Monday Update on Twist of Fate September 3

Monday Update on Twist of Fate September 3 Episode Mr. Sethi asks her to lessen her demand. Aaliya says you have not invested on my brother, but on your condition. Mr. Sethi agrees to her demand. Aaliya says good choice, and excuses herself. She gets Tanu’s call. Tanu asks her to come and meet her. […]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 7th January 2019

Pragya is about to kiss him. Abhi asks her to wait and says this will happen on terrace. Abhi asks her to wear clothes and give him a kiss to make the moment special. Pragya asks what is this? Abhi says it is a gift which will look good on his fuggy. Pragya smiles and […]

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv Daily Update on My Lost Home Monday Update Tuesday Update Wednesday Update Thursday Update Friday Update Saturday Update First Episode Summary The story concerns the Malhorta family’s three daughters— Raji, Soni and Mahi and their younger brother, Prince. Initially, the show focuses on the eldest daughter, Raji, who marries […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 3rd December

The peon is cleaning the premises while Bulbul and her friends throw banana peels there only. He scolds them for creating a mess. Throw garbage in the bin. Bulbul retorts that he should mind his business as he is only a peon. I will throw garbage wherever I feel like. Ganga reprimands her for talking […]

Monday Update on This is Fate 4th February 2019

Sarla asks what Shrishti saying is. Preeta says there was a thief at house and she thought he intended something else. When she had caught him, he was approaching Janki. It seems Janki is aware of some secret. Prithvi says he doesn’t understand who would kill a mere servant? Sarla tries to remind Janki everyone […]

Monday Update on Begusarai Zee World July 30

Monday Update on Begusarai Zee World July 30 Episode The festival starts. Najma says to Poonam that dont look at audience as you will lose confidence, close your eyes and just sing, you will win. Poonam is called on stage, Poonam comes on stage, she is tensed, Priyom enters the hall, guys are hooting, spot […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 17th December 2018

Ganga descends the stairs of the ghaat. Sagar follows her at a distance. Ganga thinks of the pat moments that she has spent with her Bappa. Tears stream down her eyes. She caresses the pot in her hands. She calls out loudly for her Bappa as she thinks of the stampede. She breaks down. Prabha […]

Monday Update on Begusarai Sept 10

Monday Update on Begusarai Sept 10 Poonam goes out. Lakhan looks at her, she turns back. Poonam smiles. Guddi hits Dolt and says you have ruined my life. He says why are you hitting me? She says what else should i do? you ruined my dignity. I will be someone’s wife in two days. She […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 7th January 2019

Prabha is at home and thinks what if Ram ji caught her, she could not live without her necklace. She wears the necklace and says she looks a real queen. Ratan comes and gives her medicines for her leg pain. She says she has fever and covers herself with blanket to hide necklace. She asks […]

Monday Update on Iron Lady July Episode

Monday Update on Iron Lady Episode July 24  Munna plans to sell Sharma Niwas to Mr. Singh. He invites Mr. Singh over to his house to sign the deal. In the meantime, the postman hands over a speed post to Munna.  Munna is shocked when he reads the letter and learns that Indira got the […]