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The FrontLiners August Teasers 2021

Ishani faces sharp criticism before the board meeting. Read The FrontLiners August 2021 Teasers:

Starlife The FrontLiners August 2021 Teasers

Monday 2 August 2021

Episode 1

Sid, a passionate doctor saves a poor kid from drowning. Elsewhere, Dr Ishani celebrates her birthday at the Sanjivani hospital. What happens when the two meet?

Episode 2

Dr Sid is impressed by Dr Ishani’s skills while Dr Shashank is diagnosed with a serious health issue. Later, Dr Ishani is criticised by Dr Vardhan.

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Episode 3

Vardhan gives a stern warning to Sid while Dr Anjali scolds Ishani. Later, Dr Shashank is delighted to meet a troubled Dr Juhi.

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Episode 4

Dr Ishani complains about Dr Sid’s illegal activities to Vardhan. Later, the entire hospital staff gets emotional as Dr Shashank prepares to be operated.

Episode 5

Dr Juhi is traumatised by Shashank’s final words before the operation. Later, Dr Rishab threatens to suspend Ishani while Dr Sid falls prey to a trap.

Thursday 5 August 2021

Episode 6

Dr Ishani blackmails Dr Sid and threatens to expose him. Later, Dr Juhi makes a brave decision during Dr Shanshank’s surgery.

Episode 7

Despite Dr Juhi’s efforts, Dr Shashank’s health deteriorates while Vardhan suspends Dr Sid. Later, the Sanjivani team rushes to rescue the casualties of a major accident.

Friday 6 August 2021

Episode 8

Vardhan provokes Anjali against Juhi. Later, Sid assaults Rishab while Ishani faces criticism for trying to save the daughter of a terrorist.

Episode 9

Vardhan throws Sid and a gravely injured Sanya out of the hospital. Later, Sid and Ishani rush to the operation theatre, unaware of a surprise awaiting them.

Saturday 7 August 2021

Episode 10

Juhi takes a firm decision when an angry mob causes chaos. Later, Ishani loses focus while operating on Sanya.

Episode 11

Vardhan makes an unexpected offer to Anjali while Sid tries to stop his uncle from setting himself on fire. Later, Ishani faces sharp criticism before the board meeting.

Sunday 8 August 2021

Episode 12

Ishani does the unthinkable to save Sid, and he hugs her, thus triggering her germophobia. Later, Juhi announces a weird punishment for them.

Episode 13

Sid steals a donated organ from Ishani while Vardhan strikes a deal with Dr Rahul. After a tussle, Sid challenges Ishani to save a terminally-ill Neeti.

Monday 9 August 2021

Episode 14

Shashank is against Vardhan’s plan for Sanjivani. Meanwhile, Ishani struggles to find a donor for Neeti. Later, Sid discovers a vital clue against Vardhan.

Episode 15

Dr Ishani bravely performs Neeti’s surgery while Anjali gets emotional with Shashank. Later, an armed intruder holds Dr Ishani at gunpoint in the hospital.

Tuesday 10 August 2021

Episode 16

Asha, Sid, and Ishani struggle to save a child’s life. Later, Ishani is in for a big surprise as they celebrate her birthday in high spirits.

Episode 17

Rishab humiliates Sid while the latter is fixated on exposing Vardhan. Later, Ishani notices Sid’s peculiar behaviour after he hands over Riya’s case to Rishab.

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Episode 18

Sid makes an emotional outburst after recalling his childhood memories. Later, he has a conversation with his mother while Asha is worried about her future.

Episode 19

Ishani fixes an appointment with Riya’s father while Sid resorts to illegal means to secure the latter’s blood sample. Later, Shashank strikes an unexpected deal with Vardhan.

Thursday 12 August 2021

Episode 20

Vardhan rejoices to see Sid threatening Ishani. Later, she is shattered when a secret about her past is made public while Sid is accused of defaming her.

Episode 21

Dr Shashank is discharged while Ishani makes an unexpected request to Juhi. Later, Ishani is hurt when a patient’s husband makes some harsh accusations.

Friday 13 August 2021

Episode 22

Ishani sides with Rishab while he gets into a fierce fight with Sid. Later, an enraged Ishani slaps Sid when he tries to explain himself.

Episode 23

Ishani takes a bold step to save a patient’s life while Sid handles the case of Neel’s father. Later, she takes an unexpected decision regarding Sanjivani.

Saturday 14 August 2021

Episode 24

Sid pacifies Ishani and convinces her to dance with him. Meanwhile, Vardhan and Anjali inaugurate Sanjivani’s new luxury ward in Shashank’s absence.

Episode 25

Ishani and Sid get into a fight after getting locked in a room. Later, Asha challenges Rahil to prove Sid’s innocence while Ishani tells the latter about her fear.

Sunday 15 August 2021

Episode 26

Asha hatches a plan to trap Rishab while Anjali reveals a shocking truth about Shashank to Juhi. Later, Sid invites Ishani to his house for Ganpati Puja.

Episode 27

Dr Shashank slaps Anjali for humiliating him while Ishani befriends Sid. Later, the Sanjivani team celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi in high spirits.

Monday 16 August 2021

Episode 28

Dr Shashank meets an old friend while a drunkard misbehaves with Asha during the Ganesh puja celebrations. Later, he gets distracted by Juhi before a surgery.

Episode 29

Sid gets severely injured when a goon hits him on his head. Later, the doctors admit Sid to the hospital as he faints while trying to save Ishani from the goons.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Episode 30

Juhi performs the surgery on a critical Sid while Dr Shashank is refused access to the OT. Later, Ishani prays for Sid’s recovery and has an emotional breakdown.

Episode 31

Ishani tries to meet Sid after his operation while his mother intentionally avoids Dr Shashank. Later, Ishani takes care of Sid throughout the night.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Episode 32

Ishani and Sid spend some alone time while Rishab decides to cause trouble. Later, Ishani attempts to trick Rishab.

Episode 33

Ishani has a strange feeling whenever she is around Sid while Juhi’s statements hurt Dr Shashank. As Sid recovers, Ishani jumps at the chance of getting closer to him.

Thursday 19 August 2021

Episode 34

Dr Anjali recalls the past and narrates it to Vardhan after spotting Dr Juhi and Shashank together. Elsewhere, Ishani receives an extraordinary gift from Sid.

Episode 35

Sid and Ishani share an intimate dance while Vardhan is questioned by Anjali after being spotted in the luxury ward. Later, Vardhan receives unexpected help.

Friday 20 August 2021

Episode 36

Sid and Ishani share a tender moment as he feeds her while she daydreams romantically about him. Later, they are taken aback by a patient’s sudden remark.

Episode 37

Dr Ishani frustrates Dr Sid by avoiding him and disregarding her duties. Later, she gets emotional when he berates her.

Saturday 21 August 2021

Episode 38

Sid and Ishani refuse to apologise to each other while Shashank proves Vardhan wrong. Later, Ishani is left teary-eyed by Sid’s actions.

Episode 39

Ishani and Sid apologise to one another. He makes Ishani feel special by cooking for her while Juhi announces some terrible news.

Sunday 22 August 2021

Episode 40

Sid and Ishani share an emotional moment while Jessica learns a devastating truth. Later, the duo promises to help Jignesh plan a grand proposal for Jessica.

Episode 41

Ishani fantasises about confessing her feelings to Sid. Later, Jessica hurts Jignesh while Sid and Ishani try to pacify her.

Monday 23 August 2021

Episode 42

Sid and Ishani are surprised by Vardhan and Dr Rishab’s odd move regarding a wedding within Sanjivani. Later, Sid and Ishani accidentally exchange coffee mugs.

Episode 43

Ishani helps in decorating Jessica and Jignesh’s wedding venue. Later, Anjali loses her cool after receiving Vardhan’s gift while Ishani misbehaves with Sid.

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Episode 44

Ishani is amazed by Sid’s caring gesture. Both of them struggle to console a dejected Jessica while Shashank desires to confess a truth to Juhi.

Episode 45

Anjali’s attire stuns Vardhan while Sid and Ishani admire one another. Later, Jignesh and Jessica’s wedding rituals kick off with some dance performances.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Episode 46

Dr Juhi makes a surprising announcement regarding Jessica. While Ishani gets angry on seeing Sid with an unknown lady, Juhi and Shashank dance at the wedding.

Episode 47

Sid’s colleague makes him realise that Ishani is in love with him. While Anjali forgives Vardhan, Ishani is shattered when Sid asks her to keep away from him.

Thursday 26 August 2021

Episode 48

Sid attempts to stay away from Ishani while Vardhan and Anjali share a romantic dance. Later, Shashank makes a shocking confession to Juhi.

Episode 49

Sid and Ishani try not to look at each other during the wedding. While Vardhan and Anjali get intimate, Sid refuses to confess his feelings for Ishani.

Friday 27 August 2021

Episode 50

Vardhan is elated after the success of his plan against Shashank. While Sid decides to stay away from Ishani, Vardhan resolves to execute his next move.

Episode 51

Ishani waits outside Sid’s house despite her discomfort while he acts rude on purpose. Later, he is startled to receive news about Ishani’s accident.

Saturday 28 August 2021

Episode 52

Ishani challenges Sid, that she will compel him to confess his love within a week. Later, his unexpected announcement shocks her.

Episode 53

Juhi is shocked to overhear Shashank and Sister Phelo’s secret conversation. Later, Sid is amazed by Ishani’s naughty surprise.

Sunday 29 August 2021

Episode 54

Sid is unimpressed with Ishani’s dance number while Shashank decides to confess the truth to Juhi. Later, Sid’s mother, Roshini consoles a dejected Ishani.

Episode 55

Anjali and Vardhan’s romance leaves Shashank fuming. Later, Sid reveals some shocking secrets from his past to Ishani and accepts that he loves her.

Monday 30 August 2021

Episode 56

Ishani pours her heart out to Sid while Anjali finds Shashank’s behaviour odd. Later, Sid and Ishani share their true feelings on a dream date.

Episode 57

Ishani is left heartbroken after Sid stands her up. At the hospital, his announcement leaves her dumbstruck while Dr Neel and Dr Rahil confront Asha.

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Episode 58

A devastated Ishani struggles to come to terms with reality while Sid repeatedly hurts her. Later, Juhi stumbles across a shocking truth from the past.

Episode 59

The tensions between Asha and Ishani get intense while Rishab’s intentions enrage Sid. During her argument with Ishani, Asha falls unconscious.

The FrontLiners September Teasers 2021

Other Starlife Series

The Episode starts with Sid being with his GF. Few poor kids come to the camp and steal food. The lady stops the kids. The boy says I m hungry. The man scolds them. The boy gets hit on his head and falls in the waters. The lady shouts. Sid says sorry, duty call. He runs to save the poor kid from drowning. He pumps out water from the boy’s body. The lady asks why is he not opening eyes, isn’t there any doctor. The man says the hospital is too far from here. Sir ji washes a knife and gets his GF’s string necklace. He cuts the boy’s neck to put the pipe inside. The boy starts breathing. Sid says the boy is still critical. He calls and says home minister’s son was drowning and he is critical, I need immediate help. His GF says you have lied to save the boy. Sid says just lies can save poor people. A helicopter arrives. Sid takes the boy on the stretcher. The lady asks where are you taking my boy. Sid says where every life is precious, Sanjivani. They leave.

At Sanjivani hospital, Dr. Ishani arrives. She smiles seeing the building. The helicopter arrives. Sid says its an emergency, get back. He asks the doctor to treat the boy. Doctor asks how did you do this treatment using a plastic pipe. Sid asks him to focus on possibilities, not problems. He says nothing will happen to your son, I m also like your son, calm down. Ishani enters the hospital. She collides with Sid. He asks did you see your face. She asks what’s wrong. They argue. She says hold on, your BP and sugar are low, your eyes are showing, have a chocolate, you will feel better. He says thanks, sixth floor, Dr. Taneja, he is a psychiatric, you need treatment. He goes. Ishani goes and says first year resident, where is the convection hall. She collides with another girl Asha. They argue. They become friends being new interns. Asha asks why don’t you shake hands. Ishani says I m hygienic. Asha asks what’s your surname. Ishani asks do you want to make my kundli. Asha says Dr. Shashank’s speech will be starting, come fast.

Dr. Shashank comes and meets his patients in a caring way. He starts feeling uneasy. He gets tired and goes aside. Dr Vardaan wishes him all the best for his speech. He says I hope you have updated your speech. Shashank says some things aren’t meant to be updated. Vardaan says the guys these days are practical, being a doctor is a job for them. Shashank says that’s why I don’t want to change my thinking. Vardaan says I always wish you all the best, everyone knows you are going to leave the post. Shashank says I m not leaving Sanjivani, I will be here for you, worrying isn’t good for health, ask any doctor. He goes. Vardaan says I will be here, don’t know about you.

Sid says I remember the hospital rules and Shashank’s orientation speech, no rule is imp than this boy’s life. He says the same speech repeating Shashank’s words. Sid checks the boy’s scans. He says bleeding started in his brain, ask Shashank to come for the surgery after the orientation. Vardhaan asks who booked the OT today. Nurse says Dr. Sid. The boy asks will I die, my mum has no one and not even money, give my savings box to her. Sid says trust me, nothing will happen to you, don’t worry.

Vardaan comes to Sid and asks what’s going on. Sid says its Shashank’s patient. Vardaan says you can’t do this surgery. Shashank says this hospital is away from commercial things. Vardaan says its a private hospital, who will pay for the chopper. Shashank says human’s life is imp than money. Vardaan says you have sterilized the boy, send him to govt. Hospital, I heard that you are running a scam here for poor kids, if I find something about it, then God help you. Sid says I will arrange the money for the surgery, but the boy’s surgery will happen here. Vardaan goes. The lady says I can’t arrange so much money, save my boy. Sid gets a call and says I m just coming. He consoles the lady and goes. Asha says you are a legend, why are your resigning, who will fill your place. He asks what’s your name, what are you doing here. Asha says I m Asha. He says be proud to say Dr. Asha. She says Dr. Asha. He says I m resigning as I believe that coming generations should get a chance, you will know the name of my replacement in two days, thank you very much. Vardaan waits outside the conference hall. He sees Dr. Anjali and says I was going to vote for you, you know your dad well, he is so stubborn. He goes.

Ishani smiles seeing the doctor’s coat and her ID. She wears the coat and feels happy. Sid comes to meet Natasha. Ishani goes to cafeteria. Ishani gets uncle’s call and says maybe he remembers its my birthday. Her uncle asks how are you, I forgot to say, its Poornima today, don’t eat non-veg, don’t tell your surname to anyone. She gets sad and says I don’t want to tell anyone about my parents. Asha says its your happy birthday, I just read in your form. She hugs Ishani. Ishani thanks Asha.

Asha asks for a party. Ishani asks her to out dry waste in other bin, rules are meant for something. She says I will call the police. Asha says fine, don’t get angry. She trashes the glasses in dry waste bin. She jokes on her. Ishani sees the critical boy. Doctor asks nurse to call Dr. Sid. Ishani checks the case. Nurse says its some other doctor’s case, you don’t interfere. Ishani says what will doctors do when the patient dies. She instructs the nurse to use blankets and UV light to keep the boy warm. The boy gets stable. Ishani sits with him. Nurse apologizes for stopping her. She says you have said the right thing. Ishani says I always say the right thing. Doctor thanks Ishani. She says problems get high when you focus on it, you should focus on possibilities if you want opportunities. He says even my senior told me the same thing, you should update him, Dr. Sid Mathur. She says I have to report on duty. He says you started duty. She smiles and runs.

Sid says you should get more beautifying treatments, trust me, all the bollywood celebrities get this done, this would cost 8 lakhs, your net worth is in crores. Ishani comes and looks on. Sid says surgery costs 6 lakhs, commission is 2 lakhs, media won’t know when you come here for the treatment. The girl agrees. Sid says I arranged money, I m coming. Ishani scolds him for spoiling Sanjivani’s name. He says I don’t care. She says I don’t do wrong, I will complain about you, show me your name. He asks who are you. She says first year resident. They argue. She says it will be your last day here. He says fine, bring it on.

Sid changing his shirt. Ishani asks him to change his attitude. They argue. He says I can’t tolerate you here. A man shouts save her, and shows the girl in worst state. Sid and Ishani get shocked seeing her. The man says she was missing since three months, someone told her dead body in graveyard, she is alive, save her. Sid treats her. Shashank does the boy’s surgery. He goes out. The doctor says thanks for coming, I will tell Sid that you have done the surgery.

Nurse says there is no sign of life, none can fill life in dead body. Sid says we can try to save her, move it. Ishani asks them to start ECG. The nurse says she is new resident, why did you give this case. Ishani checks the girl and says she is alive. Sid tells Ishani about the necessary steps. Ishani assists him. Sid says done. Sid and Ishani remove gloves. He says not bad, you did well in first case. She says its second case, I have handled a hypothermia patient. He asks what. The girl screams. They attend her.

Anjali comes after Shashank. She gets into the lift. She asks am I not a good doctor or not well qualified. Shashank says its not family business that my family will have a right on it, we shall talk later. She says relations die because of some loved one always. He asks her to listen. She goes. He gets an attack and turns dizzy. Nurse asks are you fine. Shashank says I m okay. He falls down. Anjali and others run to him. Anjali says dad, what happened to you. He says Juhi…… call Juhi.

Dr. Juhi is at a medical camp. The man asks about his granddaughter, who got affected by the storm. Dr. Juhi comes and smiles. She says surgery went well, she is fine. The lady thanks her. Juhi asks her not to worry, meet her. She stands in the rain. She gets a call from Anjali. Anjali says its Anjali Gupta from Sanjivani, dad has brain tumor, his condition is critical. Juhi recalls Shashank. Anjali says he wants you to do his surgery, can you come to Sanjivani now. The call ends. Anjali worries. Shashank asks did she refuse. She says she didn’t listen to me, why didn’t you tell me before. He says all the neurosurgeons gave up the hope, I have just one choice, to wait for Juhi. She says we will figure something out. He says we should find better surgeon than Juhi, me…. He laughs. He gets in pain again. She shouts.

Asha says where is the baby doll, senior doctors would be coming. Dr. Rishabh switches on airplane mode and acts to be on call. He boasts of big job offers. He attends the first year residents. He says I would like to tell you something, just leave if you want to leave Sanjivani, take your time. Ishani comes. He says no one left. Asha’s phone rings and falls. Song plays. Asha asks Ishani why did she get late. Ishani says you taunt well, I treated two patients. Rishabh gives her a task. Ishani says I want to complain about someone. He asks what’s your name. He says Ishani Arora, I heard this name, you aren’t in my team, you can complain to senior resident, go and get archive files. Asha thinks of her connection. The girl shouts and says I have to go to graveyard. Ishani asks Samina to talk to her. Samina says I have to go to graveyard, dead people live there. The man says she lost her mum and thinks her mum is with her, why is she saying this, is there any spirit on her. Ishani says she is in delusion, its a psychological disorder. She says she needs psychiatric consultation before surgery.

Vardaan comes and introduces himself to Ishani. He says I read your name in new joiners, are you from famous Arora family, are you Dr. Arora’s daughter. She nods and says that’s right. He says you won’t get what you are finding here, welcome to Sanjivani. He goes saying it will be fun to play with the new kids. She gets a magazine in shelf. She reads doctor or devil, cover page has Arora’s name on it.

Doctor says Sid, you have done well. Sid says thanks, new resident is brilliant. Ishani tears magazine and says I have to prove that I m not like my dad. Asha asks what happened to you. Ishani says let me work, I thought to praise myself, self love, self motivation, I love myself. Asha asks were you chewing that book papers. Ishani says I m nervous, its obvious to tear papers. Asha asks how much will you work now, no one is asking for me, senior resident is calling you. Ishani asks what’s his name. Asha says go and ask him.

Ishani goes to OT. Sid treats the patient. Ishani says my senior resident assigned me work. Sid says I know, you did a good work, we will start. Ishani says I have spotted a corrupt doctor in Sanjivani, you should make him out, I had to complain about him. Sid removes his mask. She gets shocked. He says then file the complaint. She says you are my boss.

Ishita dreaming to attack Sid. Ishani starts the surgery. She asks Sid not to stare and help in the surgery. He smiles and says you didn’t need any help, you have a good muscle memory, I m impressed, it needs years to get such expertise. She says I have spent 5 years of MBBS in gaining this expertise. They argue. He says I m the boss, I heard your complaint. She says my boss is corrupt, now complaint will go to your boss. Sid sees Vardaan and goes. He changes and throws his shirt. It falls on Vardaan. Sid says sorry, I didn’t see. Vardaan trashes the shirt. Sid jokes. Vardaan says I have no time for your jokes, the day I know the course of your money, it will be your last day here, think about it. Sid says you sacrificed my new shirt for such a small example, I m an open book, you may read this anytime. Vardaan says I will keep reading it. Asha says I find Dr. Rishabh cute, Aman didn’t come even today.

Anjali comes there. Asha asks Ishani to see her. She runs after Anjali. She says I m Asha Kanwar, first year resident. Anjali says your hands are wet, excuse me. She goes. Ishani asks was this Anjali. She goes to Ishani. Anjali says don’t follow to introduce yourself. Ishani says I want my work to introduce me, I want to complain about Sid. Anjali says he is the best doctor, why did you join Sanjivani if you have problems, Shashank also doesn’t think that we have good doctors. She gets a call and asks for Dr. Shree, Shashank has brain tumor. Ishani asks brain tumor. Anjali asks her to mind her own business. Ishani runs. The doctor says Shashank won’t be able to recover completely even after his surgery. Vardaanh says that’s sad. He goes to Shashank with a bouquet and says such a pity, I don’t want to lose a surgeon like you, get well soon. Shashank says thanks, the flowers are smelling good, they are helplss. Vardaan says we just have professional differences, I respect you, you know that. Shashank says I m not dead yet, don’t celebrate your victory. Vardaan says I will do what’s best for Sanjivani. Shashank says right, you will do what’s right for Sanjivani’s building, what about its soul. Vardaan says get well soon, I really hope that this isn’t our last meeting. Shashank says maybe. Vardaan says that would be very sad, take care. He goes. Shashank stays in pain. The nurses and ward boys talk of Shashank firing Juhi from work, nobody knows why.

Asha says don’t know when will Juhi and Aman come. The girl says Juhi is India’s youngest and brilliant neurosurgeon, everyone knows about her. Juhi comes to Sanjivani and recalls the past. Ashiyana….plays…. Everyone looks at Juhi. Sid asks when did you know this. Shashank says two months ago. Sid says you Juhi is your last hope. Shashank asks is this news viral also. Sid says promise me you won’t leave us, Vardaan won’t run Sanjivani, no way. Shashank laughs and says I respect Vardaan, he is firm on his principles, I like your path, raising the voice, helping the needy is very imp, being a doctor is… Sid says passion, not profession. Ishani gets down. Guard says she didn’t stop and scratched my hand. Ishani asks him to get aid done. Sid asks why are you following me, this is first year resident. Shashank says she has come to meet me. Sid asks do you know her. He goes. Ishani cries and asks what happened to you, I came to know that you have a tumor….

Shashank says don’t cry, you have gone through a lot, there is no tissue paper in this room. He laughs. She says I will just pray that you recover soon. He says I know, what’s going on in your mind, I know you since childhood. She asks where do I complaint about someone. He asks about whom. She says no, you just rest, I will handle him. He says I got to know its him, go, I m okay. Juhi asks Anjali how are you. Anjali says Shashank is your patient, he is all yours, I have to go for a surgery. She goes. Juhi comes to Shashank. He sees her and says Juhi…. He asks will you be able to forgive me. She asks why are you apologizing. He says I fired you from Sanjivani. She says you are my mentor, you had a reason for firing me from Sanjivani, who am I to question you. She cries.