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Monday update on The heir 5th August

Monday update on The heir 5th August

RECAP: Bebe leaves. Jagan smiles and says Mannu will not come back, find him Bebe.   The lady tells Amba that Charan loved you a lot, any w [...]

Monday update on Kindred hearts 5th August

Police arrives there, goons runaway. Jhanvi turns to Adi, they both look in each others eyes before Jhanvi throws stick and runs to Adi, she hugs him [...]

Saturday Update on Mehek 3rd August 2019

Ajay comes to hotel, Nikki asks why he is late? He says I am not here to do your work, I have illness to cater, nikki asks what illness? Ajay smiles a [...]

Sunday Update on Mehek 4th August 2019

Mahek and Ajay are sitting on top of cab. Shaurya is there as a driver. Mahek asks Shaurya to give her one more bottle. Shaurya acts likes driver of c [...]

Friday Update on kindred hearts 2nd August

Baba and Raj are cooking in kitchen, Adi comes there and says how to make custard? Kaka asks whose favorite dish are you making? Adi says Jhanvi likes [...]

Saturday Update on kindred hearts 3rd August

Jhanvi is in kids room. Kaki comes there, Jhanvi says you didnt sleep? Kaki says how could I sleep when you are sad? see what I brought, Jhanvi smiles [...]

Sunday Update on kindred hearts 4th August

Jhanvi comes to her room, she is tensed. Adi comes there. She says Nisha can see, please leave. Adi holds her hand and says sorry, I had to do it, Nis [...]

Sunday Update on The heir 4th August

Jagan and his family facing problems in the godown. He scolds Raavi and Sukhi. Sushila says your mum made you leave, think of something, calm down now [...]

Saturday Update on The heir 3rd August

Sushila asking Amba to sign on the papers. Sushila asks are you finding Mannu or Bebe, they won’t come here, I have locked them in room. Sushila asks [...]

Friday Update on The heir 2nd August

The Episode starts with panchayat laughing seeing Raavi instead Amba. Panchayat says Jagan’s family looks drunk. Raman and Mannu laugh. Jagan asks Raa [...]
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