Tuesday Update on Gangaa 25th December 2018

Niru sits down for breakfast. NIru and Madhvi don’t see eye to eye. Amma ji signals Madhvi. Barkha comes downstairs while talking to someone on phone. I wont be late. Amma ji thinks that the problem is here. Barkha greets Madhvi and Niru. Amma ji notices her haircut. Barkha has cut them on her own. […]

Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart episode

TUESDAY UPDATE ON LIES OF THE HEART EPISODE 160 – 161 Note: Read current Tuesday Update here Samrat’s mother Shashi decides to take some rest after spending the entire night serving her son. She yawns and asking them all not to wake her up. Rudra asks what if Samrat hollers for her. She asks if […]

30 Oct Tuesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

Tuesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv 30 Oct Episode Police come and tells vanraj to search Sharma Niwas for proofs. Zara says that she is inspector Zara Rishi Kumar and blames sharmas for it. Kutumb gets back at her and says blames Zara for it because it was Zara who threatened to do […]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 22th January 2019

Everyone waits for Pulkit’s answer. Amma ji hopes Pulkit says no. I will bring a nice girl from a good family for him later on. Niru hopes Pulkit does not embarrass anyone. Everyone has their share of worries. Pulkit says yes for the alliance. Everyone is happy except Amma ji. Ganga wonders how Pulkit Bhaiya […]

Monday Update On Begusarai Zee World

Monday Update On Begusarai Zee World Poonam is calling but he is not picking up. Poonam ask Guddi about him and Guddi says he is wind and nobody can catch him, she then ask Poonam how her first day at college was? Poonam is in tension and doesn’t answer her. Guddi sense something fishy and […]

Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate 4th December

Pragya wonders what will happen. Damru asks them to come down else. Abhi searches for the keys and tries to start the car. Damru asks his man to bring petrol. Pragya tells Abhi that he left for getting petrol. Abhi says he is searching ignition wire. Pragya says they are throwing petrol and asks him […]

Tuesday Update on Begusarai Sept 11

Tuesday Update on Begusarai Sept 11 Dadda ji says please take this baraat from here with all respect. Dolt comes to Guddi and tells her that doctor’s lie has been caught. She says what? Dadda ji screams women should stay inside the house. See what has she done. Now cry. What was this mitlesh doing. […]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate 1st January 2019

Aaliya and Tanu’s car stops on the way. They take auto. Pragya thinks I was doubting my husband, who loves me a lot and thinks how can my lookalike take my place. She thinks who is she and how did she come here? She thinks Abhi will identify her and thinks to go and talk […]

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv Daily Update on My Lost Home Monday Update Tuesday Update Wednesday Update Thursday Update Friday Update Saturday Update First Episode Summary The story concerns the Malhorta family’s three daughters— Raji, Soni and Mahi and their younger brother, Prince. Initially, the show focuses on the eldest daughter, Raji, who marries […]