Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate 2nd January 2019

Pragya tells the doctor that Abhi didn’t betray her and tells everything. Doctor offers help. Pragya says she has to fight alone now and thanks her. Doctor gives her lucky chain and pendant and says this will help you in your fight and asks her to be in contact with her and meet her next […]

Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate 9th January 2019

Purab telling Abhi about Pragya’ idea of date with him and says she wants to spend sometime with him. Abhi comes to room. Purab thinks Pragya will be happy. Abhi talks to client. He asks him to take flight after two hours and reach Bangalore to inaugurate the gym. Abhi says he will come in […]

Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv November 14th

Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv Nov 14th Dadi asks Tanu’s parents to have food. Dasi says they will have sweets now and taunts them. Tanu thinks I will make you insulted infront of Abhi and makes Pragya fall. Pragya falls and sweets dish falls on Tanu’s mum. Tanu’s mum goes to […]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa 30th January 2019

Ganga says I can still prove it that Janvi is lying. Amma ji tells her to stop it. Ganga turns to Sagar. You know me. I never lie or try to show someone down. You can call Sahil and ask him about Janvi’s birth time. She has written wrong timing in the kundli. Janvi gets […]

Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 6th Feb 2019

Pragya thinks she must find out what Aaliya and Tannu are upto, and promises someone to be there soon. Pragya plans to follow her. Tanu and Aaliya going in night. Pragya thinks where are they going? Simonika calls her goon and asks where is he? Goon says he is outside Khan’s house and will not […]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa 6th February 2019

Yash remarks who will believe they are brother and sister. It seems as if a girlfriend is scolding a boyfriend. Weird people stay in the house! Janvi agrees. They look like two lovers. We have been waiting for a great trick to throw Ganga out of the house. You showed me a way. We will […]

Wednesday Update on Twist of fate Sept 12

Wednesday Update on Twist of fate Sept 12 Pragya smiling happily seeing Abhi’s poster. Allah wariyan plays. Abhi comes and asks how she is feeling after performing on stage. Pragya says it is good. Abhi says he can see something incomplete in her eyes, and says he can see, but can’t know. He asks her […]

Wednesday Update on Iron Lady 12th December

Seeing Rishi and Indira getting closer, Zara is about to throw the knife at Indira, but Ammu comes on the last moment and hits her with the gun. Hearing noise, Indira and Rishi go outside and find Ammu with a gun. Ammu says that she took that gun in her hand after Rishi’s daddu left […]

Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart episode

WEDNESDAY UPDATE ON LIES OF THE HEART EPISODE 162 – 163 Note: Read current Wednesday update here Samrat’s residence, Urmi sees Amrit talking rudely to one of his employee of the company on the phone, when he tries to find faults with the way Amrit is handling business by ditching old associations and finding new […]

Wednesday Update on The Promise August 29

Wednesday Update on The Promise August 29 Episode  Outside Jai and Bani are playing catch and cook with the blind fold, Aditya is gardening and Dadi just sitting. Aditya comments as to how the house changes when kids enter, everything is so happy and there is always something happening. Dadi asks him where Jigyasa is, […]