11th Feb Monday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv

Tanu goes. Pragya tells Disha that she has important work and goes. Mitali asks if you are also going for shopping. Tanu comes back to Aaliya and tells that she stopped seeing Pragya. Pragya comes there and hides, she thinks this is Nikhil’s house. She jumps inside and flower pot falls. Aaliya peeps out. Pragya […]

11th February 2019 Monday Update on This is Fate

Shrishti asks Kareena if she saw Sherlin shopping today, they can watch CCTV footage of Club. Rakhi says she had seen Sherlin here at around 4.30. Preeta says the raid was around 1 pm. Rishab agrees to go to watch CCTV footage of Club. Preeta asks Sherlin to move. Sherlin asks to get her purse […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 11 February 2019

Janvi says we all trust Ganga. we know she cannot do so. Why drag family matter in court? Sagar denies. he should be punished. Niru exclaims that the lawyer wants Ganga to get justice. Think that this is your first case then. Janvi denies. he has to go to London. Niru asks Sagar if he […]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 11 Feb

Pragya comes and asks what doctor said? Dasi says nothing important. Dadi tells that she wants to make Pragya as nominee to her will and says my heart is saying that this is pragya and not Munni. Dasi asks her to think again. Dadi asks her to call lawyer. Tanu hears them and thinks if […]

Monday Update on This is fate 11th February

Preeta thinks about Sherlin, stares at her. Mahesh repeats his question. Rishab gets a call from the lawyer, he screams at Mr. Khanna that he was alone in police station. The lawyer says he wanted to give a solution about the drug’s matter. Rishab must have kept himself calm in police station. Rishab instead shouts […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 4th February 2019

Sagar takes Janvi to her room. Ganga is in tears. Amma ji still tells Ganga she acted all careless today. You are testing my patience. Next time I will not spare you if you make any mistake. No one lets Pulkit speak again. He leaves for his room after assuring Ganga its ok. Ganga stands […]

Monday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 4th Feb 2019

Pragya telling Abhi that she is Pragya, his fuggi.. Abhi gets happy and hugs her. Pragya says she was helpless because of the children and wants to protect him from the attacker. She sees someone’s reflection and tells Abhi that her fear is coming true. She goes out. Dadi asks her what happened? Pragya thinks […]

Monday Update on This is Fate 4th February 2019

Sarla asks what Shrishti saying is. Preeta says there was a thief at house and she thought he intended something else. When she had caught him, he was approaching Janki. It seems Janki is aware of some secret. Prithvi says he doesn’t understand who would kill a mere servant? Sarla tries to remind Janki everyone […]

Monday Update on Gangaa 28th January 2019

Sahil is packing his bags. Janvi asks him about it. He says he has understood Ganga loves Sagar. He asks Janvi to understand it as well. Janvi denies. Sagar himself told me that he does not love her. Ganga is after him for no reason. Sahil says it isn’t so. They both love each other. […]

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 28th Jan 2019

Abhi asks her to ring bell to call Robin. Pragya thinks don’t love me, and smiles. She thinks you be with me as nurse, and I will be fine soon. Groom Nitesh comes with baraat to marry Suhana. Disha and others welcome him, and asks groom to search the scissor. Purab gives the scissor in […]