12th February 2019 Tuesday Update on Gangaa

Sagar speaks to a lady in London’s firm. She tells him to make up his mind in 2 days or he will lose the position. The girl calls Janvi. Your work is done. Janvi is sure Sagar will have to go to London at any cost now. Sagar is in a fix. What should I […]

12th Feb Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv

Dadi tells everyone that she is making her ‘will’ in the morning. Abhi asks why suddenly? Dadi says she thought and tells that it will be on your name, but Pragya will be caretaker. Abhi says Pragya? Dadi says same Pragya who is staying with us. She says I trust her and will get her […]

12th February 2019 Tuesday Update on This is Fate

Mahesh had brought the manager with him. They check for the CCTV video of entrance, but the team couldn’t find any video of the party. They leave for home. Kareena was worried at home when Rishab and others come. Kareena asks Rishab if he found Sherlin with some stranger. Rishab replies that there was no […]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 5th February 2019

It is Valentine’s Day. Janvi has decorated Sagar’s room with heart shaped balloons. She intentionally brings him where Ganga is. She asks him to pose for a pic with him so they can capture the sweet memories for forever. Sagar is uncomfortable as she leans onto him. Sagar and Ganga look at each other. Ganga […]

Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 5th Feb 2019

Disha asking Pragya to take the vegetable dish. Pragya refuses. Disha throws it on her dress intentionally. Pragya goes to clean it. Purab asks Abhi to go to Pragya. Abhi comes to Disha and asks what he shall do. Disha asks him to go following Pragya and gives her dress which is open at the […]

Tuesday Update on This is Fate 5th February 2019

Prithvi thinks this is enough now, he decides to kill Janki in the party right now but in a way that her death appears to be an accident. He turns around to see Janki sitting with Sarla and Bee ji and wonders how he should kill her? Preeta watches him stare at Janki. Preeta asks […]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 29th January 2019

Sagar stands there watching her. I hurt her so much without intending to! The astrologer makes a perfect kundli for Janvi. Sagar cannot have a better life partner than you. Janvi says this is what I want. Ganga can wish whatever she wants but Sagar is only mine! She leaves from there. Yash snatches a […]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 29th Jan 2019

Simonika thinks she shall give more tablets to Pragya so that she gets in deep sleep and it will be easy for her to kill Abhi. Abhi is reminiscing about Pragya and looks at her pic. A song plays…..main tumko bhool na pawunga….plays…He recalls Pragya asking him to just love fuggi, Dasi and Dadi’s words […]

Tuesday Update on This is Fate 29th January 2019

Prithvi explains to Shrishti he had suffocation so he thought for increasing some ventilation. She notices sweat beads even in such cold over his face. Prithvi says may be its because of smoke. Shrishti thinks about Rishab and Karan and calls them heroes for saving Preeta. She says she never thought rich boys can be […]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 22th January 2019

Everyone waits for Pulkit’s answer. Amma ji hopes Pulkit says no. I will bring a nice girl from a good family for him later on. Niru hopes Pulkit does not embarrass anyone. Everyone has their share of worries. Pulkit says yes for the alliance. Everyone is happy except Amma ji. Ganga wonders how Pulkit Bhaiya […]