrats, Simran got an alliance, Amba called even panchayat, groom and his family have come, Amba is here, she is making Simran ready. Mannu and Raj get shocked.

Mohini scares that inlaws can keep Simran as queen or maid, but Amba’s wish will be fulfilled. Mannu says I have to talk to Amba. Mohini thinks now Mannu will never agree for Simran’s marriage. She goes to Amba. Babli hugs her. Mannu asks what happened to you. Amba asks what, I m taking Simran from here to secure her. Mannu says she is not in such state that anyone handles her, Rohan and Raj manage her here, try to understand, till she gets her memory back, she is not safe anywhere, I m here. Raj comes and looks on. Mannu says when her memory comes back, we will get her married anywhere you want, she does not know what’s marriage, how will she manage new relation, she will get fine soon. Amba scolds Mannu. She says I won’t trust Raj and Rohan, you became Bajwas bahu, but Simran is still my daughter, she is not safe here. Amrit comes and asks is Simran ready. Mannu asks Amrit to explain Amba. Amba says Mannu thinks Simran won’t be happy, you explain her. Mannu says I m doing this for Simran’s happiness, explain Amba. Amba says if you try to stop Simran’s marriage, you will lose me.

Amba asking Amrit to take Simran. She asks Mannu not to stop her. They go. Raj says I think you should say yes for Simran’s marriage. Mannu calls him selfish. She says you are saying this as Simran will go from here and you will get free of me. He shuts the door. Rohan sees Simran and thinks Simran will get away from me, I won’t be able to meet her, if there is Lord, this relation shouldn’t happen today.

Mannu goes downstairs. Jagan introduces her to guests. Mannu greets the guests. Amba asks Simran to say she also likes. Simran says as Amba tells her. Jagan says its everyone’s yes, get sweets, Simran come home. Harjeet asks Jagan to learn having patience, two Bajwas members should say yes, till then marriage can’t happen. Amba says Amrit and Mannu will be saying
yes. Amba asks Mannu to say, she said its her yes.

Mohini sees Harjeet. She says Preet did not say yes in front of us. Sarpanch asks Mannu to tell her decision. Jagan asks Mannu to say what she told Amba. Mannu recalls Amba’s words. Mohini says long silence means its her no. Harjeet says its her ….. Mannu says yes, I agree to Simran’s marriage. Amba and Jagan get glad. Mannu says but, I want to ask few things to would be groom. Jagan says we have talked to them, enough. Mannu asks the guy why did he agree to marry a mad girl, he can get alliance of better girls. Guy says after marriage…. Amba says he will get Simran’s treatment done after marriage. Raj messages Mannu.

Mannu asks him to tell them about his first wife. The guy says what shall I tell about her, I gave her divorce. Mannu asks in which pind court. He says my pind court, as we stay here. Amba asks what are you asking. Mannu says wait, I have papers that has written that he has given divorce in his wife’s pind court. He says I m saying truth. Mannu says we can’t trust you, what proof you have, I have the proof. He says I did not give divorce to my wife, how did papers come. They all get shocked.

Mannu says now you are saying truth, how can you come to marry Simran when you did not give divorce to your first wife. Sarpanch says yes, this marriage can’t happen. Amba scolds the guy. Harjeet and Mohini smile. Amba asks the groom’s family to leave. They leave. Amba says I have to get Simran married, but not with such guy, I will find a nice guy for her. Sarpanch says fine, till then you can’t take Simran from here. Raj smiles.

Amba gets angry and sees Mannu. Mannu thinks Amba is doing wrong, I won’t let Simran go till she gets her memory. FB shows Raj telling Mannu that he wants her to leave, but not on the price that Simran’s life spoils, we have to think to come out of this situation, this man maybe really good to marry Simran or someone fraud who came with a plan, we have to do something that Amba’s promise does not break and he goes. FB ends.

Amrit comes to Mannu and says when everyone walks on one path, you show the right path. Mannu says I would have not saved Simran if Raj did not support me. Sakshi comes to meet Raj. She gets hurt. He runs to help her. Mannu comes and thinks to thank Raj. She sees Raj and Sakshi. Sakshi thanks Raj. Mannu turns to go. Raj stops her. Mannu says I came to thank, I could save Simran by your help, thanks. He nods. Mannu says when can we see that pendrive. Raj says right now, come. Raj goes with Mannu. Sakshi thinks I understood Preet’s game, Raj is just mine.

Simran asking Rohan what’s marriage. Rohan says marriage means supporting each other, and friendship, two people love each other. She smiles and says friend, we are good friends, you take care of me, I also take care of you, we should get married. She dances like a kid. He cries. She says we will marry, I will just marry you, then mummy can’t take me anywhere. She hugs him. He thinks how can we marry, we can never marry even if we want. Raj and Mannu check a pendrive. Nihaal says I was calling you, everything will end if they check it. Mohini says we have to stop them.

Raj says maybe we get video about Simran’s session. Mohini and Nihaal hide and look on. Nihaal stops servant and says drop water on his water fast. Servant gets tensed and keeps fruits. He makes water
fall on laptop. Laptop gets off. He apologizes to Raj. Raj asks him to leave. Mannu asks is there any other laptop at home. Raj says Nihaal has it. Nihaal says I have to hide my laptop. Mannu says we will use it. Nihaal takes laptop to hide it cupboard. Raj and Mannu come. Raj says I need your laptop, I have some work. Nihaal asks why.

Raj asks is there any problem. Nihaal says no. Mohini thinks if they know I have killed Raman, my days won’t be left here. Nihaal says I have personal files, let me shut it, wait. Raj says we won’t touch it. Nihaal says one sec. He gives his laptop to Raj. He signs Mohini. She thinks why is he calm, he has managed the matter. Raj checks pendrive contents and says its empty. Mannu says it was working. Nihaal shows the pendrive to Mohini. She smiles. Nihaal recalls changing the pendrive. Mannu says how can it be empty. Raj says I think we have to find doctor to know secret. Mannu thinks I will find out what was in pendrive.

Jagan says Preet ruined the alliance, how will we find new alliance. Amba says that guy lied, Simran’s life would have got ruined. Jagan throws glass angrily and says she is ruined even now, that guy is married but he was ready to marry your mad daughter, you have good fate that I got ready to help you, Preet failed our plan, who will marry Simran now, she will roam mad, girls are always a burden and unlucky. Babli picks the glass pieces. Jagan scolds Babli. Amba hugs Babli. Jagan argues with her. Raavi asks him to have buttermilk.He drinks it. He gets dizzy. Raavi tells Amba that she has added all the powder in butter milk. Jagan stumbles. Sukhi holds him.

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