The heir Friday Update 10 October 2019


The heir Friday Update 10 October 2019

He asks is Simran alive. Amrit comes and sees Simran. Harjeet asks for his gun. Rohan aims gun at Harjeet and says no one will come close to Simran. Raj asks what are you doing. Harjeet says kill her, did you forget your brother’s death, he died because of her, give me the gun, I will kill her. Rohan says no. Raj says you won’t do anything such. Rohan asks them to stay away, let me take Simran. Raj says wait, give me the gun. Rohan says it will happen as I say, else….. He points gun at his head. They all get shocked. Raj says it will happen as you say.

Rohan asks Mannu to come to Simran. Mannu throws papers and goes. Raj stops Mannu. Raj says such a big cheat, I will never forgive you for this. Rohan says leave her. Raj leaves her. Mannu goes to Simran and hugs her. Mannu says I will not let you go anywhere. Simran asks who are you. They get shocked. Simran asks how do you know my mummy. Mohini thinks she does not identify Preet, it means she does not remember anything.

Mannu says I know your mummy, come. Simran asks Rohan not to worry, she will go and come. Mannu takes her. Harjeet takes gun from Rohan. Raj stops Mannu and says great, one more cheat, I did not think you will fall so low, sometimes I feel people say right, did you not get ashamed to say Simran is dead, how could you do this, you don’t even deserve my enmity, its true, you and your mum killed my brother, you saved your sister, you did not do this right. She cries and goes.

Panchayat man says yes, we have to punish Amba today. Mannu comes there. Jagan asks what are you doing here. Mannu asks Simran to come in. She holds Simran’s hand and gets her. Amba, Jagan, Raavi, and everyone get shocked. Amba thinks what did Preet do, why did she get Simran in front of everyone.

Amba hugging Simran. She cries. Jagan gets angry and says you have hidden Simran, its another lie. She asks panchayat to decide. Amba asks won’t I save her, who was the enemy, how many lies will you say, you made Mannu a guy and fooled everyone and then lied that Simran is dead, why, are you not ashamed to lie. Raavi hugs Simran. Jagan pushes Simran and Mannu. Amba holds Simran.

Jagan says look at their drama. Mannu asks what would she do, we still have enmity, Simran wanted to marry Raman, would you let her marry, Raman would have not died that day, everyone has enmity. Jagan asks her to go to her inlaws, and not interfere in his house matters.

Harjeet slaps Rohan angrily. He says you proved you are useless, how could you support enemies, see Raj, he is doing a lot
to take revenge. Rohan says you are saying right, there is much difference between me and Raj since childhood, today he cares for you, and I just care what my mum thinks about me. Amrit cries.

Rohan says I did late to understand her, I have kept myself away from her, not now, she will be glad to know one son knows respecting women, that girl maybe enemy for you, she is a helpless woman for me, she needed a hand, I have helped her, she made me her Lord, if I cheat her now, it will be showing down my mum, now I will not let anything happen to that girl. They get shocked.

Jagan asks panchayat to punish Amba. Mannu says her state has become like a kid, she does not remember she had a brother Mannu. Harjeet scolds Rohan. Raj stops him and says Rohan is also your son, he is angry now. Rohan says just enmity matters to you, even if family gets ruined. Harjeet asks him to get out of his house. Rohan says wrong, drunkard Rohan is not standing in front of you now, whom people will give some money and send. Mohan scolds him.

Rohan says I know my rights. Harjeet asks what rights. Rohan says I have 25 % percent in this house, you can’t make me leave. Harjeet asks Raj to move. He scolds Rohan and goes. Rohan hugs Amrit. She cries and sees Raj. Sarpanch says Amba did not do right to lying to us, but panchayat can’t say anything on this matter, if a lie saves someone’s life, its bigger than many truths, Amba’s lie to save Preet was a cheat to society, but today she did right to save Simran, her life was really in danger, we are forgiving Amba this time. Mannu thanks them. Jagan says fine, as you say, I have a condition, if their another lie comes out, if I m troubled, I will make them out of the house. Panchayat goes.

Amrit feeds Rohan. He apologizes to her. She asks him to forget old things. Raj comes and says I did not break promise, Preet took step to break our marriage. Amrit asks are you playing a game with me. Raj says you guys are against me because of my enemy. Rohan says I m not supporting enemy, I have saved an innocent girl, my mum is with me.

Nihaal asks Mohini what will happen if she gets angry now, Preet took her sister. Mohini says I will not lose so soon. Its morning, Amrit comes to Mannu. Mannu cries and hugs her. She says I left Simran at home, panchayat has forgiven mummy, so much changed in one night. Amrit cries and says I m glad someone got saved, it was not easy to reach here, but you faced all problems with courage. The servant says Harjeet called you to go to panchayat. Mannu prays nothing wrong happens.

Everyone coming to Panchayat. Mohini says Simran is Bajwas bahu, she has to stay with us, we thought she died alongwith Raman, but she is alive. Amba hugs Simran and says no, she is not mentally fine. Mohini says we will remind her everything. Harjeet says Preet took baraat to us to marry Raj, she is staying in my house, I want Simran to stay with us, she is our responsibility. Mannu comes and says no, she can’t go there, she is not safe there, I want they have some plan behind all this. Mohini says we want to take bahu with respect, and she is seeing plan in it, did you had any problem in our house. Panchayat tells Amba that they can’t do anything.

Harjeet says we will accept panchayat decision. Sarpanch asks Jagan what’s his decision. Amba begs to Jagan. Jagan smiles
and says Simran will stay with inlaws, I have no objection. Sarpanch says Simran has to go to her inlaws, Amba its true you lied to save her from Bajwas, but they want to take Simran with respect. Mohini takes Simran. Raj comes. Mohini says Raj found a good way to take revenge from you. Mannu says this was Raj’s plan. Mohini says so he came to see this. Raj asks what’s happening here. Harjeet pats his hand. Simran shouts. Amba cries. Mannu consoles her. Amrit comes to pacify Amba.

Amba says I was worried for this, they took Simran. Mannu asks how did you think you will save her, you are responsible for Simran’s state, I will never forgive you for this. Amba cries. Mannu says you just wanted Shah post. She goes.

Amrit says I still respect the woman who saved my handicapped my son, who saved my respect from Jagan, so I promise you, I will protect both my bahus. Raj asks Mohini what’s this, its not Simran’s mistake. Mohini says Raman married her, she is bahu of our house, why can’t she stay with us.

Raj says I just know, Raman loved Simran a lot, I can go against Preet, if anything happens to Simran, none will be worse than me. She says I got her along so that nothing wrong happens with her. He goes. Mohini says Raman came in my way and now Preet.

Raj comes home. Mannu claps. She scolds him. She says you did not think once before dragging Simran to panchayat. He says look Preet, I did not….. fine I played the game, I also have right to play game, you made Amrit against me and make her away. She says if anything happens to Simran… He says there is difference between us, we are not so cheap to use a mentally balanced girl, she was my bhabhi. Mannu says there was another girl, lost in love, whom you used and exposed her truth in front of village, none knows what can Bajwas do.

Sakshi coming to Raj. Mannu says Simran should not be troubled. She goes. Raj says how can she think I can hurt Simran. Sakshi says just I understood you, not Mannu, everything will be fine. He says I have to talk to mummy. He goes. Sakshi says it will happen what we want and smiles. Jagan kicks out Amba from home. Raavi and Sukhi try to stop him. Jagan taunts on Amba’s lies. Amba sees her daughter’s pic and gets emotional.

Mohini asks Simran to have milk. Sakshi asks Mohini to move, she will feed Simran with love. Simran listens to Sakshi. Mohini says so much love with enemy’s sister, I will trouble her so much that Preet begs me for her. Sakshi says then she has to leave from Raj’s life for her sister. Simran drops the milk and gets scared. Mohini gets angry. She
asks Simran to go and gives her a sickle.

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