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Friday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 7th December

Abhi says for you. Pragya smiles. The flower petals fall on them due to the wind. Allah Wariyan plays…..Abhi says you are special to me, and says he w [...]

Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 6th December

Commando asks Damru to see her face. Raghuveer says until you are here in this room, you are more prone to get infected. Raghuveer asks him to stand s [...]

Monday Update on Gangaa 3rd December

The peon is cleaning the premises while Bulbul and her friends throw banana peels there only. He scolds them for creating a mess. Throw garbage in the [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 4th December

Ganga is sleeping when she cannot get Niru’s probing questions about the attacker out of her mind. She recalls the stampede on the Ganga ghaat. She wa [...]

Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate 5th December

  Purab asking Dadi, Beeji and Sarla to go home. They refuse to go home until they find Abhi and Pragya. Tanu calls Aaliya and asks her to com [...]

Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate 4th December

Pragya wonders what will happen. Damru asks them to come down else. Abhi searches for the keys and tries to start the car. Damru asks his man to bring [...]

Monday Update on Twist of Fate 3rd December

Pragya asks do you know horse riding. Abhi says human can do anything in matters of his life and death. They come out of fire. Damru and other goons t [...]

Sunday Update on Twist of Fate 2nd December

Abhi asks Pragya to come out and says I know you are at my back. Pragya comes infront of him. Abhi asks where you were and tells that his hands are ti [...]

Saturday Update on Twist of Fate 1st December

Twist of Fate, Saturday 1st December Dadi says she is planning something. Dasi says it is her plan. Dadi says she has listened to us and don’t know w [...]

Thursday Update on The Promise November 29th

The Promise November 29th Pushkar tells Bani that she has to stop Jai from leaving. And one lie will stop Jigs .. Bani decides that she has to stop J [...]
1 373 374 375 376 377 407 3750 / 4063 POSTS