Wednesday 27th Update on This is Fate Zee World

Shrishti is not able to sleep and is constantly thinking about how Sameer risked his life for her, they would have almost escaped if not for her stupidity and he even fought the goons and did all of this for her just like Karan jumped into the fire for Preeta, she feels strange and has […]

Wednesday 20th March Update on Gangaa

Amma ji worries for Ganga. What if something happens to her? I shouldn’t have sent her alone. I will go to find her. She covers herself with a shawl as she goes out of her room stealthily. Ganga continues running. Her state is still not good but she does not stop. She hides behind a […]

20th Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi jumps in the school through back door. He sees watch man dead and takes his gun. Disha comes to Dadi and gives her Poha, and then says Chedwa. She looks at TV and gets shocked. She says this is Sunny’s school and says my son is inside. Purab tries to calm her down and […]

Wednesday 20th Update on This is Fate

Sarla was worried at home as Shrishti hadn’t returned so late. Preeta says she spoke to Shrishti, she will be a little late but back soon. Sarla wonders how to speak to Shrishti, she is so stubborn and never understands. Preeta goes to look for Shrishti outside, worried what if Shrishti had gone to fight […]

12th March Tuesday Update on Gangaa

  Palash asks for some time to figure out this point. Judge allows him. Ganga says Sir but Palash walks out of the courtroom. Sagar too is taken away. Ganga looks on tensely. Niru keeps getting Madhvi’s call. What do I tell her? How to tell her about all that has happened here. Janvi’s father […]

13th March Wednesday Update on Gangaa

Sabharwal reads a so called statement before Sagar. Sagar is made to sign on it. Inspector says you wrote it, not Sagar. Sabharwal nods. but whatever is written in it is Sagar’s version only. Sagar is about to sign it when Palash enters. He tells Sagar to stop. This is your suicide note made by […]

13th March Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi reaches home. He thinks of Kiara and sees cookie in his car. He thinks when she meets him again, he will return it to her. She sees cookie toy and reminisces Pragya. He says kids represent future, but that girl took me to my past 7 years back. Pragya says he will return your […]

Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 27th February 2019

Abhi opens the bomb, it explodes. Simonika is outside and laughs saying her revenge is fulfilled. It turns out to be her imagination. Abhi dances with Pragya. Pragya gets emotional and hugs him while dancing. Itni si baat hai plays….Simonika thinks she shall go and check Abhi’s death certificate. Purab and Disha talk about the […]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa Zee Tv serial 20th February

Niru quietly signs the documents. He throws it on the floor, asking Pulkit to keep them. This is what you wanted. Don’t come before my eyes after today! Pulkit asks Madhvi to come with him. You will live with me. Niru says Madhvi wont go anywhere. Pulkit insists. It is only mom who understands me. […]

Twist of Fate Zee World Wednesday Update 20 February

Sangram aims gun at her. Simonika pushes him and takes back the gun. She asks them not to act smart. Dadi asks Abhi to let Pandit ji to do shanti paath. Abhi says when tawa is hot, we shall make rotis. Dadi asks Pandit ji to give sindoor to her grand sons so that they […]