16th Saturday Update on This is Fate

Preeta and Rishab come outside together. Rakhi complements Rishab as he wore conventional jeans. Karan comes out in a changed dress. Preeta makes fun of him. Karan announces he will drive the car and goes outside. After Rakhi had also left, Sarla laughs over Karan’s attitude. Shrishti turns to leave annoyed with Sarla. Preeta asks […]

16th February 2019 Saturday Update on Gangaa

Amma ji gets tired by beating them. Sagar asks her if she got tired. I told you it is useless to try to separate us. Don’t try. You say you love me the most but you couldn’t understand me. you don’t know what Ganga is for me. Amma ji calls Ganga his toy. I brought […]

16th February Saturday Update on Twist of Fate

Purab tells Disha that he can’t walk more. Disha says we have to go till car. She asks him to bend seeing Sangram’s goon in their car. She sees a car door open and have keys also. She thinks to take him in that car. Driver of the car buys pan from the shop. Disha […]

9th February Saturday Update on Gangaa

Ganga thinks this was her how she was supposed to stay in this city. Now I will have to leave from here with the pain of broken relations with me. The bus honks. Ganga gets up to go when Yash blocks her way. His few friends are also with him. She asks him why he […]

9th February Saturday Update on Twist of Fate

Abhi tells Dadi and Dasi that he wants to gift Pragya. Pragya refuses to take the gift. Dadi says we are with Abhi. Abhi says I have to do and asks Dadi and Dasi to control their emotions. He runs behind Pragya and goes to kitchen. He locks the door and says you knows what […]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 9th February 2019

Sagar wakes up with a start and says Ganga. Pulkit asks Sagar why he woke up with a start by saying Ganga. Sagar feels she is in some problem. Pulkit says you only did not bring her back with you! Sagar says she did not listen to me. Pulkit is sure he only made some […]

Saturday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 9th Feb 2019

Aaliya asking Munni to tell the truth and asks how did she come out of house. Munni shouts for help. They tie her mouth, hands and legs. Abhi saves Pragya from falling and asks where is she going? Pragya says she was going downstairs and felt weak. Abhi says he didn’t hold her hand to […]

Saturday Update on This is Fate 9th February 2019

Shrishti hurries towards police station after Preeta’s call. Rakhi was happy to see Sherlin dressed up in her bridal dress. Sherlin narrates how she had to look around the market for something suitable. Kratika comes to the room, Sherlin hugs Kratika and brings her the gift. Kratika asks Kareena why Sherlin is showing so much […]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 2nd January 2019

Niru also asks Ganga to come. Ganga comes then. Amma ji whispers to Sudha she did good and saved them. Sudha says I did not do anything. It was all Ganga’s thoughtfulness that saved everyone. Ganga looks at an upset Janvi. Pulkit is looking for his shirt. Supriya finds it out for him in a […]

Saturday Update on This is Fate 2nd February 2019

Sherlin hides behind the couch as Prithvi’s mother comes in and goes to drink water. She heads to run with her shoes in hand when the phone bell rings and Prithvi’s mother turns around. She couldn’t hear who was on the call and moves on. Sherlin wonders if this lady had to return just now. […]