The Good Son Zee World Full story Plot Summary, casts, Teasers

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The Good Son Zee World Full story Plot Summary, casts, Teasers

The Good Son Zee World is the story of Vedant who is a successful gynaecologist, but life is not easy for him as he has not been accepted yet by his family.

This show will narrate the flashback story of how a grandparent, Dadaji, brought home an orphan kid 30 years ago. Life was not easy for him, but he fit in very well in this illustrated family of doctors.

The Good Son will then show the lead character’s present life. The orphan kid, Vedant, has grown up to be a successful gynaecologist. He is righteous, pro-life, and a committed doctor. Personally, Vedant is a champion of relationships and family values.



As he has never experienced the joy of a blood relationship, his only wish is to become a father one day. The crux of the story will then revolve around how he is the best son, best grandson, best brother, and best nephew… but will he be the best husband?

While time tests him, he finally finds the love of his life, but destiny gives Vedant another jolt on his wedding night. He finds out that his wife is already pregnant! What will Vedant do? Will he be another Dadaji and accept this new Vedant’ in the family or will he disown his wife? Keep Watching to find out!

Brief Information and Details on The Good Son Zee World

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 2 June 2021
  • Total number of episodes: 214
  • Total numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Rajaa Betaa
  • Tele Country: Indian

The Good Son Casts, Picture, Real name


  • Rrahul Sudhir / Dishank Arora as Vedant Tripathi – Poorva’s Husband (2019)


  • Fenil Umrigar as Pankhuri Mishra – Vedant’s Love Interest/ Poorva’s sister (2019)


  • Ankit Bhardwaj as Rahul – Poorva’s Boyfriend (2019)


  • Shambhabana Mohantey / Pranali Ghogare as Poorva Tripathi – Vedant’s Wife (2019)


  • Anil Mishra/Sagar Saini as Ramesh Tripathi (2019)
  • Geeta Udeshi as Dadi (2019)


  • Jatin arora as Sanju Tripathi (2019)
  • Mahjabeen Ali as Sumati Tripathi (2019)
  • Reshma Merchant as Manjula Tripathi (2019)
  • Sharan Preet Kaur as Gomti Tripathi (2019)
  • Akansha Bhalla as Radhika (2019)
  • Sarvesh Vyas as Narendra Tripathi (2019)

Upcoming Spoilers on The Good Son

  1. Rahul to instigate Poorva against Vedant
    Rahul will brainwash Poorva against Vedant by making a shocking revelation to her in the forthcoming episodes of The Good Son serial. So far, Poorva is expecting her first child, though, the child belongs to her ex-boyfriend, Rahul.
    Vedant has accepted the child wholeheartedly and has agreed to give his name to the unborn child. He got shocked to learn that Poorva’s child is suffering from HIV. Rahul will bump into Poorva and will tell her that he was attacked by Vedant on their wedding day.
    Rahul will tell Poorva that Vedant captivated him with the help of his goons so that he couldn’t reach the wedding venue.
    This shocking revelation will leave Poorva in utter shock and will decide to confront Vedant.
  2. Pankhuri to brainwash Poorva
    Pankhudi will instigate Poorva by asking her to beware of Vedant’s real intentions for her child. Presently, in The Good Son story, Poorva is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child. Vedant decided to accept the child as his own in front of all the family members. On the other hand, Pankhuri wants to break the love bond between Vedant and Poorva and so has played a dirty game against Poorva.
    Vedant will plan to abort the child for the sake of Poorva’s wellbeing but will avoid telling the truth to Poorva initially. Further,  Pankhudi will manipulate Poorva by calling Vedant’s care for the child fake. Pankhuri will advise Poorva not to trust Vedant blindly concerning her pregnancy matters.
  3. Poorva attempts to commit suicide: Poorva will get upset with her pregnancy news and so will decide to end her life by consuming excessive sleeping pills.
  4. Vedant to support Poorva: Vedant will intervene in the matter and will give his name to Poorva’s child. He will state that he will give the child his surname by being his father.