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Friday Update on This is Fate 21 December 2018

Rishab changes her direction but Kritika thinks Rishab would only look at a sweet and simple girl. Rishab was worried what if she signals Preeta. Krit [...]

Friday Update on Iron Lady 21 December 2018

Indira tells Vanraj that she will leave Rk with his wife Zara if she fails. Indu comes and manages to boost Indira ‘s morale. Indira has a plan. Rk st [...]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa 19th December 2018

A drunken man holds Sudha hand as he tries to give her fruits. No one will give you so much stuff. He holds SUdha’s hand forcefully. Ganga cannot take [...]

Thursday Update on Gangaa 20th December 2018

Amma ji asks Ganga to seek Bal Mahant’s blessings but she refuses to touch his feet. He is so young. Amma ji reasons that he is elder to her. We respe [...]

Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate 19th December 2018

Aaliya and Tanu wondering Satyanarayan Puja with Munni seeing Dadi’s planning. Dadi asks Mitali to wake up early morning and do all the arrangements. [...]

Wednesday Update on This is Fate 19th December 2018

There, Rishab was scolding a manager for not being able to arrange a hall for his conference. Preeta things about Sarla telling them about Kumkum Bhag [...]

Thursday Update on This is Fate 20th December 2018

Tannu tells Preeta if Sarla accepts her as Abhi’s wife, she might get pity over her. Preeta fumes over her. Tannu tells Preeta that woman isn’t worth [...]
Wednesday Update on Iron Lady 19th December 2018

Wednesday Update on Iron Lady 19th December 2018

Hospital and Sharma Niwas Zara ‘s Sonography is done and surprisingly the test is positive, they can actually see the embryo, doctor says the embryo [...]

Thursday Update on Iron Lady 20th December 2018

Indira tells Indu, you recognized me but your father still didn’t. Indu says, I heard my teacher gossiping once that men have their brain in their kne [...]

Monday Update on The Promise 17th December 2018

Jigs walking in vickys room, and telling vicky whatever happened with u was wrong, U should not accepted Vice presidents post, but then vicky tells he [...]
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