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10th February Sunday Update on Twist of Fate

Abhi comes out and hugs Purab. They decide to go there. Purab says Disha will handle everything. Abhi says she can’t handle. Inspector says I will als [...]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 3rd January 2019

Next morning, Maharaj is drops the crockery as the floor was wet. He asks Mehri to clean nicely. Ganga comes there. She was about to step on one piece [...]

Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate 3rd February 2019

Abhi’s guitar breaking when Simonika enters his room. Simonika says sorry. Pragya asks him to use other guitar. Abhi says he got this guitar made for [...]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 3rd February 2019

Prithvi was curt why Bee ji had been staring at Janki, if she would wake up that way. He coughs and asks Dada ji for a glass of water, then close the [...]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 27th January 2019

Ganga is mad, she is stubborn since childhood, this will ruin her life, what shall I do. He takes her anklet and says no Ganga, I will not let you pla [...]

Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 27th Jan 2019

Doctor checking Abhi and says he is out of danger now. Dadi asks can we take him home. Doctor says yes, but have to come for regular checkup. Abhi gai [...]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 27th January 2019

Kareena comes to ask Dadi if she wants them all to be hurt. Dadi says she wants them all to stay safe and leave. Dadi asks her to call everyone, she w [...]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 20th January 2019

Niru closes the room from inside. Everyone requests him to open the door. Ganga says I am at fault. Please don’t be upset with others. Sagar too reque [...]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 20th January 2019

Shrishti and Sameer were unable to find Preeta. Shrishti watches Sherlin leaving the house, hiding. Shrishti thinks Sherlin can do anything, it’s impo [...]

Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 20th Jan 2019

Abhi asks Dadi not to stop him and goes outside the house. Pragya thinks he went out of house tensedly and gets worried. She feels apologetic to Dadi. [...]
1 51 52 53 54 55 60 530 / 593 POSTS