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The FrontLiners September Teasers 2021

While Sid gives Ishani a romantic surprise, Vardhan threatens Asha. Read The FrontLiners September 2021 Teasers:

Starlife The FrontLiners September 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Episode 60

Juhi and Anjali get into an argument over Shashank. Meanwhile, Ishani returns Asha’s phone to her.

Episode 61

Sid and Ishani find themselves in a pickle when a gang of thieves attacks them. Meanwhile, Rakesh manages to get a few high profile patients for the hospital.

Thursday 2 September 2021

Episode 62

Rakesh makes a ruckus when Sid doesn’t show up on time. Later, Ishani helps Sid prepare for his upcoming surgery.

Episode 63

Sid begins his surgery on the commissioner, while Rakesh waits for him to mess it up. Later, Juhi arrives at the operation theatre.

Friday 3 September 2021

Episode 64

Shashank takes action against Sid for making a mistake during the commissioner’s surgery. Meanwhile, Asha learns the truth about Shashank and Sid.

Episode 65

Ishani suspects foul play and decides to investigate. Later, Rohit joins the investigation and interrogates the staff.

Saturday 4 September 2021

Episode 66

Asha comes up with a plan to ruin Sid’s board meeting. Later, Sid leaves Sanjeevani in a bid to find his missing uncle.

Episode 67

Ishani makes an emotional appeal to the board members in a bid to save Sid’s job. The board members then vote to let Sid work at Sanjeevani.

Sunday 5 September 2021

Episode 68

Sid visits Ishani to thank her and spends some quality time with her. Later, Ishani decides to confront Asha on learning a shocking news about her.

Episode 69

Ishani reveals a shocking news about Umesh to Shruthi. Asha forces Sid to perform Umesh’s surgery.

The FrontLiners September 2021 Teasers

Monday 6 September 2021

Episode 70

Rakesh’s plan to catch Sid treating Umesh fails as Ishani helps him. Later, Ishani meets Sid with some good news.

Episode 71

Rakesh sends an anonymous letter about Shashank to Juhi. Meanwhile, Ishani tries her best to warn Sid about Asha.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Episode 72

Ishani corners Asha and questions her intentions with Sid. Later, Juhi spots her with an unconscious Sid.

Episode 73

Ishani finds herself in a fix when Sid’s blood test gets swapped. Later, Rakesh warns Asha and asks her to plan the next attack with caution.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 74

Asha switches the files of Sid’s patient in a bid to get him into trouble. As a result, Prashanth beats up Sid after learning about the wrong diagnosis.

Episode 75

Ishani confronts Asha after finding proof against her. However, she gets into trouble while trying to explain Asha’s intentions to Sid.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 76

Rakesh surprises Asha with a gift for supporting his plans. Meanwhile, Ishani lashes out at Sid as he tries to talk to her.

Episode 77

Juhi confronts Shashank about his past. Meanwhile, Asha finds herself in a fix when Rakesh asks her to put Rohit’s life in danger.

Friday 10 September 2021

Episode 78

Sid questions Asha about her attempts to ruin his career. Later, Juhi and the rest of the hospital staff learn about the allegations.

Episode 79

Rakesh comes up with a new plan to take down Sid. Meanwhile, Sid surprises Ishani with a romantic date.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Episode 80

Sid asks Asha to leave after Ishani requests him to end his marriage. Later, he takes Asha for a check-up.

Episode 81

Sid feels guilty about Asha’s child and seeks Ishani’s help to decide their future. Meanwhile, Asha resolves to save her career.

Sunday 12 September 2021

Episode 82

Rakesh opens up about his plans to Asha. On the other hand, Sid sneaks out of the hospital with Ishani.

Episode 83

Ishani gets emotional after Sid makes a romantic gesture in an attempt to change her mind. Meanwhile, Juhi meets Shashank with a request.

Monday 13 September 2021

Episode 84

Rakesh threatens to call Asha’s father as she fails to separate Sid and Ishani. Later, Asha joins hands with Rishab in an attempt to save herself.

Episode 85

A furious Rakesh decides to fire Asha. Meanwhile, Sid and Ishani share a romantic moment together.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Episode 86

Asha rebukes Sid after catching him flirting with Ishani. Meanwhile, Rakesh sets a trap for Sid.

Episode 87

Ishani serves a restraining order to Sid and warns him to stay away. Later, Sid gets arrested when he fails to follow the order.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Episode 88

Rishab asks Ishani out as a date for Sanjeevani’s charity ball. Meanwhile, Shashank learns about the anonymous letters from Juhi.

Episode 89

Sanjeevani goes into lockdown after Sid and some nurses make a shocking discovery. Later, Rakesh learns about Ishani and the missing heart from surgery.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Episode 90

The stranger holds Ishani hostage to get a heart for his son. Elsewhere, Anjali and Ruhi try to reach the cops.

Episode 91

Sid helps the cops to find the stranger and his hostages. Meanwhile, the stranger makes a bid to escape with the heart.

Friday 17 September 2021

Episode 92

Ishani goes into surgery as she gets injured while trying to save Asha from the stranger’s attack. Later, Asha meets Rakesh and takes a stern decision.

Episode 93

After a lot of struggle, Ishani survives the complicated surgery. Later, Sid waits for her to wake up from the coma.

Saturday 18 September 2021

Episode 94

Ishani leaves her body during the coma and witnesses everything happening around her. Later, Asha asks Sid for a divorce.

Episode 95

Asha advises Rakesh to stop his war against Sid and Shashank before leaving Sanjeevani for good. Later, she bids goodbye to Sid and his family.

Sunday 19 September 2021

Episode 96

Rakesh lays a trap for Sid and waits for the drama to unfold. Later, Sid’s patients create a ruckus at the hospital.

Episode 97

Juhi suspends Sid from Sanjeevani after Neetu makes false allegations against him. Later, the police prepare to arrest Sid.

Monday 20 September 2021

Episode 98

Ishani wakes up and gets reunited with Sidharth just as he was about to sign a confession to the cops. Later, she makes a shocking revelation about Rakesh.

Episode 99

Ishani takes a risky move to gather evidence against Rakesh. Meanwhile, Rakesh’s spy follows Sid.

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Episode 100

Sid seeks Ishanth’s help to collect evidence against Rakesh. Meanwhile, Rakesh eagerly waits for Shashank’s return.

Episode 101

Ishani questions Neethu about her lies against Sid. Meanwhile, Sid’s mother struggles with the truth about his father.

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Episode 102

Rakesh has an emotional outburst after learning about Shashank’s death in an accident. Meanwhile, Anjali tries to console Juhi when she goes into shock.

Episode 103

Sid and Ishani get emotional over Shashank’s untimely demise. Later, Roshni makes a shocking revelation to Sid.

Thursday 23 September 2021

Episode 104

A guilt-ridden Roshni opens up to Ishani. Later, Ishani warns Sid about Rakesh’s evil move.

Episode 105

While Rakesh plans his next move against Anjali, Sid and Ishani stumble upon a shocking discovery.

Friday 24 September 2021

Episode 106

Rakesh finds himself in a fix when his plan to destroy Anjali’s reputation fails miserably. Later, Sid reveals Rakesh’s true colours to Anjali.

Episode 107

Anjali questions Rakesh about the truth. Meanwhile, an assassin tries to kill Ishani during an emergency call.

Saturday 25 September 2021

Episode 108

Rakesh falls prey for Sid and Ishani’s cunning trap and gets arrested by the police. Afterwards, Sid and Ishani confess their feelings for each other.

Episode 109

Ishani’s relatives catch her with Sid and question her. Later, they give her their permission, but with a few conditions.

Sunday 26 September 2021

Episode 110

Sid and Ishani go their separate ways after a big argument. Three years later, Navneeth Raj reopens Sanjeevani after a huge fire.

Episode 111

Ishani reminiscences her past with Sanjeevani when Navneeth Raj takes her back to the hospital. Later, he manipulates her to rejoin Sanjeevani.

Monday 27 September 2021

Episode 112

Teaser unavailable.

Episode 113

The nurse and Navneeth’s mother distract Ishani from Sid. Later, Ishani and Navneeth save Sid from major trouble.

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Episode 114

Rishab and Rohit blame Ishani for Sid’s mishap. Later, Ishani threatens to leave Sanjeevani and put Navneeth in a fix.

Episode 115

Unaware of a clinic’s evil intentions, Ishani admits Sid there. Later, a furious Rohit asks her about Sid’s whereabouts.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Episode 116

Navneeth finds himself in the spot after his family forces him to do a ritual. Later, he catches Ishani sneaking out to meet Sid.

Episode 117

Navneeth heads to an accident site with his team. Meanwhile, Ishani prepares to take Sid to surgery.

Thursday 30 September 2021

Episode 118

While Navneeth praises Ishani’s beauty, Rohit gets drunk and creates a scene at the party. Later, Sid’s friends corner Ishani for her mistakes.

Episode 119

Rohit and Rishab are excited when Sid regains his consciousness. Later, Ishani is shocked when Sid makes a shocking revelation.

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The FrontLiners Last Episode

Ishani preparing for the surgery. Rahil wishes her good luck. Its morning, she gets ready. Rahil gets NV and Bebe to wish her. Bebe wishes Ishani. NV asks her to eat sugar and curd. He says eat it and don’t make me work hard to run after you. Ishani smiles and eats it. He wishes all the best. NV goes with Ishani. NV thinks you will be going towards your aim today. She comes to the OT and meets Dr. Mehta.

She says I m going to perform the biggest surgery of my life, I m going to assist you, its possible because of one person, Mr. Singh, but I have to say something. Dr. Mehta says NV told me that there is no one better than you for the surgery. NV asks why are you saying this. Dr. Mehta says I have to tell her the truth, NV was preparing you for the surgery, he made you recover from anxiety and depression, you have already stopped taking the pills.

She recalls his words. NV asks her to forget it, the imp thing is she has completed a 10 hour long surgery all by herself. He says it was a warm up practice session, maybe, Sid’s surgery is today, I m sure you will succeed. Dr. Mehta asks her to come. He goes. She thinks its just NV’s belief that he is letting me perform this big surgery today. She cries and feels sorry. She says you have done a lot for me. NV consoles her. He says when I lost to you, I have won, your success is my dream, you shouldn’t have any fear. She says I m scared. He gives her the Gurudwara cloth and ties it to her forehead. He asks her to keep belief. He kisses on her forehead and asks her to go, Dr. Mehta and success are waiting for her. He goes.

Ishani goes to Sid. Sid says I want to tell something before surgery, maybe its my last chance, I trust you a lot, if anything happens to me during surgery, then please don’t blame yourself, don’t wait for me this time, move on, get happy and miss me sometimes, promise me. Ishani says nothing will happen to you. She recalls NV’s words. She promises him. Sid’s surgery begins. NV looks on. Dr. Mehta says you can start it now. Ishani says what, I m assisting you. He says no, I m just supervising you, NV told me to help you reach here, he insisted for this. Rahil says just you can do Sid’s surgery, trust yourself, go for it. NV signs to greet. Ishani says I m thinking which side to cut, right or left. Dr. Mehta says right side. She reasons out. She thinks I have to follow my instinct today.

Dr. Mehta says such a precise cut, well done. Ishani treats Sid and instructs the team. A nurse feels sleepy. Ishani asks her to take a break. Rahil gets glucose/water for her. He signs towards NV. Ishani drinks the water. She asks Rahil and Dr. Mehta to help, Sid’s pulse is dropping. They stabilize Sid. Ishani says the final injection…. Rahil gets it. She says we have to inject it, we don’t know in which nerve will this go and how does it react. She thinks. She injects and says close him up. Dr. Mehta says we have to wait to see the effect of the injection. NV claps for her and smiles. He wishes her all the best.

Ishani, NV and Rahil checking on Sid. She says I hope procedure went right and Sid gets fine soon. NV says of course. She sleeps on NV’s shoulder. The hospital staff talks about Sid. Its morning, Ishani wakes up and sees NV sleeping. He also wakes up. She says sorry, I think I didn’t realize it. He says its fine, I didn’t disturb you. She says I need to talk. He gives her a chocolate to have it and then talk. She says thanks and I m very sorry to misunderstand always, thanks for bearing my misbehavior and protecting me. He says I didn’t do anything.

She says no, you have shown me the dream, which became fear for me, I could have not reached here. He says I just ended your fear, you worked hard. She says you compelled me to workl, you brought me out of the mes, you exposed Rishabh’s truth, you stood by me, what did I do, I didn’t do any duty of being married, you have kept all the seven vows, my thanks is too small, I don’t know what to say. He says don’t say anything. She says I don’t like to have sweets. They eat the chocolate. Rahil comes and checks Sid. He says congrats, vitals are stable, it was tough surgery, you handled the team well, good job. Sid gets conscious. Ishani asks Sid what’s his name. Sid says Siddhant Mathur. Ishani asks where are you now. Sid says Sanjivani. Rahil asks where were you before returning here. Sid says America. Ishani asks were you enjoying there, you didn’t think of Ishani, the girl whom you left in marriage mandap by messaging me not to wait for you, why did you do this, you never loved me, why did you cheat me, no call and message for three years, you forgot everything when you came back, why.

Ishani says I will not trouble you, but I want an answer, why did you do this. Rahil says he just got conscious. Ishani says I wanted him to face truth, I got the answer. NV consoles her. Sid turns away and cries. NV says Sid just got conscious, think as Dr. Ishani again. Rahil says patient needs time to say anything. Ishani says sorry, Rahil you observe Sid, my answers have to wait. She goes. NV asks Sid not to think about it, take rest.

Rahil asks how did you cheat Ishani. Sid asks how can anyone believe so. FB shows Roshni explaining Sid to marry Ishani. Sid says yes, I can’t let Ishani’s Mama and Mami do this. Roshni and Guddu go to some temple. Sid waits for them. He says bride is waiting for me, what shall I do. Some men come and pull him out of the taxi. They beat him up. Sid fights them. Guddu tries to save Sid. FB ends. Sid says some goons attacked me and I slipped in coma, Ishani wasn’t annoyed with me, but now I can see her pain, I m the reason for her pain, I couldn’t tell her the truth, its not like she is thinking.

Rahil says I understand, if you recall everything, then recall who were the goons, so that we can catch them. Sid recalls and says they attacked on my head, I got injured, I don’t remember their faces or words. Rahil says its okay, don’t stress. He gets a call. Sid recalls Vardaan. Rahil asks what happened. Sid says maybe I know who did this, Vardaan, he wanted to kill me and Ishani, maybe when he failed, then he tried to ruin our love. Rahil asks are you sure, Vardaan is in jail. Sid says he is a clever man, he would have done this. Rahil says maybe someone else who isn’t happy with you and Ishani. Sid says Ishani’s Mama and Mami, when they came to meet, they insulted mum.

Rahil says no, they had come in mandap to bless you and Ishani. Sid says who can it be, I had thought of many things, when my memory has come back, I didn’t know my problems will get high, its impossible to find the culprits. Rahil says tell Ishani what happened to you, you can win her heart. Sid says no, I can’t tell her, she has waited for the answers, if I tell anything, it will increase her pain, promise me, you won’t tell her anything. Rahil promises.

Sid watching news of Sanjivani’s success and Ishani-NV. Rahil makes coffee. They drink it. Sid says I hate to say this, but I feel NV is right life partner for Ishani, he has supported her and unconditionally loved her. Rahil asks him to talk to Ishani. Sid says I think this is good for everyone. NV comes to Bebe and finds her sad. She says I m ready to go home, but Ishani is ready to leave from our house. Ishani cries and sees the house. She recalls NV and Bebe. She says I have to move on. NV says Ishani wants to move on in her life, without me. Bebe says you think so. Bittu comes and asks Ishani what is she thinking.

She says congrats for Sid’s surgery. Ishani says very sorry. Bittu says you should say thanks, not sorry. NV says I had this deal in love and now I will keep it, sorry, I can’t listen to you. Ishani says sorry to hide about NV and my marriage. Bittu says I knew that something is wrong, Bebe used to stop me, any ways, don’t cry, I m glad you shared your feelings. Bebe asks NV to tell Ishani how much he loves her, why can’t he agree, time is passing, this time won’t come back again, forget the divorce. Ishani says matter has reached divorce, I have no complains with NV, he has always supported me, he never had any expectation from me, he never expressed that he is helping me. He says I can’t express it, he will think its a favor, not love. Bittu says NV doesn’t know expressing thing, don’t you want to end the differences. Bebe asks him to end the differences, burn the divorce papers in holika dahan. Bittu asks Ishani to burn bitterness in holika dahan, loving is easy but keeping love is tough, one who keeps love is true lover.

Ishani says you are right, NV has kept love in true sense, thanks, you solved my problem, I will cancel my divorce deal with NV and try to have a fresh start. Bittu smiles. NV says heart wishes for anything, it dreams anything, my heart has a habit to break, but I won’t let her heart break, if she wants freedom, then I will sign the divorce papers and give her. Sid sees Ishani’s pic and says I fought with life and death for three years and returned for you, I will live with your memories. He thinks of them. He gets sad. Rahil comes and says Ishani and NV has a divorce deal, the day when she makes you fine, NV will divorce her, I heard this from NV. Sid asks what. Rahil tells everything. Sid worries.

Rahil says I know, marriage, divorce is tough, you take the advantage of fate and tell truth to her. Sid says maybe its true, Ishani talks to NV formally, if this is true, then I have to tell her the truth that I love her, when NV ends his relation with Ishani, I will make a new start with her, this relation will just have love, not any pain and hatred.

At NV’s house, Ishani stops NV for a talk. NV says your Mama and Mami are coming, meet them, then we will talk. Bebe calls her. Rahil and Sid come. Sid says I want to say thanks to you, Ishani is the reason that I m on my feet and you are the reason for supporting her, thank you so much. NV says I m just happy that you are fine. Mama and Mami come and praise NV. Sid greets them. Mami says glad to see you fine, did you thank Ishani. Sid says I didn’t get a chance to say thanks, but I will surely say. Ishani looks on.

Mami asks did you talk to Sid. Ishani says don’t ask me anything about my past, I will just come. Mama says she is upset with Sid, it means Sid didn’t tell anything to her, we had sent goons on the marriage day. FB shows Mami saying Ishani has to marry Mr. Singh, then we will reap benefits, we have to break Sid and Ishani’s relation. Mama pays the goon and says none should know that we paid you to kill Sid. FB ends. Mami says we won’t let Sid know. Rahil says NV will divorce Ishani today. Sid says I will tell the truth and propose Ishani. Mami says he is planning something. Mama says we got Ishani in a rich household, now her divorce talks is going on. Mami says if Sid identifies the goons, we are gone. Rahil asks Sid to tell everything to Ishani, she will trust him. Ishani says I want to promise NV that I will always support him. She smiles and goes to NV.

Ishani saying I had to talk to you. NV says we will talk after puja. They burn the holika and pray. Ishani holds his hand and walks around Holika. NV says I know what you want, you will get it. She asks did you say anything. He says I will also keep my promise, as you fulfilled your promise. She asks what do you mean. He says I liked you and married you, don’t know, when I fell in love, I never told it, there is no point to say it together, we had a deal and now I will give it to you, I don’t like that word, freedom is yours, you can do anytime you want, I have signed the papers. She cries. Mami says he is really divorcing Ishani. Sid faints down. Rahil shouts. NV and Ishani run to him. She asks how did he faint. NV says we will take him to the hospital. Mama and Mami recall feeding spiked sweets to Sid.

Rahil says I will be with Sid tonight. Sid says I need to talk to you. Mama says you need rest. Ishani says yes, you need rest. Sid says listen to me. Rahil says thank down, you are a doctor and know recovery is imp after surgery. Its morning, Bittu asks will you leave us and go. Ishani says no, I won’t leave you all and NV, today I will apply gulaal to him and tear the divorce papers, I want to be here in this lovely house. Rahil says you got unconscious by some drugs. Sid asks what. He checks reports. Rahil says someone wants to harm you. Sid asks who. Mama and Mami look on. Rahil says we shall report in police. Sid says yes, I won’t be silent now, I remember the goons, I have to tell truth to Ishani, I m sure that she will come with me to the police station.

Mami says we have to stop Sid from going to the police. She tells a plan. Mama smiles. She goes to ask Sid why didn’t he come in mandap. He says goons attacked me. She says if you tell the reason to Ishani, maybe you both can get back together, its about your happiness, come in holi party. Sid says I will do as you say, thank you so much, this means a lot. She goes. Ishani wishes Bebe and Bittu for holi. She comes to NV and says happy holi. NV says happy holi. She asks won’t you apply colours. She thinks I want to take care of your happiness, will you give me a chance. He takes colours. Sid comes. NV stops and goes to meet Sid. Sid applies colours to her. She gets angry and goes. Bebe says I will just come. Mami says its good Ishani doesn’t want to talk to Sid. Ishani goes after NV. Mami asks Sid not to talk at home, meet her at the Dharamshala and tell her everything. Sid thanks her. She asks him to go fast. Sid goes. Mami says once they reach Dharamshala, goons and fake police will handle the matter. She calls Mama. He says everything is done. Bittu calls NV and says Ishani went to find you, to tell that she doesn’t want the divorce. NV asks what, I m coming. Ishani gets kidnapped.

Bebe asks them to leave her. Goons push Bebe. Sid sees this and runs to save her. The man says you got her kidnapped and you are saying this. Si asks are you mad, how did you come. NV and Bittu come with Rahil. NV gets Ishani out of the car. Sid says I didn’t send you. Ishani scolds Sid. She says you got me kidnapped, you will do this to talk to me. She scolds Rahil also. Sid says you are mistaken, I don’t know them, someone is trying to frame us again. NV asks goon to say the truth, who sent him. The goon says I kidnapped her on this man’s saying. Sid says listen to me, I didn’t do this. Mama gets the police. Goons run. Mama asks inspector to arrest Sid. Sid gets arrested. Mama asks why will I do this with Ishani, I just came to meet her. Sid and Rahil get arrested. Mama had bribed the inspector. He smiles. NV asks are you okay. Ishani cries. He says we will go home.

Mami asking Ishani to focus on her life. Bittu gets the holi colours. NV asks Ishani why is she waiting now. Ishani applies colours to NV. Everyone smiles. He asks do you want to say something. She says happy holi, I have to say something else, I want to take back the divorce deal, this relation isn’t a deal. Gerua….plays…. She says I want to keep this relation with a true heart and much love, will you give me a chance. He says but there is one condition, one more small deal, I will make pakodas and you can make coffee. Ishani says you can do both. They hug. Bebe asks them to take pheras again. Bebe says they will have a new start, their marriage….

NV comes to Ishani and says I don’t believe that we are going to marry again, what happened. She says I think Sid is in jail, I m thinking of his medicines. He says I will go and give the medicines. Bebe asks where are you going, don’t go out of the house till marriage. NV says I have to take medicines to Sid. Mama says I will go and give medicines.

Ishani and NV get ready for their marriage. NV comes and says I can’t call you Mrs. Ziddi for some time, you can tell me if there is anything, its not late. She says you look really good, I already got late, I don’t want to get more late. Bittu takes him. Ishani recalls Sid’s words. Sid and Rahil see the godown. Sid asks why did you get us here instead police station. The inspector asks him to sit quiet. Sid says let us go, please. Rahil asks don’t you understand who is doing this. Sid recalls Mama and Mami. He thinks its not real police. He says Ishani’s Mama and Mami told you, right. Rahil asks what. Sid says yes, they fed me spiked laddoo and then Mami sent me to Ishani, I got blamed, Mama got the police, tell the truth.

Ishani says Mama and Mami were right, Sid was never meant for me. Bebe compliments Ishani. She asks her to have coffee. The fake inspector points gun at Sid and says I will shoot. Sid says I have to talk to Ishani. Sid and Rahil beat the fake policemen. Sid takes a phone and calls police. Sid and Rahil catch the goons. Police comes and arrests them. The goon says we got money to kill them on Ishani’s uncle’s saying. Sid says we have to take him in front of Vivek Arora/Mama and everyone so that he admits the crime. NV says Ishani, you are happy, right. Ishani thinks I feel restless, is Sid in some trouble. Inspector comes to NV and says real culprits are Vivek and his wife, we have proof against them. NV asks pandit to stop the rituals.

Sid and Rahil come there. Mama and Mami try to run. Sid shouts stop, tell me why did you do this. Mama asks why will I do this. Inspector says we have proof against you. Th fake police comes. The man says you paid me to kill them. Sid says you didn’t let me reach the mandap, I was in coma for three years. Ishani gets shocked. Mami says yes, I didn’t want Ishani to be a burden on us after marrying a poor guy like you. Ishani says you both don’t deserve to be called parents, that’s why you are childless. Mami says forgive me Ishani. She snatches police inspector’s gun. Mama and Mami say we had killed your parents, we framed them for being fraud doctors. NV, Ishani and Sid get shocked. Mama says it would have been good if Sid died, we have no enmity with NV. NV says now we have enmity. Sid tries to stop. Mami says I will shoot you and Ishani.

Ishani asks her to stop. Mami shoots. NV pushes Sid and gets shot on his hand. Police arrests Mama and Mami. NV asks are you okay Sid, I m fine. Sid says thanks, this will be a big favor on me. Ishani recalls everything. She comes to Sid. She asks are you fine. Sid says yes. She says such a big misunderstanding. He says situation was wrong, you thought I cheated you, its not wrong, I was in coma for three years, I know you cried a lot because of me, you have NV, he will take care of you, he is a nice person. She says right, he is a nice person, he supported me a lot in my painful phase, he felt my pain.

NV says I can still feel your pain to get away from your love, relations are made by heart, this marriage is just to stamp it, some people keep marriage all life, it doesn’t matter if you have to sacrifice love, love doesn’t have conditions, I love you, it doesn’t mean you will also love me, this isn’t love, love is between you two, it was never wrong, if you call my love a favor and ask for this, I will slap you. Ishani says you all are my family. She hugs NV and cries. NV says nothing will happen to family, it will remain the same, Bebe loves you more than me. She says I know. He says Singh house will always be yours. He says Siddhant, you are a very lucky man, congrats. He gives Ishani’s hand to Sid. He says I always told you, she is yours, have a great life. Sid thanks him. Sid and Ishani smile and hug. Everyone smiles and gets a pic clicked.




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    Favour 1 hour ago

    Can somebody tell me its,not true like sriouslyyyyyyyyy. Sidisha are mearnt to be always together after sepreting for many years they still came together this is true love.true love always wins at the end sidisha love you guys and I wish they can be sanjeevani 3😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤