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Wednesday Update on Gangaa 19th December 2018

A drunken man holds Sudha hand as he tries to give her fruits. No one will give you so much stuff. He holds SUdha’s hand forcefully. Ganga cannot take [...]

Thursday Update on Gangaa 20th December 2018

Amma ji asks Ganga to seek Bal Mahant’s blessings but she refuses to touch his feet. He is so young. Amma ji reasons that he is elder to her. We respe [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 18th December 2018

It is morning. Ganga wakes up. Babu must be on his way. I am not late. Pishi Ma asks her why she woke up so early. Ganga replies that she has to get r [...]

Monday Update on Gangaa 17th December 2018

Ganga descends the stairs of the ghaat. Sagar follows her at a distance. Ganga thinks of the pat moments that she has spent with her Bappa. Tears stre [...]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 16th December 2018

Amma ji is irked with Ganga. She has brought so many problems in our life but my son can see nothing. I have been asking him to leave the case. Sagar [...]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 15th December

Next morning, Amma ji has made kheer for Sagar. She asks Madhvi to send breakfast to Sagar in his room only. Niru is leaving for court. Amma ji remind [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa 14th December

Sagar waits for his van. He notices Ganga’s FIL talking to a nearby shopkeeper. He hides. What are they talking about? Ganga’s FIL leaves. Sagar asks [...]

Thursday Update on Gangaa 13th December

Inspector gives a confession letter to Pulkit to sign. I was after Saloni since so long. I got a chance today to molest her. Saloni has clearly given [...]

Wednesday Update on Gangaa 12th December

Madhvi asks Pulkit to wake up Sagar as it is 10 am. He notices the wound in his hand. Sagar tries to hide it but Pulkit insists. Tell me how it happen [...]

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 11th December

Ganga tells Sudha that she won't sit quietly and will neither let her stay quiet anymore. You all too should not stay quiet anymore. Why should you? T [...]
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