The heir Monday Update 11 November 2019


The heir Monday Update 11 November 2019

Amba beats Raj. Mannu beats herself and cries. Everyone gets worried seeing her madness. Amba stops.

Amba leaving Raj. Mannu hugs Raj. Amba asks them to leave, they can’t tolerate them. Mannu says truth is I love Raj, and I m your daughter, I can’t leave both of you, this is not a deal to choose by convenience, its a relation to keep, Jagan has come back from jail, Chandar is planning while sitting in jail, don’t support me, we will outside the house to support you till you accept us. Amba says I don’t need anyone, I will never accept you. Mannu and Raj leave. Amba shuts the door on their face.

Ladies find Amba’s decision wrong. Jagan says its called Kalyug. Raj and Mannu see their wounds and cry. He apologizes to her. He says I always want to become your smile, but I become the reason of your tears. She says you are not wrong, situation is wrong, one day Amba will trust our love.

They hug and cry. She says you would be hurt. He says so what, I got a medicine too, you…. Tu safar mera…..plays….. They get close. She gets away. He says you kissed me in front of everyone and now you are getting shy. They feel the paining wounds and laugh. Simran sees them.
Raj and Mannu do the aid to their wounds. Simran goes. Raj says we are really mad. Amba sees Mannu’s childhood pic and recalls the childhood moments. Waaris…..plays……….. she says you were my Mannu, you failed me. Simran says decision didn’t happen, Bajwas are our enemy. Amba says I don’t care for enemies, I lost to my Mannu, she failed me, she has beaten herself when I have beaten her, her hand was bleeding, how could I see the wound marks. Simran says I have seen them, Preet has gone mad in love, we can’t separate them, she won’t leave Raj, but if Raj leaves Preet, if we think of something to do this, she will come to us. Amba says yes, there is a way, I will tell you.

Chandar says great, I wish I was there to see this. Jagan says Amba is alone, its time I raise my voice at home. Chandar says Raj and Preet should come inside home, Amba will hate Raj more, then she will kill him, then she will come in jail and we will rule in village. Jagan says great thought, if this happens, it will be fun. Chandar says then do the preparations to get them home. Jagan says Amba won’t agree. Chandar says then agree, think of something. Jagan jokes. They laugh.

Its morning, Raj wakes up and looks for Preet. Someone comes to him. Mannu comes and thinks where did he go. Amba does the aid to Raj. He asks what do you want from me.

Mannu looking for Raj. Amba does Raj’s aid and talks sweetly. She asks what does he want. He says I just want Preet, I love her. She asks what value does Simran hold in Rohan’s life. Babli says Amba took Raj inside. Mannu gets shocked. Raj says Rohan changed because of Simran, what do you want from me. Amba says peace, no riots, happy village, Preet’s dad also had this dream, you can help me, you help me in getting Simran and Rohan together, I m with you. Mannu comes there and looks for Raj. Amba says I promise to get Simran and Rohan together, you have to make a promise. Raj asks what promise.

Amba says you have to leave Preet forever, promise you will leave from her life, you won’t marry Preet again. He gets shocked. She says there will be no problem, just think

about it, can’t you give a sacrifice for your brother. He promises he won’t marry Preet again. Mannu comes and hears him. She asks whats this promise. Amba says I told him once to leave you to unite Simran and Rohan, he is selfish and left you. Mannu asks Raj not to promise her, she is lying, she will not unite Siumran and Rohan, did you not think of me, you can’t do this. They hug and cry.
Raj says I m not doing wrong, I know Amba will never let Simran and Rohan unite, if my mum asked this to you, could you refuse, no right, its children’s duty to fulfill mum’s wish, I m just doing my duty. Mannu cries. Simran looks on. Raj asks Mannu to take care and goes. Mannu says this is my Raj, he is ready to sacrifice love for you, how can you be so selfish, you are making him away from me, my soul will go with him, you can’t stop it. Mannu runs and hugs Raj. They cry.

Chadariya….plays….. Jagan and others look on. Mannu says Raj promised he will never marry me, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay together, marriage means two souls union, our souls have united before, no vows can separate us. Amba scolds her. The ladies support Preet. Mannu asks Amba to say. Jagan says your daughter is not in your control, if panchayat sees this, you can’t become Shah, stop Mannu here, keep Raj as servant.

Jagan says Amba agreed to keep Raj here, but he will stay as a servant. Mannu gets angry. Raj says fine, I will return even after death to stay with Preet, this is a small thing. Gunjan hugs Mannu. Mannu warns Jagan.

Jagan meets Chandar. He says panchayat is going to come. Chandar says have this drugs, welcome panchayat by this, this will make people ill, Raj, Preet and Amba will lose, I will be free of this jail, now our rule’s new phase will start. He laughs.

Jagan asking on whom will we rule if people die. Chandar says we will solve this mess, I will create the problem and then save them. Jagan asks how will this happen. Chandar says I have the cure of this disease. Jagan says it means you will come to cure everyone and then come out of jail. Chandar says till people show blind belief, our shop will run. Jagan praises him. He says you gave me an epidemic in hand. He laughs.

Raj serves food to the ladies. Mannu looks on and cries. Raj goes away and sits. Mannu sees Simran adding red chilli powder in Raj’s food. She asks Babli to give the food to Raj. Simran goes. Amba stops Mannu. Mannu asks what’s all this, Simran added…. Amba says he is servant, he has to eat what he gets. Jagan comes home. He asks Raj to get some water.

Raj gets water for him. He goes and sits. Mannu says like this family is treating Raj, none treats animals like this. Amba says family loves animals who are loyal, we don’t trust this Raj, he is not loyal, he deserves this.
Mannu takes Raj’s food plate. Mannu gets her food plate. Mannu says I want you to feed me, I will feed you. Raj nods. He feeds the spicy food to her, not knowing about extra chilli. Mannu feeds food to him. They sit together and eat. Mannu cries.

Amba looks on. Mannu coughs and cries. Raj looks at her. He stops her and makes her eat from her plate. He eats the spicy food and cries. Everyone looks on. Amba doesn’t let Babli take water for Mannu. Gunjan gives sweets to Mannu and Raj. Gunjan asks Amba not to touch it, its shagun sweets. Amba asks what’s the good news. Gunjan feeds sweets to them. She says Preet is going to become Maasi. They all smile. Raj hugs and congratulates Aman. Mannu hugs Gunjan.

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