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Friday Update on Mehek 2nd August 2019

HK says Shauryais after being kidnapped, behaving like one. All family members discuss that they have to run the Foof truck. KC says they should not f [...]

Wednesday Update on The Heir 31st July

Mannu and Simran take Amba. Amba cries on the way. Mannu asks why are you crying, you showed much courage. Amba says I did not see anyone except your [...]

Thursday Update on The Heir 1st August

Sushila saying now I will see and everyone else will also see. Jagan comes there. Sushila hides the knife. He asks did you know anything. She says I w [...]

Thursday Update on Kindred hearts 1st August

Nisha is sleeping at night, Adi wakes up and leaves her room. Adi comesto kids room and Jhanvi is there, Adi asks how is Binni now? Jhanvi says she i [...]

Mehek Thursday Update 1st August 2019 Zee World

Mahek comes out to dressing room dressed as dancer. She sees goons dancing and drunk. She comes there, she cuts one goon’s pocket and grabs car key fr [...]

Mehek Saturday Update 27th July 2019

Digvijay comes to Sharma house. He gives tickets to Shaurya and Mahek. Digvijay says this picture in which Mohit is seen, its of an event of Janmashta [...]

King of hearts Update Saturday 27th July 2019

Sid reaching accident venue where DD rammed her new car into a man. He handles the situation and says public that he will take this man to hospital in [...]

kindred hearts Saturday Update 27th July

Nisha says Adi will deny, Jhanvi confessed her love, Adi has wife and love both, but Jhanvi I am ready for DNA test, let me know, she leaves with preg [...]
kindred hearts Wednesday Update 31st July

kindred hearts Wednesday Update 31st July

.Doctor says to Adi’s family that I talked to Nisha. Adi says to doctor that why Nisha was saying that we got married one year back only? Doctor says [...]
kindred hearts Tuesday Update 30th July

kindred hearts Tuesday Update 30th July

Kaku is listening to music. Kaki says he should go and search for Aditya. Also tells him about what Jhanvi said her. She asks where he was. He didn’t [...]
1 372 373 374 375 376 470 3740 / 4699 POSTS