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Tuesday 26th March Update on Gangaa

Sagar’s residence After the haldi ceremony is done, they are asked to wash it down, with a pious bath. ammaji instructs the bride’s mother to wash th [...]

Tuesday 26th Update on This is Fate Zee World

Sarla brings drinks for everyone and says that she is happy that are together. Dadi Jee says that whenever everyone comes back after an incident then [...]

26th Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi recalls their moments and calls Pragya. Just then she opens the door and gets inside. Abhi looks at her surprisingly…..Saiyyara main Saiyyara…..p [...]

Tuesday 19th March Update on Gangaa

They sit over a tree’s branch to eat it. Listen to me without questioning if you have any doubts. He agrees. I will do as you say as you know me more [...]

19th Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Dadi asks did you see Pragya? She asks her to search a room in Dharmshala and tells that Pragya is back and will kick you out. Tanu says nothing will [...]

Tuesday 19th Update on This is Fate

While driving back in car, Preeta shouts at Karan that he needs to learn some manners. Karan doesn’t listen. He stops the car which was blocked by the [...]

12th March Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate

Abhi is behind Pragya. They sense each other presence. Tere hum hai jiye plays….They couldn’t see each other though. Kiara comes and asks what is she [...]

12th March Tuesday Update on This is Fate

Karan comes to Sakshi and asks her about the end of story. Sakshi says Prithvi has a lady at home, and a girlfriend; she stands nowhere and doesn’t wa [...]

Twist of Fate Tuesday Update 26th February 2019

Pragya asks Disha to check CCTV and don’t tell anyone. She calls Simonika. Simonika thinks if she is doubtful about my plan and then thinks surely 10- [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa Zee Tv show 19th February

Sagar holds Ganga’s hand. Ganga meets in Sagar only. Ganga will come flowing where Sagar will be. Neither papa nor anyone else can stop them from meet [...]
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