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Sunday 17th Update on This is Fate

On call, Prithvi calls Sherlin to the groom’s room for help; he has murdered Tapsi. Sherlin was shocked to hear this and hurries towards the room. Kar [...]

Friday 15 Update on This is Fate

The girls return from party. Dadi tells them and Sarla that she made Janki write these three words. She says it seems Preeta or Prithvi know about the [...]

Saturday 16 Update on This is Fate

Karan calls her that he is here and Prithvi also arrived. Shrishti places Name Plates of dishes on food tables. She then comes to place water bottl [...]

12th March Tuesday Update on This is Fate

Karan comes to Sakshi and asks her about the end of story. Sakshi says Prithvi has a lady at home, and a girlfriend; she stands nowhere and doesn’t wa [...]
This is Fate March Teasers 2019 Zee World

This is Fate March Teasers 2019 Zee World

Preeta to find out about Prithvi intension, Read this month on This is Fate March Teasers 2019 Zee World. Read: Game of Love March 2019 This [...]

This is Fate Sunday Update 24 February 2019

Preeta buy the balloons from the vendors and before freeing them she thinks they must reach someone who knows how to love. Karan’s car stops nearby he [...]

This is Fate Monday Update 25 February 2019

Karan explains to Preeta that he wanted to get her a punch box but didn’t find it today. Preeta asks why he wanted to punch her. Karan insists she is [...]

This is Fate Friday Update 22th February 2019

Rishabh is confused what dress to pick. He asks Karan to help. Karan sees a dress and says it will look very good on her. Rishabh asks on Sherlyn? He [...]

This is Fate Saturday Update 23th February 2019

Preeta and Rishab were speaking to each other when she comes across a jewelry case. She asks about his consent regarding an earpiece set. Rishab sugge [...]

This is Fate Thursday Update 21th February 2019

In the hospital, Preeta and others were happy to see the corpse wasn’t of Janki. They go to reception as Janki must be admitted somewhere in the hospi [...]
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