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1st Monday April Update on This is Fate

Rishab is on the stage saying that this party is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his parents and as they all know that any party is incomplete wi [...]

Monday 25th March Update on Gangaa

Yash plants idea to ruin Ganga to the point Sagar will never look at her the same again. Sagar’s residence Prabha is furious that whatever plan sh [...]

25th Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

King warning Abhi not to involve his wife. Abhi says you did a mistake by involving Pragya. King says may be you are still drunk. Abhi leaves. Mr. Wic [...]

Monday 25th Update on This is Fate Zee World

Sarla, Mahesh and Rakhi enter the godown. Prithvi was behind Mahesh and recognizes Sheru. Mahesh picks up a rod and asks Prithvi to come forward, they [...]

Monday 18th Update on This is Fate

Preeta requests Tapsi to tell the truth, it’s about her life. Tapsi promises Preeta she won’t let Preeta’s life ruin, she would call her a bad luck. S [...]

Monday 18th March Update on Gangaa

Sagar comes inside the Haveli. He hears some sound. Mehri is tied up and thrown in a corner. He frees her. She asks him to go save Ganga. Her life is [...]

18th Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi says I will talk to your mummy and handle her. He gets a call and says I am going upstairs now. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi with Kiara, but [...]

4th March Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Pragya cries in front of Aaliya holding the doll which Abhi considered as Pragya. She brings Abhi’s favorite jacket which she had stolen, it has Abhi’ [...]

Monday Update on Gangaa 25th February 2019

Sagar is talking to his client. He looks for a pen but he dint bring any other. On the other hand, Ganga’s pen is not working. She writes the paper wi [...]

Twist of Fate Monday Update 25 February 2019

Simonika says she is not married and can’t leave her mother. Pragya says whenever Abhi was attacked, you was near him. Simonika says I got related to [...]
1 56 57 58 59 60 66 580 / 656 POSTS