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Monday Update on Gangaa 7th January 2019

Prabha is at home and thinks what if Ram ji caught her, she could not live without her necklace. She wears the necklace and says she looks a real quee [...]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 7th January 2019

Pragya is about to kiss him. Abhi asks her to wait and says this will happen on terrace. Abhi asks her to wear clothes and give him a kiss to make the [...]

Monday Update on This is Fate 7th January 2019

Rakhi comes home, Dadi ji was emotional at her return. The nurse asks them to take rest. Shrishti comes outside with the wrapper. Mohan recognizes a [...]

Monday Update on Gangaa 31st December 2018

Ginny’s friends make Prabha press their hands and dance because she is hypnotised. Ginny stops them. Mocking someone is really unfair. The lady brings [...]

Tuesday Update on This is Fate 1st January 2019

Sarla says God has always thought good about her daughters. She was so worried for Pragya once and then Abhi entered her life. Same would happen to Pr [...]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 31st December 2018

Purab telling that Disha brought kheer for them from her pehli rasoi. They tease Purab and Disha. Dasi teases Purab and asks about first night. Munni [...]

Monday Update on Gangaa 24 December 2018

Gautam (Bal Mahant’s real name) says I am not a Mahant but a Brahmin for sure. I know all the rituals. This was what was decided for the competition i [...]

Monday Update on Twist of Fate 24 December 2018

Aaliya takes Tanu to room. She says until Munni proves bad infront of Abhi, we can’t do anything. Tanu blames Aaliya for thinking about Purab and marr [...]
Monday Update on Iron Lady 24 December Season Finale

Monday Update on Iron Lady 24 December Season Finale

Everyone is packing their bags to go to Ammu’s house. Munna’s room – Munna tells Sugandha to give very emotional hug to Ammu and who knows she may [...]

Monday Update on The Promise 17th December 2018

Jigs walking in vickys room, and telling vicky whatever happened with u was wrong, U should not accepted Vice presidents post, but then vicky tells he [...]
1 59 60 61 62 63 66 610 / 655 POSTS