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Saturday Update on The heir 3rd August

Sushila asking Amba to sign on the papers. Sushila asks are you finding Mannu or Bebe, they won’t come here, I have locked them in room. Sushila asks [...]

Friday Update on The heir 2nd August

The Episode starts with panchayat laughing seeing Raavi instead Amba. Panchayat says Jagan’s family looks drunk. Raman and Mannu laugh. Jagan asks Raa [...]

Wednesday Update on The Heir 31st July

Mannu and Simran take Amba. Amba cries on the way. Mannu asks why are you crying, you showed much courage. Amba says I did not see anyone except your [...]

Thursday Update on The Heir 1st August

Sushila saying now I will see and everyone else will also see. Jagan comes there. Sushila hides the knife. He asks did you know anything. She says I w [...]

3rd July Wednesday Update on The heir

Chandar asks Bebe shall I go and see Simran. Raman removes his fake moustache. Chandar walks upstairs. Simran falls and Raman holds her. Simran get [...]

4th July Thursday Update on The heir

Mannu meeting sarpanch and asking him to stop Simran’s marriage. He says family is forcing Simran for marriage, she is not 18 years old and its not he [...]

5th July Friday Update on The heir

Raavi saying if marriage broke, it will be your loss. Jagan says no, its our profit, we will get Mannu, once Bebe raises Mannu like her way, Mannu wil [...]

The Heir July Teasers 2019

No  Teasers for Monday-Wednesday July Thursday 4 July 2019 Episode 26 Manu tries his utmost best to get the engagement ceremony called off. Dee [...]

The Heir Sunday Update June 23rd 2019

Amba stopping Mannu. Raavi looks on and says now Mannu is not going anywhere outside, he is sitting here and taking bath at home, you are refusing, I [...]

The Heir Monday Update June 24th 2019

Bebe asking Amba why is Mannu not eating food. Mannu cries. Raavi talks from window and apologizes to him. She says you are big Shah, forgive me, I wi [...]
1 10 11 12 13 120 / 129 POSTS