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Thursday Update on The Heir 1st August

Sushila saying now I will see and everyone else will also see. Jagan comes there. Sushila hides the knife. He asks did you know anything. She says I w [...]

Thursday Update on Kindred hearts 1st August

Nisha is sleeping at night, Adi wakes up and leaves her room. Adi comesto kids room and Jhanvi is there, Adi asks how is Binni now? Jhanvi says she i [...]

Mehek Thursday Update 1st August 2019 Zee World

Mahek comes out to dressing room dressed as dancer. She sees goons dancing and drunk. She comes there, she cuts one goon’s pocket and grabs car key fr [...]

King of hearts Update Thursday 25th July 2019

Raj slapping Sid for divorcing Roshni and asking him to get out of his sight. Sid goes to his room, picks Roshni’s dupatta and cries vigorously holdin [...]

Mehek Thursday Update 25th July 2019

Shaurya punches Ajay’s car that he left there and says everything is destroyed now! I will kill them, Ravi says everything is finished. Mahek says no [...]

kindred hearts Thursday Update 25th July

Baba says I remember everything, she was here, it was Asha, bring her back, Adi says I trust you, calm down, Baba goes hysteric and says fine her.. pl [...]

Thursday Update on King of hearts 18th July

Sid reaches Mukta travels office with DD and roshni and asks manager to tell if some old man and young girl traveling. He says he cannot give details [...]

Mehek Thursday Update 18th July 2019

Sonal says to family that after police case, he isnt even talking to us, Kanta calls Mohit but Sheetal brings Mohit there. Mohit is totally drunk and [...]

kindred heart Thursday Update 18th July 2019

In morning, Jhanvi comes to Baba. She is wearing nice colorful suit, Baba says someone is looking different today, you are looking really nice, you ke [...]

King of hearts Thursday Update 11th July 2019

Roshni reaches DD’s house and calls her name. Naani asks what happened. She goes into kitchen, calls DD with her name and asks why she is hell bent to [...]
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