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Sunday Update on King of hearts 21st July

Kritika is in tears and looks at Rajbeers body. She breaks down. Sid is with her. Simran arrives with Beeji. Simran comes running to Kritika and they [...]

Thursday Update on King of hearts 18th July

Sid reaches Mukta travels office with DD and roshni and asks manager to tell if some old man and young girl traveling. He says he cannot give details [...]

Friday Update on King of hearts 19th July

Simran at home yells that because of Roshni’s family, they are being dragged unnecessarily by reporters. Loafer tries to provoke her and says they are [...]

King of hearts Sunday Update 14th July 2019

Roshni will not accept defeat so easily. Simran throws her on floor. Sid comes and asks what is happening. Rival aunty says his wife was caught in [...]

King of hearts Tuesday Update 16th July 2019

Sam’s boss calling Rajveer loafer calling him and informing about Sid creating havoc in office for Sam. Rajveer loafer asks him to take Sam out of cou [...]

King of hearts Thursday Update 11th July 2019

Roshni reaches DD’s house and calls her name. Naani asks what happened. She goes into kitchen, calls DD with her name and asks why she is hell bent to [...]

King of hearts Friday Update 12th July 2019

Sid confronting Sam and asking her to leave her PR job as her boss is lusting on her. She says where was he when his sister ruined her life and says s [...]

King of hearts Saturday Update 13th July 2019

Simran reminiscing Roshni praising her and telling mother cannot be selfish at all. Raj asks if she is thinking about Roshni and now believes her back [...]

King of hearts Monday Update 8th July 2019

Sid and Roshni coming down after getting ready. Biji performs Roshni’s muh dikhayi function and all guests give their gifts. Biji asks Kritika to keep [...]

King of hearts Tuesday Update 9th July 2019

Sid orders food from restaurant. Roshni asks what is he doing. He says his family does not know if food is from restaurant or home and says there is a [...]
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