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Wednesday Update on This is Fate 2nd January 2019

Outside in the corridor, Preeta and Karan’s forehead hit each other. Karan shouts as he was already hurt here. Preeta argues it’s a minor come across, [...]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate 1st January 2019

Aaliya and Tanu’s car stops on the way. They take auto. Pragya thinks I was doubting my husband, who loves me a lot and thinks how can my lookalike ta [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 25th December 2018

Niru sits down for breakfast. NIru and Madhvi don’t see eye to eye. Amma ji signals Madhvi. Barkha comes downstairs while talking to someone on phone. [...]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate 25th December 2018

Abhi goes to her holding sindoor in his hand. Munni gets tensed and thinks what to do now. He says I saw you getting ready, so thought to help you. Yo [...]

Tuesday Update on The Promise 18th December 2018

Jai is making arrangements for the party and bani is telling him that u looks very happy todayand he tells thats his daughters sucess party is there, [...]
Tuesday Update on Iron Lady 18th December 2018

Tuesday Update on Iron Lady 18th December 2018

Rishi receiving a call from Indira while Indira is standing beside him. He thinks how can this be possible? He answers back and Zara tries to convinc [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 18th December 2018

It is morning. Ganga wakes up. Babu must be on his way. I am not late. Pishi Ma asks her why she woke up so early. Ganga replies that she has to get r [...]

Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate 18th December

Abhi asking Aaliya and Tanu to get out. Aaliya says she didn’t come here to stay. She says when Tanu told that she is pregnant with your child, Pragya [...]

Tuesday Update on Iron Lady 11th December

Munna sees Indira’s room on a fire. He calls out everyone. Indira wakes up and sees fire in her room. She puts shawl around her and tries to leave, bu [...]

Tuesday Update on The promise 11th December

The taxi driver gets a call from Jeenat - his wife im guessing and Rishi / Ganga keep starin at eachother. The taxi driver complains about his wife an [...]
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