Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate 3rd January 2019

Pragya thinks why Munni is not coming and gets worried. Munni comes to temple. Pragya asks why did you come late? She doubts on her intentions and says we have much difference between us. You won the lottery and might be doing this. Munni says she earns money with hardwork and never wanted to betray […]

Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 6th December

Commando asks Damru to see her face. Raghuveer says until you are here in this room, you are more prone to get infected. Raghuveer asks him to stand silent else he will kill him. Other goons check under the bed. Abhi hides himself with blanket. Damru is about to check Pragya’s face. Pragya thinks don’t […]

Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 24th Jan 2019

Tanu says it was good that you hired the girl as Abhi’s secretary and praises her. Pragya asks her to stay away from her. Tanu says she shall learn from her and is happy with her. Pragya gets worried. Disha is in her room. Purab comes from bathroom and holds her from falling. They have […]

Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate 27th December 2018

Munni comes to the staircase, Abhi watches her hurrying down the stairs and walks towards her with a smile. She was nervous and slips over the stairs as he comes closer. Abhi holds her into his arms. Abhi comes to meet the dancer Shreya and introduces her to Pragya. Shreya wonders how she will perform […]

Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 31th Jan 2019

Sangram takes rounds with goon. Disha thanks Abhi. Purab asks Sangram is marrying whom? Abhi says he is marrying his goon and says they taught him a lesson. Purab says it might be Abhi’s idea. Pragya says unique ideas are his only. Abhi takes the credit. Pragya says she has also helped him. They argue. […]

Thursday Update on Gangaa 3rd January 2019

Niru tells Ganga he is so proud of her. The same pride is visible on everyone’s faces too. Amma ji is in her room. She thinks of Ganga’s bold act. She thanks Lord. You saved us from such a big problem. For a second, my trust had wavered. I doubted my devotion. Niru adds that […]

Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate 10th January 2019

Disha thinks Aaliya is heavy. She asks Pragya to find the papers as soon as possible. Tanu comes out of room and thinks to hear if there is some noise coming. Just then a book falls on her. Tanu thinks if Munni is planning to kick us out and gets doubtful. Tanu coming to Aaliya’s […]

Thursday Update on Iron Lady 20th December 2018

Indira tells Indu, you recognized me but your father still didn’t. Indu says, I heard my teacher gossiping once that men have their brain in their knees which makes Indira laugh. Indu proposes that they will push Zara out of Sharma Niwas. She messed up with Hitler which no one even dared till now. Indira […]

Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 22

November 22 Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv It seems Meera knocks Bani unconscious and the bells and everything ring.. Bani gets up at the feel of blood and stares at Meera… Meera pulls her up and throws her onto a pillar.. omg! Meera gets her again and smashes her head onto another […]

Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 17th Jan 2019

Dadi telling Pragya that it seems you have accepted that you are not Pragya, but my heart says that you are Pragya. Dasi asks Pragya to speak up for her suhaag, identity and rights. She asks her to tell. Pragya is tensed. Abhi asks her to look at him and says he don’t believe on […]