The heir Friday Update 6 September 2019


The heir Friday Update 6 September 2019

Amba says your phone was not reachable, you should have thought for Gunjan. Mannu says I kept shagun items in car, I did not do mistake, I was coming home, I fell in pit. Raj says I saved him and got him home, I m Rajveer, wedding planner. Raj greets Amba and talks sweet.

He says you called me here, I saved Mannu, Mannu got hurt, give him haldi milk, do aid, Mannu is strong. Amba asks Gunjan to take Raj to guest room. Raj goes. Amba takes Mannu to room and shuts door. Amba asks where did he touch you, did he get to know you are a girl. Mannu says you did not ask how am I, am I hurt, you are worrying if Raj got to know I m a girl. Amba says yes, I can’t waste my hardwork and this status. She gets aid. Mannu says no, leave it, you changed a lot, you don’t worry for me, you worry that your lie will come out, you are just Shah’s mum now. Mannu takes aid and says don’t worry, no one knew I m a girl. I will not let anyone know, I will always be Mannu.

Raj gets Amrit’s call. He says I m missing you, I love you, did you take medicines on time. Amrit says you are hiding the village name. He says I m fine, I will take some more days, this is small village, have medicines on time. She asks him to take care. Amrit cries and says I feel scared, Raj went for work and did not say where. She prays. Raj sees Amrit’s pic and says sorry, I can’t say I m in our village. I will come back soon, someone needs me here.

Jagan and Raavi drink thandai and dance on Jai jai shiv shankar. Raj thinks to manage them. Mohini laughs. Amba sees Mohini. Amba drops thandai and taunts Mohini. She asks what do you think, you will add bhaang and ruin our respect. Mohini says fine, what will you do. Amba asks her to leave with respect. Mohini jokes.

She says you can’t do anything, I will not leave, I will play games, stop me if you can. Badho goes to Mannu and asks her to come to have jashan. Mannu says sometimes, we have to be alone. Badho says no, Lord made everyone in pairing. Mannu says its helplessness and fate that I can’t do what my heart says, I can’t become what I m. Badho says people can never change our identity, every problem will get easy. Mannu thanks and hugs Badho. Mannu says I will go and change.

Raj stops Mannu. He says you look stressed, is there any problem. I m Raj, you did not tell your name, its holi today, you can’t get saved like this. Raj and Mannu perform on Balam pichkari. Mannu gives money to inspector and asks him to see Rohan. Mannu tells plan. Inspector goes to Rohan and says you are Bajwas’ son, use the chance, collector reached, he should know you are also something. Rohan calls him smart. Inspector asks him to have rocking entry. Rohan gives him wine and goes.

Rohan goes on stage. Harjeet and Mohini look on. Rohan says see the real hero’s entry. People make fun of Rohan. Mannu covers face and thinks of supporting Amba. Harjeet gets angry. Mohini sends him. She asks Kareena to make Amba drink bhaang. Kareena thinks sorry, I have saved pills of bhaang for Badho. Malti asks Pinky about Badho.

Badho sees Lucky. Kareena asks her to tell world that she is no less, you are Lucky’s wife, go and shout, tell everyone. Badho calls Malti and says sorry, its holi today. Malti falls aside. Badho goes in stage and tells everyone that she is Komal Singh Ahlawat, she is younger bahu of Ahlawat family. People laugh. Lucky hides his face.

Lucky’s friends tell him that maybe Komal has drunk bhaang. Komal says Lucky is my husband, he is big wrestler. Naveen says is she Lucky’s wife. She says I have to play holi with Lucky.

Hina Khan performs on Nachan farrate maar ke……Raj and Jagan dance with her on Gallan goodiyan……Badhi says I will play holi with Lucky today. She throws a ball at Lucky and falls down. Everyone laugh. Badho gets embarrassed. She apologizes to Malti. Mannu hides face and runs. Raj looks for her. Raj says I think she took my heart, now I have to find her.

Amba scolding Mannu. She asks Mannu to meet Rajveer, who is coming to tell Gunjan’s marriage plan. She goes. Mannu says Amba thinks I m unhappy, Gunjan thinks I m not helping her, Rajveer has seen me in girl’s avatar, he can’t stay here, I have to make him away. Rajveer and Sukhi dance on songs. Mannu sees them. Rajveer removes his shirt and dances. Sukhi asks him to play punjabi song.

Rajveer removes his pant and plays punjabi song. They dance. Rajveer tells about Mannu, the girl he has seen, she is lovely, make me meet her once. Sukhi says I like all girls of pind, tell me whom to meet. Mannu hears them. Raj says she is different. Raavi calls Sukhi. Sukhi asks him to think of girl and goes. Raj takes bath outside. Mannu says I have to make him out of pind, he has seen
me as Preet, if he tells anyone, it will be bad. Raj imagines Preet. He says am I dreaming, you look so beautiful. Mannu looks on and thinks he got mad, whom is he talking to. Mannu sees his clothes and says see you want to know about me, now you will run from everyone.

Mannu takes his clothes. Raj says I think I m in love. He sees clothes gone and looks around. He says Sukhi did this. He goes to knock door. He finds all doors locked. He sees Amba and climbs a tree. He thinks what to do now. His towel gets stuck in nail. Mannu smiles.

The ladies ask who is this guy, and call Amba to see him, he looks thief. Raj says no, I m not thief. Amba asks Raj to come down. He says I can’t come down. She asks him to go up. He says I can’t. She insists. Raj says my respect will be ruined if I come down. She says don’t say nonsense. He jumps down. Everyone see him in shorts. Amba asks what’s this misbehavior. Raj says I told you before, you did not listen. Amba says he is from city, and does not know village customs.

Mohini applies face pack. She boasts of herself. Harjeet says you just lose and come, now have the green chillies. She worries and says none could stop me from ruining Amba’s respect. He says we have daily war with Pavaniyas, Amba is celebrating because of you. He makes her eat chillies.

Amba scolds Raj. She says this is not city, this is village and this is my house, you always do drama. He apologizes sweetly. She asks about wedding ideas, if you get bad ideas, my house door is there, you leave silently. He agrees. She goes.

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